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digitelle t1_j1mdc4h wrote

One in a thousand usually only survive, so this is truly a miracle


rnavstar t1_j1nc74o wrote

You mean ‘turtley a miracle.’


xakanaxa t1_j1ndd1o wrote

That's trying a bit too hard.


xBushx t1_j1ny2lc wrote

And the one that was intended to make it is in the pic! Lmao


ONESNZER0S t1_j1of5gz wrote

and a selfish , attention whore human, immediately picked one up so they could take a picture of it , and get their germs all over it.


Celeste1138 t1_j1ohb7q wrote

Literally every post like one of these there's at least one person like that is having the least charitable, bad faith interpretation interpretation of whatever is happening in any given moment with these animal videos and photos.


ONESNZER0S t1_j1osz1q wrote

have you met the human race? have you seen what selfish humans have done to animals on a daily basis? are you aware of how many species have gone extinct because of stupid selfish humans?


Celeste1138 t1_j1p9zfh wrote

What do you hope to accomplish by telling people this?


airylnovatech t1_j1ph063 wrote

If the animals wanted to survive, they should've just evolved for it. We, the dominant species, are simply marking our territory, it's not our problem if some inferior species loses the war for survival because of a skill issue /s


Henbit71 t1_j1mprmo wrote

Oh wonderful. Reptiles and Amphibians take a beating when it comes to pollution and disasters. Its lovely to see some progress in tracking and identifying these babies. Provides a better chance for conservation and recovery.

Such beautiful little turtles!


WON95sr t1_j1ndzce wrote

In addition to their susceptibility to ecological threats, it doesn't help that people don't really like them. Sure, some people like sea turtles, tortoises, some frogs, etc. But many herps that are at-risk just aren't your most charismatic species in the eyes of many people, so it can be hard to get people on board to help protect them. Amphibians are neat because they especially can serve as great indicator species.

A great starting point to protecting any species is to help preserve or restore habitat. You can do all the work you want with rearing young or promoting reproduction, but if they don't have suitable habitat in which to live and reproduce then it's all for naught.


4s3b t1_j1nerel wrote

turtles at ponds are used as target practice by stupid ass hillbillies in the south.

absolutely disgusting


zmanj154 t1_j1my41m wrote

A turtle made it the water!


Varatec t1_j1n5cma wrote

Only thing I came here for, God I hope I never hear that phrase in game again.


AFSynchro t1_j1nfd67 wrote

I hope we do in the most random area/event. I'd laugh so hard and also immediately die from ptsd. Worth


cdc030402 t1_j1n975a wrote

I did not expect to hear this reference today


m0uzer t1_j1n228f wrote

I only clicked on the thread for this, thanks


trashymob t1_j1nefb0 wrote

Defend them as they make for the safety of the ocean!


loughtthenot t1_j1mofqt wrote

Turtle babies face a gauntlet once they hatch. So many predators swarm the beaches and eat a bunch. Very few survive but they live forever so it works out


gildedtunes t1_j1n3xhb wrote

Yes, and unfortunately ones born on beaches near the city tend to have worse survivability. Since they mistake the city’s artificial light for the moonlight (which they use to navigate toward the ocean), they end going wrong the way and end up in storm drains, incoming traffic, or worse :(


Nippahh t1_j1nb3z8 wrote

So how does that work if the moon is in the opposite direction of water?


gildedtunes t1_j1nckh7 wrote

They use the reflection of the moonlight on the water, not the moon itself.


Wads_Worthless t1_j1nvb2s wrote

so what happens if it’s cloudy or a new moon?


gildedtunes t1_j1nx6u1 wrote

I imagine it limits their ability to find the ocean. They also sense and use the Earth’s magnetic fields to know which direction to go in. I believe this also helps them find the sea. My understanding is that light is one of many queues they use to find the ocean. That being said, I’m no expert.


Tiny_Rat t1_j1olhu1 wrote

>My understanding is that light is one of many queues they use to find the ocean.

Sorry, but it's "cue". "Queue" is a line of people waiting for something.


badham t1_j1nbmgt wrote

I didn’t know they use light to navigate! This morning I saw a baby turtle go into the ocean during day light. It even knew to go to the watery-streams parts in the sand to be able to get into the water faster. It made it into the ocean in the end! (I think it helped that there was a crowd of 5 or so people standing around and watching it and probably warding off predators. This is in Costa Rica


throwawaymyyhoeaway t1_j1ndw4u wrote

It's good to have people around to ward off predators, these lil guys deserve life!


badham t1_j1nvond wrote

I know! I’d have totally picked him up and put him in the ocean but I was worried I’d be yelled at for messing with the ecosystem


chicomathmom t1_j1mmfcc wrote

What is a "twenty cent piece"?


Ancient_Ad5270 t1_j1mn075 wrote

Like a quarter but five cents less? It’s a coin.


chicomathmom t1_j1mqj1u wrote

I figured. I was actually just gently pointing out that this was not a useful way of describing the size of the turtles to a wide audience, since that coin is not universally known. We all do this, so it was not a harsh criticism; the picture cleared up the size issue, and I didn't mean to take away from the adorable-ness of the tiny turtles : )


Konlir t1_j1n3ph8 wrote

>since that coin is not universally known.

It's an australian news article, and in the australian currency there is only a 20c coin, not a 25c coin.


Skimming around other currencies (euro, british pound), there is also just a 20c piece, not a 25c piece


SpiderMcLurk t1_j1n00yg wrote

Would you prefer millimetres?


ActivisionBlizzard t1_j1moolj wrote

TIL America doesn’t have this logical division of 100

(And yes my country doesn’t have your logical division)


budgreenbud t1_j1n46sm wrote

But is it cheaper to mint four coins for a dollar rather than 5? Or is the cost negligible?


