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StoneColdSteveAss316 t1_j1qvo19 wrote

This seemed like a match made in heaven though, the couple that housed the Koreans already had a bunch of Korean ingredients and the tourists were great cooks.

I'd house these tourists if they knocked on my door but I'd tell them 'good luck' making something good out of the ingredients I had in my house at that time lol


apocalypse_later_ t1_j1qxuyl wrote

I got various sauces, some gatorade, dinonuggets and butter in my fridge. Can these Koreans help me out


BananaTugger t1_j1s69ew wrote

God can help


lovesducks t1_j1sfvjh wrote

God about to use those dino nuggets to feed an entire congregation


badpeaches t1_j1smqpl wrote

After a mighty blizzard, God saw it fit to then serve humans in the shape of little humans to other humans. So saith the Lord. Evolution 3:14


ctownthrasher t1_j1vhvrr wrote

Another Hanukkah miracle! There was only enough chicky nuggies for 1 but it fed 8!


Disastrous_Flower667 t1_j1t9xsc wrote

I have bacon and protein shakes. I can serve stale Christmas cookies for dessert. The tourists would have chosen to freeze rather than stay in my house or perhaps they would have taken me with them to stay in another house.


GoldenBull1994 t1_j1u1weo wrote

Lmao, I’m starting to realize everyone has these dinotendies.


Painting_Agency t1_j1u45dd wrote

While my wife has lived in Korea and is familiar with some of the food, we're vegetarian. They might actually take their chances in the storm instead.


WinterS0l3 t1_j1u7fdv wrote

That’s be a cool reality cooking show. As long as they did real people’s pantries.


WCGWjoiningReddit t1_j1qcgow wrote

Didn't that guy post on Reddit?


AlGoreRhythm_ t1_j1qjzp3 wrote



Jonny_Fairbanks t1_j1r34vb wrote

He did. Wish i had a link for you.


Neonwater18 t1_j1rfgts wrote

What subreddit was it?


davidguygc t1_j1ri699 wrote


GingasaurusWrex t1_j1rw7fn wrote

As an introvert, this would have been not nearly as fun looking as it is with that guy. They chose the right house…shelter and booze/food/football?!


MyNameCannotBeSpoken t1_j1srlx0 wrote

Even in the middle of the summer, a bus from DC to Niagara Falls sounds like an awfully long road trip


ashoka_akira t1_j1qons2 wrote

If you want to be a good house guest: bring food, cook it, feed people, and wash dishes after, people never want you to leave.


ThermoNuclearPizza t1_j1s4fkv wrote

I don’t know if you know NFL football, but I’m a Pats fan, a rival of Buffalo’s team the Bills. While they’re fans are the most crazy, mustard wearing, dildo throwing, folding table diving, TV out the front door tossin idiots you’ve ever seen in your life, they also happen to be regarded as some of the kindest folks on the planet.

The so called “Bills Mafia” is well known around NFL fanbases for starting fundraisers to donate to charities of choice of players who suffer serious injuries, as well as other tragic events And that goes for both their own team and others. On top of that they they one time raised over 556,000 to feed hungry children through Blessings in a Backpack.

Say what you will about those douchebags in Buffalo, but never say they’re not a charitable bunch. And most certainly never doubt for a second they know how to host a guest and have a good time.


Celticwraith81 t1_j1sjs02 wrote

This^ us bills fans are real dumb. But possibly the nicest dummies you can meet.


off-and-on t1_j1qiipx wrote

I've heard South Korean food is very good, that stranger got lucky too.


Ih8MyBrosWife t1_j1qj8k0 wrote

I lived in a Korean neighborhood for a couple years. The food is great. Koreans also love to drink. I ve had some wild soju bomb nights with my Korean friends.


Looter629 t1_j1qo0r1 wrote

Yo, they don't stop drinking and the bars won't close until they do. I remember walking by young adults passed out on the sidewalk in front of a bar because leaving before your boss was frowned upon. I can hold my alcohol but S. Koreans put me to shame! and the food is delicious.


Magiwarriorx t1_j1t45qh wrote

I found some Soonhari soju at my liquor store lately. ~13oz bottles, 12% abv. I just assumed it was meant to be drunk like a wine. Blew me away that its meant to be drunk in a single sitting like a beer.


Abba_Fiskbullar t1_j1togvq wrote

Soju is usually fairly nasty, and the listed ABV% is a dirty lie, with most being around 20% in reality.


