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attentiontodetal t1_j0wqrc6 wrote

I appreciate that negative comments aren't allowed, so let's just say I'd be even more uplifted if this applied internally to the single market at the same time, rather than just as a protectionist measure.


TaXxER t1_j1hgyxt wrote

Carbon prices have been applied inside the internal market for years.

This tax is just to make goods that were produced outside the internal market pay in import tax what producers inside the market had already paid in carbon tax at time of production.


Hanneskitz t1_j0yrxrd wrote

EU has to become protectionist, because every country on earth (especially the US) has done it before EU. We had a lot of patience... but its over now. Europe first!


GalvestonDreaming t1_j0xp7dn wrote

Instead of fighting it; the US, UK and Canada should join this carbon agreement. Make it the international standard.


eggplant_avenger t1_j0zi7g0 wrote

I get what you mean but if only those three countries join it’s less international and more just a western thing


MoustachedCat t1_j107dhd wrote

The size of all four collective economies would make it the international standard by default


eggplant_avenger t1_j10jukv wrote

for quality regulations, sure. for import taxes it’s another case of developed western countries ganging up on the global south, even though they’re only making stuff for us


GalvestonDreaming t1_j10mnym wrote

So what do you want to do? How do you get major players like China and India to put a price value on carbon?


eggplant_avenger t1_j10r9uj wrote

China and India have been meeting their Paris Agreement targets of their own volition and they’re both investing a huge amount into controlling emissions. They’re the wrong countries to be singling out

Effective climate policy needs to address global inequality and part of this means a greater margin of appreciation for developing economies so they can industrialize. Rich countries like the U.S., Japan, and Australia can also afford to invest more before we penalize others for our own consumption


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axelwirth t1_j0x573s wrote

EU is useless. All their measures are useless. Europe is pathetic. Hope they enjoy the results of their policies which fuck the average citizen up the ass.