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ComanderLucky t1_j29xd45 wrote

Best part? If i am not mistaken, she fights for the amazon rainforest, and she has just been put in charge of protecting it, so even better


MoschopsAdmirer t1_j2beqjz wrote

Protecting the Amazon Rainforest might be a part of her job as a consequence, but her focus will really be to protect indigenous rights. She will participate in the recognition by the federal government of indigenous lands and control governamental organizations like FUNAI whose objective is to protect indigenous rights.

For the specific task of environmental protection we will have the Minister Marina Silva, a legendary politician that advocates for the protection of the environment in Brazil.

I mean, it will be even better than you think!


Crispycracker t1_j2bwp5e wrote

Given how corrupt the Lula government is, I wonder how long she will last before either quiting or being replaced. Unless she is willing to play ball.


ElderlyOogway t1_j2c3xgi wrote

Weren't other administrations and government corrupt either? If past governments were also corrupt, better some rainforest protection than none. Especially considering the last one.


cpm4me2 t1_j2catx6 wrote

Lula's government corruption was in a whole new level.


ElderlyOogway t1_j2ckkv4 wrote

Really doubt it was bigger than the Vargas era, or Military Dictatorship era, or Collor era, or even arguably Cardoso's era.


matlynar t1_j2cv64p wrote

Is Lula corrupt? Likely yeah, I do believe he's guilty of some of the stuff he was previously arrested for.

But "do shit my way even if it's against all you stand for or get replaced" is literally describing Bolsonaro's government, not Lula's.

It was Bolsonaro, not Lula, who replaced his health minister 3 times during the pandemic because they literally tried to do the right thing while Bolsonaro was pushing in favor of Chloroquine as a treatment and casting a shadow of suspicion over the vaccines.


vitorgrs t1_j2bjvxs wrote

One of ways Lula back in the days reduced the deforestation, was giving more land to indigenous groups, what we call demarcation. As of now 12% of country has indigenous demarcation, even though there's only 0.5% of natives. But the point is, the more indigenous demarcation, less deforestation.

And now a native woman will be in power of demarcation. In the first days of next year, she announced it will do 3 or 4 demarcation already. Pretty excited!


InfiNorth t1_j2bwybs wrote

The important thing to remember that of that 0.5% of the population that are indigenous, 100% of them are related to the actual forebearers of the responsibility of taking care of the land they love on. In Canada right-wingers whine about how indigenous people are given bottomless handouts, do nothing, and pay no taxes (when that isn't true at all). All this despite the people whose land was stolen from them through deceptive treaties that they weren't even told the contents of, nor aligned with their legal customs regarding land ownership having gone through genocide after genocide, having less than 0.001% of the land they are the traditional stewards of, and having had their families torn apart for generations.

The indigenous peoples of the Americas have been mistreated for long enough. I can't believe that Brazil has taken this long to start moving in the right direction but I'm glad it is finally changing.


nememmim t1_j2c32cr wrote

>I can't believe that Brazil has taken this long to start moving in the right direction but I'm glad it is finally changing.

Do indigenous peoples in Canada own a bigger percentage of land than indigenous groups in Brazil? I'm asking because it seems like you're implying Canada has better policies in place towards indigenous populations.


InfiNorth t1_j2c5p6l wrote

I really wasn't. I was saying that everyone needs to step up their game. Canada is shit towards it's indigenous population.


Orgidee t1_j2cvspr wrote

>100% of them are related to the actual forebearers of the responsibility of taking care of the land they love on.



InfiNorth t1_j2dyfny wrote

Can you explain why you find this funny?


[deleted] t1_j2at6tk wrote

She’s is protecting the world’s oxygen supply.


tetryds t1_j2ay2hj wrote

She is protecting the climate, rainforests consume most O2 they produce, what we breathe comes from algae and phytoplankton.


cosmicdaddy_ t1_j2b83l0 wrote

And all the flora and fauna that could potentially host vital cures and treatments


RizzMustbolt t1_j2bcicb wrote

And protecting her people from mercenary attacks hopefully.


hypocrite_oath t1_j2cfv7r wrote

Actually most oxygen is from the ocean, made by plankton. You remember the thing, that we treat like a garbage disposal?