Magiwarriorx t1_j1toug1 wrote

The ones I got were flavored, and ranged from "overwhelmingly cheap, acrid, artificial flavor" to "flavored water, cant even taste the alcohol".


djinnisequoia t1_j1ska0j wrote

Oh, soju! Man, a soju fruit cocktail is so good, and it seems to be a very agreeable form of liquor. I always feel really happy after some gogi and soju.


chewbaccalaureate t1_j1rarq1 wrote

Do yourself a favor and find a restaurant. "Chinese" food and teriyaki came over Stateside much earlier and adapted to fit American tastes (like Genrsal Tsao's) but Korean food is absolutely amazing and very overlooked.

Bulgogi, bibimbap, Korean barbecue (pork belly, beef, etc.) Soft tofu soup, and kimchi stew are all good gateway foods that are accessible.


saddestgirl666 t1_j1rktqm wrote

I'm loving that Korean food is becoming wildly popular in the US. It makes finding it and all necessary ingredients much easier. I can just stop at Kroger for a lot of things as opposed to having to go to a Korean/Asian market. It also feels good to have people rave over food I already knew was delicious growing up. I remember being in school and people commenting on how my Korean food mom made me looked or smelled gross.


PrinceOfPersuation t1_j1rz1vw wrote

Also the morning smell test on our clothes for potential kimchi smell. I wish korean culture was as acceptable as it is now when I was growing up.


saddestgirl666 t1_j1rzv96 wrote

I feel you, friend. Let's just be grateful that it is now, right? Progress is progress.


NathanTheKlutz t1_j23rbbs wrote

Last summer I cooked up some round steaks of venison, from a deer my dad bagged, in a Korean BBQ marinade I made from scratch. The results were utterly delicious.


rightnow4466 t1_j1s87nv wrote

There's a Korean restaurant near me that serves cold cucumber kimchi. OMG!


mashtartz t1_j1r9vtg wrote

Korean food is fucking amazing. Even just ban chan, which most places will serve for free, is worth going.


Magiwarriorx t1_j1t3kbb wrote

A roommate invited some Korean friends over one night. They ended up cooking dinner.

I remember being genuinely baffled that my kitchen could produce the dishes they made. It was absolutely delicious.


Schroeder9000 t1_j1rv4d2 wrote

It is, I've been to South Korea and My wife is South Korean ... Korean food is sooo good I gained 10lbs while visiting her family in South Korea for 2 weeks.


bel_esprit_ t1_j1tbh8j wrote

Korean BBQ is popular here in LA (where we have a large Korean community called Koreatown)


Proof_Eggplant_6213 t1_j1tznub wrote

It is really tasty food. Highly recommend you find a Korean BBQ joint and try some!


myfrigginagates t1_j1rk4x4 wrote

"And that Charlie Brown, is what Christmas is all about."


Lopsided-Ad7019 t1_j1qtf88 wrote

They got the true American experience!


MrNiceGuy3082 t1_j1ts8b5 wrote

Unfortunately not enough people realize this. 99.9% of the people I know would do the same thing. But I live in the Midwest, so that’s obvious.


PrometheusOnLoud t1_j1s3cc5 wrote

That's awesome and great example of why, if you're going on a road trip into an oncoming winter storm, bring blankets, snow gear, and a box of exothermic handwarmers. Really anything you might need because this stuff happens.


TiddlyTootToot t1_j1tui2n wrote

And to check the weather and not get impatient. I have the feeling that someone decided to ignore the weather warnings.


PrometheusOnLoud t1_j1uuet3 wrote

I doubt anyone expected it to be so bad that they'd get snowed in on the highway and buried in a snowbank though, the weather reports were the same thing they always say.


Mikemo05 t1_j1smpio wrote

Why buffalo in the middle of winter? Like maybe if you went there for the Niagara Falls but there are so many better places to be in America


Eudaimonics t1_j1szcyg wrote

They were there for Niagara Falls.

Though Buffalo is pretty nice this time of the year. There’s a massive ice skating rink downtown.


Mikemo05 t1_j1sziu8 wrote

Yeah no doubt it’s a nice place. Just imo if your flying from Korea there are probably 10 other cities I would see first.


myspicename t1_j1szyny wrote

How many an easy bus ride from NYC or Toronto?


Mikemo05 t1_j1t8tv1 wrote

NYC to buffalo is not an east bud ride. That’s almost DC to Boston.


myspicename t1_j1tdurj wrote

There are tons of buses that go to Niagara Falls for one day tours. And it's the same if traffic didn't exist maybe.

More importantly, Niagara Falls is a top 3 in the world sight for waterfalls. Noone's trying to visit Niagara Falls the city...

There aren't even ten real cities in the US worth visiting for an international tourist...


bdone2012 t1_j1uhhx6 wrote

People do go chill in the Niagara falls city on the canadian side. There's pretty nice casinos and vineyards nearby. It doesn't have the wow factor of Vegas but it's better than Atlantic city for the most part.

