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lostkarma4anonymity t1_j179zd2 wrote

The newer article says Xarelto is more dangerous than Warfarin


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lostkarma4anonymity t1_j197cdb wrote

" CONCLUSION - DOACs overall, apixaban, and dabigatran, but not rivaroxaban were associated with less total bleeding and death than warfarin in patients with heart failure and atrial fibrillation at all levels of renal function. Renal function decline resulted in increased bleeding in patients with DOACs. DOAC dose adjustment was often indicated, associated with increased bleeding when not adjusted, emphasizing the need for closer monitoring in these patients."


lostkarma4anonymity t1_j17aew7 wrote

Then it goes on to say that DOAC increase kidney failure that increases bleeds and patients should be monitored closely and have their dosage adjusted….


KerryonsCrayons t1_j17jd6a wrote

Hope you realize that you sound like an idiot to any medical professional. “Monitored closely and have their dosage adjusted….” Newsflash, there’s thousands of medication that need dose adjustments in kidney failure, and warfarin is infinitely more difficult to adjust…in any patient, not just kidney failure. That’s one of the reasons warfarin had higher risks of bleeding, likely too many people were supratherapeutic. Also you mentioned that you can’t use vitamin k; you wouldn’t use just vitamin k if it’s a life threatening bleed since it takes hours to work. You’d use the same reversal agent most use for DOAC’s, which is PCC’s.

I’m not sure if you’ve started this job you’re talking about or not, but you definitely need to do more reading on the subject if you are going to be talking like such an expert.