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Slavic_Dusa OP t1_j2abkdb wrote

No, Lula is supposedly a good guy. The other guy was a tyrant.


brokenhumerus t1_j2ato2i wrote

>Lula is supposedly a good guy


He just wants people not to starve and to have a comfortable life, and for a while, we did. Most of Brazil owes him their life. No one's thought about the poor common people as much as he did in our history. He deserves every credit we can give him, for what he's done and his life story.

"The other guy" is heading towards Miami right now (literally, we're tracking his flight) because on January 1st Lula is officially president and Bolsonaro can be charged with every crime he has committed, he's about to be charged with a couple, especially the way he handled COVID (he said the vaccine gave people AIDS and he did everything in his power not to buy vaccines, resulting in over 700 thousand deaths).

Bolsonaro's a pussy. He ran.

Lula didn't run. Dilma didn't run. And every charge against them has been dropped.


djgs11 t1_j2af04g wrote

Explain to me how an elected president was a tyrant?

One thing is not agreeing with his policies but to call him a tyrant kinda of devalues the word


whimsicallywistful t1_j2alc5r wrote

I mean you realise that plenty of fascists in history were democratically elected, right?

It's almost as if they use populism to seize power


GGABueno t1_j2as4tk wrote

He literally defends the military coup and has threatened the Supreme Court and the elections more than a few times.

Yes he's not a tyrant but he's certainly not the biggest fan of democracy.


rudolph813 t1_j2ajljb wrote

I don’t have a dog in this particular fight but elections can be rigged fairly easily in some countries . A friend was telling me recently when he was growing up in his country the “president” would have men on motorcycles and guns come grab the ballot box and basically just run until the police gave up then dump the box somewhere. Then it would be decided that a recount in those areas would take to long or would somehow be undermined.


ElBolovo t1_j2b6e4x wrote

TL;DR; Lula was the clear favorite for the 2018 election. In a rush job, a new law passed lowering the bar one takes to be arrested (you can be arrested in your second instance instead of going to the Supreme Court if you had a case) and raised the bar on who could run for the office. At the same time, in a Record time, Lula was convicted in the first and second Court instances (by a judge that by "coincidence" took the role of Minister of Justice for Bolsonaro and was declared as suspect in the case because the cooperated with the prosecution) and was declared ineligible. In a shitshow, the establishment right didn't put forth a good candidate, Bolsonaro, then a whacky low tier congressman most famous by appearing in sensationalist night time talk shows took these votes among with the authoritarian right voters and won against Haddad, the left leaning guy subbing for Lula, but was less popular and charismatic. In the last 4 years every accusation against him dropped and now here we are.


viniciusbfonseca t1_j2b3htw wrote

Elections in Brazil are very much safe and unrigged. We use electronic urns that can't be hacked to vote and there has never been proof of any rigging made. We even have a Tribunal that only judges on cases concerning elections.

Unfortunately it is true that some countries in Latin America, especially in Central America, have rigged elections and are under de facto dictatorships, but that really isn't our case. Elections are so important to us that we even make sure that indigenous communities in the middle of the Amazon have access to voting urns


ChronoAndMarle t1_j2atpuh wrote

Bolsonaro didn't buy the covid vaccine on purpose, resulting in some 300k preventable deaths. And that's 1 atrocious thing out of many.