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WillUmbrellaYou t1_j1e2rq8 wrote

I agree, Religion should not be used to govern masses. To me religion is a means for people to express their faith in a deeper meaning to life. Of course meaning to life is different for everyone and theres no real tangible definition. Humans were born with the gift of imagination for a reason.


FarmhouseFan t1_j1e40y6 wrote

Yeah, then the ones imagining a world that they think should be the last word on civilization stop at nothing to obtain power, all because of religion. Go ahead and keep telling yourself romantic fairy tales about religion. The hard truth is it deepens divides more than brings us together. We keep ourselves in echo chambers because our book seems better than others. It's just tribalism. It was necessary in our formative years but it's time to let the scientific and trial and error phase of humanity begin. Our potential as a species is incredible, perhaps limitless. The earth, if we truly loved and nurtured it, can easily sustain us until the sun turns in to a red giant and engulfs the planet in roughly 5 billion years. Maybe jesus or whoever will save us though, right?


WillUmbrellaYou t1_j1e4ql0 wrote

And that’s your perspective. I can understand why you feel like that and I felt like that a lot and still sometimes do. You dont have to see my perspective. I hope as generations pass we can learn to have more open discussions on this topic without all the hostility.


FarmhouseFan t1_j1e8d48 wrote

Sorry if I'm coming off as hostile, its hard for me to try and have philosophical discussions about whether or not intelligent design is real when we've literally seen the cosmic microwave background of the observable universe while at the same time we've got religion taking away rights from women, because of the interpretation of a book. Is there any discussion to be had, really?


WillUmbrellaYou t1_j1e9wie wrote

Funny thing is im an engineer. Im interested in so many scientific phenomena and technological innovation is a very big interest of mine. We cant disregard our history. All the books you seem to despise have an immense amount of lessons that we really shouldnt ignore. If we stop tunnel visioning on all the negatives addressed in them and maybe objectively look at what has been passed down to us for hundreds and thousands of years, maybe we can then find the breakthrough in civilization. Man shit I wanna know if were alone or not too.

Edit: probably all of history not just the religious books


FarmhouseFan t1_j1ebd8q wrote

I dont despise the books, I despise the people who use the books while they're in charge to dictate life based on what they think of the stories contained within.

We aren't tunnel visioning. This garbage behavior is being shoved in our faces constantly.