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TheHylianProphet t1_j1vv65m wrote

This doesn't seem like uplifting news to me. Starlink is currently expensive, prohibitively so, and the average citizen in a place like Iran wouldn't be able to afford it. This strikes me as much more of a publicity stunt, than anything else.


Admirable_Total5455 t1_j1w34at wrote

If Musk has decided to do it, there's bad news hidden in there somewhere.


MadameConnard t1_j1wmftp wrote

Bold of you assuming Musk is behind these actions, hes more likely too busy "acting ?" like a clown on Twitter.


ShiroTori t1_j1wwm5p wrote

But if this does have a positive effect you just know Musk will take all the credit should he find out.


Levelman123 t1_j1wzo5d wrote

A single starlink terminal can provide dozens or more with internet. pretty dang good internet. If anything comes of this it will be philanthropists providing terminals to the effected is most likely where this leads is my guess.


Exocet6951 t1_j1yhrtg wrote

Ah yes, the famously philanthropic actionof having a government pay for your terminals (with their prices massively jacked up) with the most expensive plan possible, then complaining about the expenses and threatening to cut off access to users in a warzone just to siphon off more aid for your terminals, which have an artificially bloated price and plan.

Philanthropy is when war profiteering meets extorsion, according to Musk fans.


cryptothrow2 t1_j1zee8k wrote

I'm sorry to surprise you with this, but businesses and Governments don't pay residential rates for Telecoms.. especially when they resell via 4G towers.

For example NBN sat in Australia is 200GB for $90 for consumers. For businesses it's $8k for 1TB.

Similarly Viasat is $250 for 250GB but $10k per month for mobile service (cheapest uncapped plan)

Ukraine used to use Viasat at $10k per month. If you think more than 50% off isn't a good deal, find Ukraine something better


Exocet6951 t1_j2057e8 wrote

Sorry to surprise you, but if you bump up your prices by two folds, then force your highest rates to siphon government aid as much as possible, you're war profiteering.

When you threaten to cut service in the middle of a war zone, to get even more of that aid, then you're extorting.

Shill all you want, it won't change the fact that Musk bumped up terminal prices to profit from the war, then extorted Ukraine to get even more money, all while trying to spin his actions as philanthropy.

He is scum, through and through.


[deleted] t1_j1wjnds wrote

Anything by Musk feels like it has a catch these days.


cturtl808 t1_j1y4yjk wrote

I was just thinking that this isn’t genuine. He’s in with too many dictators now.


lessquiet t1_j1xj3tp wrote

Is Musk going to yank the cord or bitch about the cost in a week?


babypho t1_j1y4v1i wrote

Ofc, not before bragging about what a humanitarian he is


supagirl277 t1_j1ximmq wrote

For some reason I thought this was saying they were protesting about the satelites


ShowerVagina t1_j1yw184 wrote

I wish I had Musk's resources. I would flood places with internet censorship or internet shutoffs with Starlink terminals.


cryptothrow2 t1_j1zepdo wrote

Unless you inherited or won the money you wouldn't. Warren Buffett had to get someone else to give out his money.

The drive to take massive all in risks don't correlate with philanthropy


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Adorable-Ad-3223 t1_j1xz07x wrote

Musk is not the future. The men and women risking their lives in Iran are the uplifting news. Musk is a broken promise of futurism.


cryptothrow2 t1_j1yq4dh wrote

So the dishes are unnecessary and should be turned off


Adorable-Ad-3223 t1_j1zod9c wrote

Yes, because my dislike of the way Musk has handled similar issues in Ukraine makes me a strawman for your argument.


Emble12 t1_j1z9r3o wrote

Jesus, people on this subreddit really think Musk is some kind of Saturday morning cartoon villain, huh? Don’t get me wrong, he’s a dick, but why is it so impossible to accept that maybe one of his companies just did a good thing?


WraithicArtistry t1_j20x2h5 wrote

Because is actions have led us to doubt his associated brands, the domino effect. It's not impossible they did a good thing but not a certainty either.