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paracog t1_j2c0qj8 wrote

They were fortunate that it was a McDonalds and not a megachurch.


Plisken999 t1_j2d0rqg wrote

I remember a pastor installed water sprinkler around his church because homeless were sleeping around the church.

In Georgia state or something like that


mamaxchaos t1_j2e7dhx wrote

Yep. Live in Georgia. Tons of megachurches down here, all of them with various scandals and rich ass pastors.

“Free Chapel” is a multimillion dollar company. My elderly MIL who lives on social security donates $100/mo to them to “help the children” and goes without food if she has to to afford the donation because “they need it more than I do”

(We can’t get power of attorney over her, we’ve tried, Georgia sucks)

Also, looks like the sprinkler one was at St Mary’s in San Francisco. The Georgia scandal most recently is a megachurch pastor who stepped down when it came out that he was soliciting (male) minors for sex. Love that for us.


rolfraikou t1_j2d82yi wrote

Was this an "in general" sort of comment or did some shitty megachurch do that with this specific storm?

I will say, none of the megachurches in my areas would ever do society a favor.


bryanthebryan t1_j2ez5w8 wrote

Seriously. What a world. Is it any wonder why people aren’t going to church anymore?


bagkingz t1_j2dijoe wrote

Keeping all them lights on is expensive.