That's a pretty rough day trip though. It's an 8.5 hour trip. I've taken plenty of overnight bus rides in my day, some more unpleasant than others but 17 hours on a bus in a day is pretty long unless it's a really nice bus. Unless you mean they sleep there for one day.

But I could also name over 10 cities to visit for foreign tourists that they'd find interesting though. Not saying Niagara is a bad choice, but for the cost of the bus they could probably get to new Orleans for example.

For cities: NYC, San Francisco, LA, Chicago, Portland, Nashville, Miami, New Orleans, Austin, Savanah, Charleston, Asheville, DC, Las Vegas, Boston, St Augustin, Tucson.

I'm even missing some places I haven't been such as Seattle. And if you add in Canadian cities you have Montreal which is very cool about 5 hours away. Toronto is cool and I imagine Vancouver is great but I haven't been. You can also get down to Mexico really cheap as well. For example flights to cancun are always surprisingly cheap in comparison to flights to Mexico city. From there you can hop onto a bus to Mérida which is a great city.


myspicename t1_j1uhzte wrote

Yea, foreign tourists are going to get on a plane to St Augustin, Tuscon, and Asheville from NYC for a trip, rather than seeing one of the three biggest waterfalls in the world on a bus ride. It's a 7 hour bus ride that leaves from Midtown in the morning, does lunch at the border, a quick boat ride, a walk around, and then a bus ride back.

They're just gonna be like, "hey I'm doing a US trip to NYC and SF, let me just jam in a hop over to Montreal including border control and a quick pop over to Cancun (where flights for in demand times are 1200 dollars or more) and then a bus to Merida with two kids with a single entry visa. I'll also time a red-eye flight to New Orleans for super cheap, because my once in a lifetime trip to NYC is PERFECTLY timed to check out a cheap flight to NOLA, and I'm sure there won't be any flight delays for my connecting flight back to Korea that would be at my cost if I missed it."

Mostly they just do NYC with day trips to Niagara Falls and DC, and then SF with a day trip to Napa maybe, or LA to SF seeing Big Sur. MAYBE they do Chicago, but really unlikely, and if they have kids maybe Disney. Nobody is going to second tier cities or tiny college towns like Portland, Nashville, Memphis, Asheville unless they have friends there or they are like huge Elvis or Dollywood type fans.

People are FAR more likely to do nature trips as well then some small city...Niagra Falls, Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Yosemite. It's like you only travel to cities and stay in hostels and aren't seeing what people actually do.


Juhbellz t1_j1r4m4g wrote

Good job buffalo soldiers


Notsnowbound t1_j1sxfux wrote

I want South Koreans to come to my place and cook and watch tv with me for the holidays!


Randsmagicpipe t1_j1qpdj8 wrote

What an awesome story. In my head I'm still pretending it was Kramer


King_Dead t1_j1skfn4 wrote

That's a hella buffalo story. I hope they taught them how to jump through folding tables, as is buffalo tradition


Polymemnetic t1_j1t129a wrote

Poor bastards probably had to watch Bills games, though.


Wafflelisk t1_j1tvdnc wrote

Why would they do that to their guests?


den773 t1_j1tgd27 wrote

New York always seems to rise to the occasion. I knew there would be people helping others. I love this story.


sfdragonboy t1_j1t7rcx wrote

Did they already book for next year?


blazinrumraisin t1_j1tf1n1 wrote

The death toll from the blizzard in Buffalo is up to 27. Horrible way to die on Christmas.


WarOfAttrition38 t1_j1t426o wrote

Of course those buffloians would subject the Koreans to a one and done season


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freddyfrog70 t1_j1tst10 wrote

Oh yeah, wasn’t this posted by a Redditor? Like they came to his/her house?


ehoaandthebeast t1_j1u1b50 wrote

All the korean people ive met have been very good people. i could take 10 in and feed them


Cultural-Tie-2197 t1_j1u67fy wrote

That is so darn sweet!!! Man I love stories like this


Batgod629 t1_j21iw7p wrote

As bad the storm was it gives rise to stories like these. Very happy that a few good Samaritans are able to help


laz21 t1_j1ti0e2 wrote

But only 8 left after 2 rounds of squid game


queenexorcist t1_j1rtnp6 wrote

My only question is....why were they even in Buffalo in the first place lmao. There's literally nothing to do or see there.💀

Glad everything worked out tho and everyone had a good time.


EmmyNoetherRing t1_j1ruur9 wrote

It’s between DC and Niagara Falls


queenexorcist t1_j1s0x3n wrote

That's unfortunate.


brannak1 t1_j1u5265 wrote

I guess most Americans are dumb as shit. Read the article or know our map to figure out what is between dc and the falls, or maybe you have no idea what a road trip is.


Beardedw0nd3r86 t1_j1rnaja wrote

But how is this possible. According to everyone on social media every single American is a dumb racist.