[deleted] t1_j2b9e6a wrote

I mean u said an overstatement but yeah the idea is to try to protect the rainforest.


SyrusDrake t1_j2chwil wrote

Sounds like the kind of job and background that will cause you to accidentally fall from your office window.


_PM_ME_YOUR_FORESKIN t1_j29pa3o wrote

I’m not sure what the sentiment in Brazil is — and I’m not familiar with the current president’s controversial past — but these headlines are so much more reassuring than the ones born during Bolsonaro’s presidency. I hope it’s as positive of a change for you as Biden has been for us. Perfect? No. But civility in politics and a decisive step away from extremism is always a great thing, right?


viniciusbfonseca t1_j2ajwml wrote

The election was extremely tight, so there are lots of angry people here, some are even camping outside military bases asking for a military coup.

It's very similar to how it was in the US after Trump lost.

As for positive changes: Lula was president for pretty much the whole of Brazil's golden years, when 1USD was only 2BRL (its about 6BRL now), we were in the top 10 biggest economies, and huge social and welfare programs were ongoing. Lula also made sure to respect democracy and appoint people for their skill rather than to have them scratch his back later. Really hope we can get back to that and stop being the world's laughingstock.


Christ_votes_dem t1_j2bdhvv wrote

>Lula was president for pretty much the whole of Brazil's golden years, when 1USD was only 2BRL (its about 6BRL now), we were in the top 10 biggest economies, and huge social and welfare programs were ongoing.

the national average height went up under lula due to his nutrition programs

people love him


viniciusbfonseca t1_j2bdr59 wrote

He also got Brazil out of the UN's hunger map, Bolsonaro managed to get Brazil back on it though (first country to ever leave the map and be brought back).


JCalebBR t1_j2cs621 wrote

Hey we didn't get the Hexa but we sure pull our weight when it comes to fuck ups like that


HaikuBotStalksMe t1_j29xuoy wrote

Still funny how the one time politics was relevant to me, they were like "nope". So close to having some of my student loans welfared. Oh well.


_PM_ME_YOUR_FORESKIN t1_j29zf0j wrote

Must be a great life to only have one political issue affect you personally. Wow. And they’re still working on it.


HaikuBotStalksMe t1_j2a0v02 wrote

I guess so. I generally keep to myself and try to survive. A lot of the stuff they fight over doesn't apply to me at all. It's one of the benefits of always being poor and an outsider, I guess.

As an Afghan immigrant, you don't have to care about tax rates or what the Senate can do with the stock market, or whether we're making nuclear fuel vs coal, or whether guns are legal or not, or whatever hot topic we're mad at.

Like when BLM was a thing - even if BLM had won and white on black racism was illegal, well, that still wouldn't affect me because all the races can still be racist against me. And would be even if it was illegal.

The occupy wall street stuff is irrelevant to me because it's not like I'm going to have enough money to do big stocks.

And so on. The financial aid and Obama care were all that were relevant to me, and Obama care ended up not being free insurance, but instead the worst possible alternative: "you have to buy expensive insurance, or else". So unlike before where I could save money by just not buying insurance, I was strong armed into buying insurance (luckily I had a job so I was just my very weak $13/week insurance, but my parents had to buy like a $200/month insurance with like a $9000 deductible - i.e. a monthly fine since how the fuck do you meet a $9000 deductible on $20,000 a year? Don't forget that $2400 of that yearly wage is going toward the $200 monthly fee).


CommentBro t1_j2a56dv wrote

Respectfully, a lot of those things still apply to you, you're just a step or two removed from them.

Tax rates matter to everyone not just in how much they pay individually, but how much the government has available to distribute (e.g. student loan forgiveness, healthcare, infrastructure, etc.)

Stock market matters because it's essentially what the entire economy was built from. Most financial systems are tied to stocks in one way or another so the health and trustworthiness of the market is key. This allows for the mortgage you will hopefully be able to get one day and the rates you are able to secure on auto loans, personal loans, and your student loans.

Nuclear vs coal may not impact you now but it will impact you later, as well as future generations.

The gun debate and how we treat gun ownership affects anyone and everyone, from school children, to adults at a club, to anyone going to a movie, etc.

It all matters and it especially matters to an immigrant like yourself. Please stay politically active and aware of what's going on because the only way to ensure you aren't getting any benefits is by staying out of politics.