ActivisionBlizzard t1_j1neqjp wrote

Logic would say it’s cheaper. Reality would say it depends on the alloy and size.

I don’t think the government is concerned about the cost of minting. Coins generally all cost more than the face value and notes wayyyyyy less.

The amount of currency that the government creates minus the cost is called the seigniorage amount.


cammoblammo t1_j1ohhbb wrote

Not sure. But a twenty cent coin weighs exactly twice as much as a ten cent coin, which means you can mix those denominations and still count them with scales.

Not that the staff at a bank would be happy with you for doing this, but it’s kinda neat.


Phazon2000 t1_j1nfo2p wrote

Like a five cent piece but worth twenty.

Lmao my dude.


quitepossiblylying t1_j1ninaf wrote

uhh why is beautiful in quotes?


fuzzyblackyeti t1_j1nwkan wrote

Because they took it from a quote.

>"They are absolutely beautiful, tiny turtles … about the size of a 20-cent piece with a beautiful distinct pattern on their back," Hunter Local Land Services' (HLLS) Rye Gollan said.

They wanted to have the order of the words as 'tiny beautiful' instead of 'beautiful tiny' so they "quoted" one part of their comment. If they would have said 'beautiful tiny' they would have quoted it like

>'Beautiful, tiny' endangered turtle hatchlings spotted in the wild for first time in four years

For whatever reason the author/editor/publication company didn't like how that was phrased and swapped it, but still wanted to quote them to give the title more merit.


Delicious_Subject_91 t1_j1nxowt wrote

I'm going to pretend it's because the writer was like nah, I'm tired of having to lie about people's ugly babies.


quitepossiblylying t1_j1o96f1 wrote

Thanks for taking the time to write such a well thought response to my glib comment.


fuzzyblackyeti t1_j1o9c0f wrote

Haha, no I read the title and thought the exact same thing.

I was like, uhh does the author think they're ugly or something?


rotini_noodle t1_j1n7svg wrote

I've successfully hatched and released painted turtle nests. Dudes are the size of a nickel and require time to absorb the yolk sacs attached to their stomachs. Even in untouched un-fucked up environments, their fight begins even in the egg. Predators and insects go to town on nests... Legit must've been 100 eggs broken open and strewn all over my yard till I stepped in. It's amazing they found these hatchlings with everything they're up against.


blueberrybaby00 t1_j1othc9 wrote

I grew up in The Manning Valley and used to swim and waterski in the river all the time. This is the first time I’ve ever heard of these little guys! Would be great if locals were more educated on endangered species such as these and the conservation efforts. Fantastic news though!


NathanTheKlutz t1_j23to8t wrote

Well, better late than never when it comes to finding out about your wild neighbors. 😉 But yes, programs to help spread awareness would be a good place to start.

Certainly, I dare say that having local residents in the valley pitch in by helping to get rid of the feral foxes and pigs that plunder the nests, planting native vegetation on bank side properties, and taking steps to reduce pollutants from entering the river could only make the future for the Manning River turtle even brighter!


Slappy_G t1_j1n0e0i wrote

Ok, the baby turtles are way too cute.


Pgreenawalt t1_j1na7z1 wrote

I would have thought they would be bigger after 4 years


aselunar t1_j1nbb76 wrote

Brb, going to book a trip to Manning River. Not a seagull, btw.


Frency2 t1_j1ng1f1 wrote

Humans: the most invadent and invasive species ever known to exist so far.

When will we learn to let the other forms of life their own personal spaces, I truly don't know.


6112115 t1_j1nwfg6 wrote

Maybe we need to improve our endangered turtle hatchling spotting abilities if it’s only once every four years…


lordofedging81 t1_j1ov8yf wrote

Aww...little baby Mitch McConnell! 🐢


Whiterabbit-- t1_j1oz3u9 wrote

"wild" "endangered" you know what I'll pick one up so we can take photos. what is wrong with you people?


somacruz t1_j1pudhz wrote

The turtle must be shocked.


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AlexanderDaychilde t1_j1nh0tv wrote

So I'm assuming that the ones from the last three years were just ugly?

(I'm kidding - and this is great news!)


HOWLFOG t1_j1nzq7h wrote

Must be Kentucky


corgi-king t1_j1ppnw5 wrote

I read Engagement Turtle and thought what kinda fucking trend is that.


Shield03 t1_j26uu2c wrote

As a proud turtle owner myself, this makes me very happy 😊


xBushx t1_j1nxwyq wrote

Better pick em up and disturb their natural course! /s Science am I right.


OlyScott t1_j1ne61m wrote

Why are they holding endangered turtles in their hands to take pictures?


Henbit71 t1_j1nelt8 wrote

Because the people taking pictures are doing ecological data collection and conservation. Turtles can be quick, so holding them to get proper identification and checking their health is needed. It doesn't hurt them, so long as they are returned to the exact spot they were collected from.


DanielDLG t1_j1nr79g wrote

Let’s kill it to study it!


Alternative-Half-783 t1_j1mpl16 wrote

Where is this.? Alerting my republican politicians.


ThoranTW t1_j1oa4ja wrote

Thankfully, I don't think the average American politician has much sway here in NSW, Australia


WWDubz t1_j1md9kn wrote

I’m not sure it’s beautiful but it’s neat


flipoont t1_j1mnxhz wrote

That's why "beautiful" is in quotation marks.

Standards of beauty may not be universal, batteries not included, game cards do not actually talk.


WWDubz t1_j1mtlez wrote

I’m not sure it’s beautiful, but it’s neat