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Sariel007 OP t1_j13rhu0 wrote

>Researchers hope a "world first" algorithm that predicts serious brain bleeds before they happen could save lives across Australia.

>Royal Perth Hospital head of data science, Shiv Meka, said more than 40,000 hours of patient data had been collected from 200 patients from Royal Perth Hospital, Alfred Hospital, and Royal Melbourne Hospital to develop the algorithm.

>After working on 20 different data models, Mr Meka and his team created one that could predict if a brain bleed was imminent — giving medical staff up to 20 minutes before the bleed to intervene.


nolongerbanned99 t1_j14titb wrote

What are the basic parameters it uses to determine this.


ElCaminoInTheWest t1_j14vy63 wrote

  • Blood pressure
  • Known unstable AVM
  • Rising ICP
  • Have they recently been hit in the head with a rock, Yes/No

nolongerbanned99 t1_j14w5sj wrote

Ok, I didn’t understand much of this but laughed at the last one. Quite funny friend.


Qudd t1_j15qbrk wrote

Serious head trauma is a good indicator of a potential brain bleed in my non professional experience


PinBot1138 t1_j15u351 wrote

Redditors need to take an American Red Cross course to get certified for CPR and remember the ABCS:

  • Airway
  • Breathing
  • Check Pulse
  • Shoes still on?

a_cute_epic_axis t1_j16i4nw wrote

Shoes off either means dead or intentionally sleeping, right? Shoes on means you make a crude phallic drawing in sharpie on their head?


ThrillSurgeon t1_j169qtx wrote

This should increase preventative brain surgery cases.


HexicPyth t1_j16o48z wrote

Just remove the brain as a precaution. Can't get a brain injury if you don't have a brain, right?


Cersordie t1_j1619uk wrote

High blood pressure increases pressure in brain. Avm or arteriovenous malformations are sites where arteries join veins abnormally and are “weak points”. Icp is Intracranial pressure which can be caused by things like tumors but increased Icp means Bp needs to increase to perfuse the brain still.


Slugger322 t1_j16frvl wrote

If (hitWithRock)

{ patient.treatBrainBleed();}


hadidotj t1_j16vdak wrote

Prefect! Let's ship it and call it AI using ML!


RivetheadGirl t1_j15ln6r wrote

The problem with using icp to predict things is that it's an invasive procedure. So, the patients who have them will have already had a bleed/ traumatic injury etc and we already use it to monitor for the need for more invasive procedures such as a craniotomy. And, if they have a cranie and still have an evd in place it's not going to be completely accurate.

So, if you're already monitoring the patient in the ICU its helpful, but this isn't going to help the average patient pre hospitalization.


__Proteus_ t1_j16aquh wrote

Black mirror episode: revealed at the end the computer is causing the brain bleeds.


Nikolozeon t1_j180333 wrote

People outside of Australia: I guess I’m gonna bleed