DryGumby t1_j2acxcb wrote

>Like when BLM was a thing - even if BLM had won and white on black racism was illegal, well, that still wouldn't affect me because all the races can still be racist against me. And would be even if it was illegal.

I think you missed what that was about. No one was trying to make white people being racist illegal. They wanted black people to stop being murdered by racist cops.


HaikuBotStalksMe t1_j2adiwx wrote

Pretty sure that was just one facet of it. They mainly wanted anti-black racism to end. They talked a lot about systemic stuff.


DryGumby t1_j2aemkm wrote

By making racism by white people against only black people illegal? That's not a facet of anything. The systemic racism is murderous cops being enabled by the system and facing no accountability for their actions. That's systemic stuff.


CankerLord t1_j2a1x7i wrote

>Still funny how the one time politics was relevant to me,

Lol, the entire modern world is the result of a series of agreements between many groups of people, most of which involves politics.


tundar t1_j2ax0yk wrote

I’m Brazilian but currently living in the exterior. My personal feelings and from what I gather from my family, it’s that no one is necessarily happy with Lula, because he was corrupt during his presidency though significantly less corrupt than Bolsonaro, but at least during his prior presidency poverty decreased and education increased on a massive scale (through things like the Bolsa Famila program.

I think the general consensus is we’re expecting some degree corruption but we’re very hopeful that life will improve for the poorest, indigenous people and women like it did during his previous presidency.


jeanlenin t1_j2bcqr2 wrote

What was his corruption? I always hear “lula was corrupt” but never really nailed down a straight answer tbh


kingpippin t1_j2c0rxs wrote

The major problem is that the corruption schemes were run by his party but they never really managed to prove his own personal involvement with it.

When they did "prove it" (and had him arrested for over a year) it was by a judge who was considered partial by the Supreme Court and had a lot of cases thrown out on partiality and something about how it should have been judged in another place.

No one doubts his party was involved in corruption schemes. They were. So we're their allies and the whole thing.

The main problem lies in optics: What was Lula's role in these? Why was his successor (Dilma Roussef) impeached? He and his party have never really addressed the issues so people have issues with that.


jeanlenin t1_j2c16qv wrote

That makes sense and lines up with the answers I’ve gotten from my Brazilian friends. I was aware of the scandal within the party I guess I just never connected that to Lula since I don’t live in Brazil and just aren’t that familiar with its politics. Cheers


tundar t1_j2bff6x wrote

Personally, even with all his faults I'm still extremely hopeful and happy that Lula won Bolsonaro lost. It was the right step forward for our democracy, and it's hard to do worse than Jair let's-make-it-a-military-dictatorship-again Bolsonaro.


mbrandalise t1_j2bmm1w wrote

Bolso and Lula = corruption detected.
We all should keep demanding from them the BEST for our country or let's kick them out next elections!
#PoliticiansAreNotHeroes #leaveYourBubbleBro #WeAreTheHeroes


Velghast t1_j2bogiq wrote

In all honesty other than having a solid figure head that isn't poking a bee's nest every 5 seconds biden's United States is no different than Donald Trump's. Inflation is still out of control nothing is being done about the housing crisis that is growing and growing, and the few bills we do get that are supposed to be helpful are so watered down or so minuscule they literally help nobody. I was all for getting the orange man out but what we got wasn't much better, just an old man with a cooler head. Honestly I don't think it matters who the president is. The United States is not going to change unless we have a drastic overhaul of how our three pillar system operates.


karoom21 t1_j2c3gqk wrote

I told all my friends and family, a vote for Biden is a vote for Trump in 2024. Certainly these corporate dick sucking DemoCANTS will save us from the racist rapist ReTHUGlicans. Its a shame all these "libs" keep pushing the Overton window to the right.


bobonga t1_j2bsf6c wrote

This exact same washing happened for Boric in Chile. It always happens for leftist politicians in Latin America. It means nothing. It’s tokenism and pandering. These people more often than not end un being completely useless and lacking any useful experience or skill for their posts. Their only objective is getting praise from shallow people on the media and online. Bolsonaro wasn’t great. Lula isn’t either.


enzovrlrd t1_j2a35fe wrote

The dude was literally in prison. There is no silver lining here. Just because the other was bad doesn't make it a good deal. There is a much longer and deeper discussion to be held here but to summarize: the right to vote without consequence or collateral makes it easy to abuse. A relative was a candidate at this election and hundreds of people walked into the committee asking how much would she pay for their vote. In broad daylight, no shame on it either.

