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iamblessedbuttired t1_j1gwfw3 wrote

The youngest children would be around 78 or 79 so some might be in their early 80s. Given that - from the figures I found, there are approximately 1.6 million Jews in New York, and in the general population about 2.7 people are 80 or older - this amounts to around 30K people. So, I could easily see that they could feed thousands of survivors in New York.


westbee t1_j1hdfwf wrote

With that math and logic, I can deduct that the population of Michigan has about 1% of people who came from California.

1% would be 100,000 people so I could easily see there being "thousands" of shark bite survivors.


Rattfink45 t1_j1hkgvg wrote

If there were a period in history where 100% of Californians who got into the ocean were bitten by sharks, of course.


coat_hanger_dias t1_j1i4ysn wrote

The holocaust did not affect 100% of the global Jewish population.


westbee t1_j1i42e1 wrote

Well that's what is being said.

If you are 85 years or older, Jewish, and live in NY... you are a holocaust survivor.