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WillUmbrellaYou t1_j1e9wie wrote

Funny thing is im an engineer. Im interested in so many scientific phenomena and technological innovation is a very big interest of mine. We cant disregard our history. All the books you seem to despise have an immense amount of lessons that we really shouldnt ignore. If we stop tunnel visioning on all the negatives addressed in them and maybe objectively look at what has been passed down to us for hundreds and thousands of years, maybe we can then find the breakthrough in civilization. Man shit I wanna know if were alone or not too.

Edit: probably all of history not just the religious books


FarmhouseFan t1_j1ebd8q wrote

I dont despise the books, I despise the people who use the books while they're in charge to dictate life based on what they think of the stories contained within.

We aren't tunnel visioning. This garbage behavior is being shoved in our faces constantly.