As long as my vote matters as much as theirs, the wrong people will manipulate and skew the situation towards their needs. Lula is skilled at this, he negotiates with the people that matter. In a way, he reminds Frank Underwood in his maneuverability and lack of morals applying his tactics. From all the people that occupied high ranks in his party, only a handful of the gullible or unimportant were not incarcerated for corruption. From low ranking messagers to the minister in charge of his staff, the list would almost be funny if it wasn't so tragic.

With all that said, though, I believe most of the blame is within Brazilian culture itself. It's perceived as being street smart if you are able to take advantage of others, no matter how. People study hard to get public office jobs that they can't be fired from, so they can "relax" and have a comfortable life with minimum effort. The state ends up being overstaffed and barely doing the minimum, all when millions get paid to pretend it's not their fault. Maybe a handful of well educated and informed generations might start to improve this but I doubt it. It's in our nature to do this with "jeitinho", loosely translated to "our little way"


Good-mUonkey t1_j2a77o0 wrote

There is some silverlining though, the judge that put him in prision was a Bolsonaro ally, the UN and the supreme court of Brazil literally said it was an unfair trial.


enzovrlrd t1_j2ahv9k wrote

That doesn't make any of his crimes less truthful. Besides that, the supreme court had many ministers appointed by himself and the intermediate superior court, composed of 3 judges, not only confirmed the first instance sentence but increased the number of years to be served. It's literally impossible to retract the political aspect of an ex-president, there are many bad things about both sides of the legal battle, but regardless, Lula's son has ascended from minimum wage to multi millionaire within a couple of years. To pretend he is a good citizen is naive and enabling


brokenhumerus t1_j2aujn7 wrote

>Lula is skilled at this, he negotiates with the people that matter.

That's literally ✨politics✨

>From all the people that occupied high ranks in his party, only a handful of the gullible or unimportant were not incarcerated for corruption.

To say Lava Jato (and Mensalão, since we're talking corruption) was exclusive to PT is extremely gullible, and ignorant.

Y'all give Lula way too much credit for being "a strategist" lol


RightActionEvilEye t1_j2aghi7 wrote

Found the Lavajatista (Car-Wash Operation 'fan').
Brazil will not be "saved" by some arrogant middle-class elite, thinking they are selfless enlightened heroes saving the people from their "primitive" ways.

Collective action and organization are a better approach.


enzovrlrd t1_j2aizy8 wrote

It is your ignorance that needs saving, your affirmation lacks an argument and barely means anything. Yes, PT was criminal, from the simple definition of convicted of criminal activity. Your mental gymnastic to pretend they will suddenly behave properly is as naive as your name calling is mischievous


RayneSazaki t1_j2csx2m wrote

my name is Joker, but the biggest joke in this room you call an echo chamber is You.


GGABueno t1_j2arnu2 wrote

Comparing Lula to Frank Underwood is a joke lmfao. He's most compared to Steve Bannon... who was working for Bolsonaro's campaign.

If you don't want the Worker's Party to come back, which is fair, then don't fucking vote for the vilest piece of shit you can find.


enzovrlrd t1_j2deyeu wrote

I didn't. The duality of it makes it beyond comprehension. People calling the representative of banking and industry sectors a communist and the one that buys support with handouts a fascist. It's even dumber to assume whoever didn't vote for a side to be for the other one; the proportion of the population that can name the political proposal of the candidate they voted for is abysmally low. That's my point. You don't even need to go far, just follow this thread and look for people calling me "bolsominion". I didn't vote for him on either election, yet it's easier to fight the perception of an enemy, regardless of how real he is


Segamaike t1_j2a8p8g wrote

I have to say, with how the world has been going I would laughed in your face if you had shown me this headline six months ago. Please let Lula and his cabinet still be able to save the rainforest and somehow enshrine its protection for the forseeable future


Orasie t1_j29gvs1 wrote

That makes me happy :')


zeh_nrique t1_j29vxhg wrote

for the first time in our country democracy, indigenous people will have a political indigenous leader to defend their rights, better late than never


NervousJ t1_j2arzna wrote

If she's qualified then more power to her. Brazilian politics is a mess though. Good luck.


