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Ultimatora t1_j210ddw wrote

Scary to think that they would've been lost if it weren't for human intervention and compassion. Thankfully we have plenty to spare and give!


W0mBoK0mBo t1_j23282p wrote

They wouldn't be freezing if not for humans screwing with earth's atmosphere. Let's go humans!


ammads94 t1_j23jtdz wrote

Create the problem to then rescue the ones affected


Girl_in_the_curl t1_j22w7bm wrote

Little creatures are crucial to the ecosystem! Save the bats and thank you!


Bmw-invader t1_j22yn1c wrote

Save the bats they eat annoying summer insects!


jtranos t1_j22ze69 wrote

Sky dogs 🥹🥺


Seeker0fTruth t1_j23tfvd wrote

More like Sky Mice, surely?


saturnspritr t1_j25f659 wrote

The German word for bat translates to flying mouse. I think they have the right of it


MickeyMarx t1_j25l0xz wrote

The Serbian word for bat translates to blind mouse too


cuteemogirlfriend t1_j2320kp wrote

I live in Austin, and we have a scary high number of rabies cases so I’ve always been advised to never touch bats. Honestly I’d be too afraid to touch any wild animals. I love bats, though. Glad we could save them!!!


FreedomPaws t1_j23n1yj wrote

Poor babies. Lots of wildlife suffering that aren't used to this. Their bodies are not meant to handle these temps.

Thank u to all that rescue animals including all these bats. Heros ❤️.


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ElementalWheel t1_j242rep wrote

We don’t have plenty to spare and give.


ElementalWheel t1_j242sey wrote

We don’t have plenty to spare and give.