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WakeNikis t1_j29r771 wrote

Glad they will be tackling illegal deforestation in the forest, as opposed to illegal deforestation inside of office buildings.


bolymoly t1_j29z18y wrote

ayo careful man, I heard somebody was trying to deforest your comment 💀


SuperUai t1_j2bn823 wrote

Dude, you do not know how close you are from what Bolsonaros’ team was doing. They used builded area to say that there was no deforestation in that area anymore. No shit. That headline seems strange, but it is actually pretty accurate by describing a change of politics.


MetalBawx t1_j2ayeir wrote

Gonna need a ton of cops or military officers with her teams given how well armed the cowboy loggers are.


Xanitos t1_j29wckp wrote

The world should collectively pay for / provide trade credits to countries like Brazil that have large natural carbon absorbing ecosystems. If we can help uplift them with incentives to not cut down their forests with better options for trade and funding, it will help everyone on the planet.


Schwartzy94 t1_j2a1pqx wrote

Would need to cut beef imports from the country... China is one of the leading in that and they need more and more of it :/


RodrigoAlonso t1_j2ad23k wrote

I am from her party and worked on getting her elected to congress this year, which meant I heard she speak quite a bit this year.

This woman is one of the greatest minds and gentlest spirits alive right now. She practices a type of fierce kindness that requires a kind of strenght I just dont understand.

Marina Silva is a giant.


bandana_runner t1_j2aph0b wrote

I'm predicting that she will be hamstrung by opponents in and out of the government. Hopefully, if she IS effective, the rancher/farmer bund won't assassinate her.


RodrigoAlonso t1_j2aq5p3 wrote

After 4 years of fascism, I dont think nobody is going naive into this. At least, that's my hope.


PornstarVirgin t1_j29ru2u wrote

I’m glad they’re focusing on deforestation in the forest as opposed to not in the forest


giranguin t1_j2bdj9m wrote

Came to say this. Glad I’m not the only one


OnyxPhoenix t1_j2db53n wrote

I think it's shorthand for "deforestation in the Amazon rainforest" since the mentioned Amazon earlier in the sentence.


Zebezd t1_j2a5pw9 wrote

For like half a minute I forgot Amazon was a huge forest and thought they were an activist for the company. Wondered why that was an indication of environmentalism


ufrared t1_j2a5up7 wrote

I really needed some good news


Nellasofdoriath t1_j2bhuuu wrote

I'm sure she's more.than qualified but ^ilikeherhat


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danger_zone30 t1_j2ee1az wrote

Should crack down on legal deforestation too


Cereal-Grapist t1_j2bqllk wrote

Off-topic: what are those odd apostrophes?


kingpippin t1_j2ca3fh wrote

Those are accents. Like in "á". Sometimes text, usually online, doesn't read it properly and mixes things up. It happens when you copy/paste things in different sites/browsers/apps.


WarpFly5 t1_j2brcjl wrote

While I applaude the move, I think they'll assassinate her.


Phil0sophic t1_j2aohlh wrote

Until he receives the first cash bribe


XD332 t1_j2ctcmy wrote

They’ve been saying the Amazon has been losing “three million acres of rainforest per day” since I was a little kid. Lol. Must be one big ass forest.


CamRoth t1_j2e567s wrote

>They’ve been saying the Amazon has been losing “three million acres of rainforest per day” since I was a little kid.

No they haven't.

It's been losing a couple hundred thousand per day though recently. And 10s of thousands for a lot longer.

It is a "big ass forest" its 1.656 BILLION acres.

> Lol.



dangil t1_j2afnt8 wrote

actually she's there to ensure foreign interests in the amazon will be taken care of, with the obvious hefty contribution to the party, and ultimately, to his pockets


My_Wholesome_Acc t1_j2a8xko wrote

Only people who aren't Brazilian can be happy for any of this guy's actions.


dbgzeus t1_j2ap2j1 wrote

Buddy, I’m Brazilian and loving this very much!


My_Wholesome_Acc t1_j2aqdwj wrote

Definitely not on the majority of the population. This dude sucks, he is a sentenced criminal who has made very homophobic and sexist remarks in the past, but who gets a pass for that since he is a leftist.


CastroVilarinho t1_j2axpot wrote

Lula made these bad comments in a time where "viado" was seen as jokes. In other hand, Bolsonaro played with the death rate of Brazilians during covid, made an interview about our PIB with a comedian that talked about bananas... homophobic? He always has been.

Call my english bad, but at least I am not here spiting shit. They cant be compared


My_Wholesome_Acc t1_j2b33ud wrote

Bolsonaro's actions aren't relevant for analyzing whether Lula was a sentenced criminal who did homophobic and sexist remarks or not. I'm not comparing them, I'm making an objective assessment about Lula only.

Plus, the time at which he did the homophobic and sexist remarks is irrelevant, and even if it wasn't, some of these remarks are recent, so your argument would still be faulty.


ElderlyOogway t1_j2ck27x wrote

Brazil man. Marina is personally opposed to gay marriage (despite politically being neutral) as she stated in her 2016 presidential run. The south and middlewest hate gay, the north dislike gays, northeast can be okay as long as you keep to yourself due to religion, and southeast is half acceptance, half lamp in your face. Our current and recent constitution was made by outspoken homophobes and the right for gay "marriage" (not considered marriage, but stable union due to electorate bigotry) came as recently 2013, NOT by the will of our democracy or elected leaders, but by the antimajoritarean and "currently most hated by the population" institute, The Supreme Court applying constitutional interpretation (thank God for them). And until this day they still suffer attacks from various sectors of society for that recent decision in 2013. In 2016 the first gay kissing scene in a novela happened, with major backlash. Half our media is owned by the same group that owns the biggest evangelical sector OF THE WORLD. If it depended on the legislative and this country political scenario, only one party would've been in favor then, a sadly seen as joke party.

So the fact that PT is now run by an old dude who's now in 2022 fighting not only for the legal, but social inclusion and open acceptance of gays is something your young mind doesn't understand. It's a huge progress. Being mad at this movement is as absurd as being mad the current leading opposition to the presidential office of Russia isn't also a trans person. Yes, sadly the reality of Brazil was and still is majorly conservative and religious, but by not framing progress in the reality upon on which it's happening is even worse – it's friendly fire. Not a single main candidate in this country, besides Lula2022 was (or have ever been) openly campaigning for gay rights as we're seeing right now. Don't shoot your own team if you're truly being sincere in your discourse.


Floripa95 t1_j2e5ch7 wrote

I'm happy in the sense that it was either this guy or Bolsonaro again, and fuck me, even Lula manages to look good compared to Bolsonaro.

I don't think I'll ever in my life see a BR president that makes me think "finally, a good one was elected"