Ok_Introduction1776 t1_j2atm5v wrote

That's what I'm wondering, is she actually qualified or is she "qualified" ?


viniciusbfonseca t1_j2b45yd wrote

She is more than qualified. Sonia Guajajara is the main name when it comes to indigenous people and the protection of the Amazon. She has held many public offices (including being a congresswoman) and this very year was chosen as one of Time Magazine's 100 most influential people. There is literally no better person to be the Minister of the Indigenous People than Sonia.


NervousJ t1_j2aug9d wrote

It's a multi level thing. No clue.


pinkysegun t1_j2cf2xr wrote

Why are Brazilian claiming lula isn't a Saint being down voted? You'll expect Brazilians to know more than you guys on this matter.


Morriseysucksass t1_j2at5z4 wrote

About time. This us the most forward and intelligent move I have seen.


ryzzie t1_j2bdxc2 wrote

Wait, does the US or Canada have a similar position? If not, could we/they?


ArsenicAndRoses t1_j2bt2od wrote

Beautiful headdress and radiant smile! Here's hoping she'll live up to the hype ❤️


imstunned t1_j2bdmzr wrote

Hopefully she's capable and this is a merit based appointment rather than a DEI check-the-box token.


EnoughGlass t1_j2bnyil wrote

Wow that headdress is incredibly beautiful.


Scary_Technology t1_j2cdq78 wrote

Key post? She's a cabinet member, just like in the US! (OK fine, that's a key post).

President Lula just established the Ministry of Indigenous Peoples (best translation would be Secretary of Native American Tribes). Responsible for overseeing policies ranging from native land demarcation to health care, and as a tribe member, she was chosen for the position.

I think it was a good and necessary move, whose time had come.


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Final_Glove_6642 t1_j2b8jdf wrote

One of the most important people on the planet. Empower and protect her at any cost!


YogSothosburger t1_j2cp46k wrote

I always hope for the best, but it's easy to buy someone who "fits the bill."

It's great to see that this is even possible, but do not stop pushing!


Nnnnnnnadie t1_j2arxp3 wrote

Dont subestime the commitment this people have, everything she dont know will learn, like americans presidents do


brunofm97 t1_j2by9hw wrote

A new Ministry, that's great. Brazil already has one of the biggest tax burden in the world, a few extra % to afford a new Ministry and more politicians won't hurt Brazilian people. It's beautiful news if you're not living or paying taxes there.


BobOki t1_j2da0q7 wrote

Don't care about your worthless meaningless ideology and race check boxes. Is she the best person for the job? If yes, then hire her, if no then hire the one who is. She is not here to be indigenous, female, etc, she's there to do the job and do it the best anyone can. How about were start there and then we can worry about that other crap as a secondary treat huh?


Sul_Haren t1_j2ddueo wrote

The position she was appointed for is specifically about indigenous rights, so yeah this absolutely is a case where her "race" is relevant.


BobOki t1_j2deco2 wrote

Being indigenous does not mean you are qualified for a job, unless that job is being indigenous. Side-by-side with another non-indigenous person if they were both equally qualified, that would certainly be the tie breaker, but that too often we continue to see this occurring. Hell, that's one of the reasons trump became president, people looked at other none important attributes he had before they looked if he was qualified. Spoiler alert, he wasn't.

Unless her primary defining attribute is she is indigenous, you are doing her, and everyone else a disservice by only carrying about that. It's not gay Frank, it's Frank who is also gay.

So again, if she is the most qualified person for the job, hire her, but if you are just hiring her because she indigenous, well that's a pretty poor thing to do for everyone.


lollipop999 t1_j2aauyo wrote

Wait... according to everyone on Reddit, Lula is supposed to be the devil... how is this possible?!


whimsicallywistful t1_j2ali3l wrote

Who says Lula is the devil? He was literally supported by the majority of the left of centre population on the Internet


GGABueno t1_j2asq5a wrote

You were listening to the privileged Brazilians who live in Florida and think Covid was a communist hoax to ruin businesses.


