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alltheprettynovas t1_j10a0xq wrote

saw this on the news last night and my bf and i both got teary. what a selfless, sweet kid - i hope he gets everything he wants out of life!


Phosphorus44 t1_j1052jd wrote

Finally! Some actually uplifting news!.


Expert_Drama9374 t1_j109hgh wrote

What a Leader! Presidential material right there. Good Job Kiddo!


NCMom2018 t1_j11crko wrote

I hope he treasures this moment especially Christmas morning with his own family and gifts as he thinks about ALL of those foster children getting gifts because of him and his thoughtfulness and caring


spiderborland t1_j10nf5e wrote

Eh! Good news from the Boy Scouts! Yay!


aHfUckIt83 t1_j12a5mf wrote

This kid is super inspirational but please tell me I'm not the only one who is curious about that $46,000 worth of popcorn sales he made?????


Azythus t1_j12g6wg wrote

Yeah that’s insane. When I was a scout I was always at the top of the popcorn sales in my troop and in the too few in my county and I was around 2-3k spending like 6 hours a day going door to door selling. How the hell did this guy get that much?


Amationary t1_j1349zw wrote

Maybe he tapped into a large community church/organisation with lots of people, spread through word of mouth… maybe just a tight knit community? I imagine it wasn’t all door to door, maybe he utilised the internet in some way


Fun_Field_2535 t1_j12fjfi wrote

What an amazing act of kindness! I am so happy to hear this uplifting news story. :) Just in case no one told you today... Thank you for being an outstanding example for us all to follow. I'm sure your story will inspire others to be creative and spread some kindness in the world!


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oh_crap_ t1_j13o0c6 wrote

Each kid is getting 1 skittle and 1 M&M