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tonyle94 t1_j16hlua wrote

Both sharks and crocodiles in the same water?


Anonapotamuses t1_j16q7tb wrote

Read this as "Man almost survives 24 hours..." at first and for a moment wondered how this was uplifting.


Skavis t1_j16uy5v wrote

He died at 23 hours and 59 minutes. .


Tulip-roots t1_j17qaz7 wrote

I think I'd have major PTSD for life after that! NOPE! Not going near the ocean ever again. I'd still take showers and baths but I'm sure that would also take a lot of courage and therapy for that to be ok again. The title alone makes me feel for this man


tech_equip t1_j196dad wrote

Jack would have made it! #RoseShouldHaveShared


MidNCS t1_j197cjj wrote

He never let go, Jack!


Shield03 t1_j2blkmk wrote

This is every shark movie I've ever seen....well except the best one of all time