Slavic_Dusa OP t1_j2abkdb wrote

No, Lula is supposedly a good guy. The other guy was a tyrant.


brokenhumerus t1_j2ato2i wrote

>Lula is supposedly a good guy


He just wants people not to starve and to have a comfortable life, and for a while, we did. Most of Brazil owes him their life. No one's thought about the poor common people as much as he did in our history. He deserves every credit we can give him, for what he's done and his life story.

"The other guy" is heading towards Miami right now (literally, we're tracking his flight) because on January 1st Lula is officially president and Bolsonaro can be charged with every crime he has committed, he's about to be charged with a couple, especially the way he handled COVID (he said the vaccine gave people AIDS and he did everything in his power not to buy vaccines, resulting in over 700 thousand deaths).

Bolsonaro's a pussy. He ran.

Lula didn't run. Dilma didn't run. And every charge against them has been dropped.


djgs11 t1_j2af04g wrote

Explain to me how an elected president was a tyrant?

One thing is not agreeing with his policies but to call him a tyrant kinda of devalues the word


whimsicallywistful t1_j2alc5r wrote

I mean you realise that plenty of fascists in history were democratically elected, right?

It's almost as if they use populism to seize power


GGABueno t1_j2as4tk wrote

He literally defends the military coup and has threatened the Supreme Court and the elections more than a few times.

Yes he's not a tyrant but he's certainly not the biggest fan of democracy.


rudolph813 t1_j2ajljb wrote

I don’t have a dog in this particular fight but elections can be rigged fairly easily in some countries . A friend was telling me recently when he was growing up in his country the “president” would have men on motorcycles and guns come grab the ballot box and basically just run until the police gave up then dump the box somewhere. Then it would be decided that a recount in those areas would take to long or would somehow be undermined.


ElBolovo t1_j2b6e4x wrote

TL;DR; Lula was the clear favorite for the 2018 election. In a rush job, a new law passed lowering the bar one takes to be arrested (you can be arrested in your second instance instead of going to the Supreme Court if you had a case) and raised the bar on who could run for the office. At the same time, in a Record time, Lula was convicted in the first and second Court instances (by a judge that by "coincidence" took the role of Minister of Justice for Bolsonaro and was declared as suspect in the case because the cooperated with the prosecution) and was declared ineligible. In a shitshow, the establishment right didn't put forth a good candidate, Bolsonaro, then a whacky low tier congressman most famous by appearing in sensationalist night time talk shows took these votes among with the authoritarian right voters and won against Haddad, the left leaning guy subbing for Lula, but was less popular and charismatic. In the last 4 years every accusation against him dropped and now here we are.


viniciusbfonseca t1_j2b3htw wrote

Elections in Brazil are very much safe and unrigged. We use electronic urns that can't be hacked to vote and there has never been proof of any rigging made. We even have a Tribunal that only judges on cases concerning elections.

Unfortunately it is true that some countries in Latin America, especially in Central America, have rigged elections and are under de facto dictatorships, but that really isn't our case. Elections are so important to us that we even make sure that indigenous communities in the middle of the Amazon have access to voting urns


ChronoAndMarle t1_j2atpuh wrote

Bolsonaro didn't buy the covid vaccine on purpose, resulting in some 300k preventable deaths. And that's 1 atrocious thing out of many.


Sul_Haren t1_j2ddz6p wrote

What are you talking about? Reddit is overwhelming pro-Lula. Are you confusing him with Bolsonaro?


ChronoAndMarle t1_j2auwrx wrote

According to whom? He was our best president by far. The ones calling him a devil are rich elitist fucks that suddenly saw themselves sharing airplane seats with black people back in 2003


brunofm97 t1_j2byeni wrote

Are you helping paying taxes for the new Ministry?


o_bostil_foi_um_erro t1_j2ahga0 wrote

He isn't the devil, just another thief that will throw the country into another crisis. It's the modus operandi around here. Every 4 years the elected ones try to destroy everything that was made by the last government (unless it benefits them). You kinda get used to it after living here for a few decades, and 90% of the population can't flee, so...meh. Routine.


ChronoAndMarle t1_j2aulq2 wrote

Imagina ser tão amargurado que escolhe "o bostil foi um erro" como username kkkkkk. Eu não queria ser você, sua vida deve ser triste.


trollie69 t1_j2avatm wrote

Little puppet