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DasCapitolin t1_j2j3xdc wrote

The fact that it took a prisoner exchange to return a dog speaks volumes of the mentality of Russian invaders.


ArenjiTheLootGod t1_j2k6j0e wrote

At this point, I'm just glad they didn't eat him, Russia hasn't exactly been great at keeping its soldiers stocked up on the essentials.


lirva1 t1_j2kw4wy wrote

Whoa. Never thought of that one.


Bleepin_BooperDooper t1_j2lrynt wrote

The pics on reddit early in the war were gruesome… one pic had dog paws nailed to a board where the rest of the dog was eaten by hungry russian troops. Hopefully that gives some context about the comment.


mschuster91 t1_j2m9jvu wrote

And yet people still complain when someone calls the Russian invaders what they are: orcs.


severed13 t1_j2mwerf wrote

I really hope any surviving russian troops come to hate their superiors and the politicians that sent them to go die starving in the cold.


Onekone t1_j2n9pkb wrote

Sadly instead they gonna vent their frustration on civilians, as going after COs and politicians would get them killed by loyalists


Kind-Exchange5325 t1_j2sngim wrote

That picture still haunts me. It was from Bucha, if I remember correctly, and they found it in the yard of a home that held murdered civilian corpses. That was the day I lost all sympathy for any conscripted Russians.


Bleepin_BooperDooper t1_j2tin5g wrote

The ones that did it for me was the video of a Russian sexually abusing an infant, then a photo of a raped and murdered body of a 3 year old girl.

Apparently the Russian murdered the infant after.

Proving to the world that Russians actively involved in committing atrocities or encourage such actions(excluding some of the brainwashed), are monsters; not human.


leopard_eater t1_j2mff2o wrote

In the Second World War, there were many stories about people having to eat their pets in Germany because there was no more meat.


worlox t1_j2mhjrr wrote

But why eat your pet or someone else’s when you can eat a POW, much more meat.


HellStoneBats t1_j2n8xkb wrote

I've seen videos of WWII POWs. There was definitely more meat on a dog.


Cane-toads-suck t1_j2n7i4v wrote

Not just their pets, but any wandering animal was up for grabs. Throw in rats or a fish washed up dead on the beach, starvation hurts.


Gbomb002 t1_j2l2k4l wrote

Soon russia will run out of fuel, tanks and vehicles, ammo, then guns.


abluemillionmiles t1_j2w8eck wrote

I was surprised as well. The Russian soldiers are starving but aside from that, it's another tactic they use to horrify and terrorize, like rape.


suburban_hyena t1_j2mxtw1 wrote

That was a lot quicker than the arms dealer basketball player situation


1mactosh1 t1_j2k6q3v wrote

>Given to the head of Chechnya as a trophy and renamed "Adidas".

Had to triple check this wasn't The Onion.


So_spoke_the_wizard t1_j2l5lpx wrote

Ukrainians to Russian soldiers, "We value dogs more than you."


Onekone t1_j2n9du9 wrote

More value than russian command ever gonna give them


ArthursFist t1_j2nkw1h wrote

Imagine being the Russian soldier or soldiers exchanged for a dog lol. That’s what your motherland thinks you are an equal trade for (happy for the pup though)


Duplex1 t1_j2knwys wrote

Wait, did the Russians trade a dog for their own pows? So in theory they believe a dog to be equivalent to a Russian soldier.


EmpressElisa t1_j2kd7yp wrote

Welcome home Adik.

Stay safe Ukraine


Ambitious_Ad1822 t1_j2lmhqy wrote

Those mfers stole dog?


ebagdrofk t1_j2lpcml wrote

Honestly I’m surprised they didn’t shoot it so this seems like a good ending to me?


Kind-Exchange5325 t1_j2snmyf wrote

And a raccoon from the Kherson Zoo. I expect that will probably be traded sometime this year.


trash_heap_witch t1_j2l183c wrote

Imagine being a Ukrainian soldier watching a dog get freed instead of you


BackToTheBas1cs t1_j2l63r4 wrote

This dog actually does wonders for morale and continues to keep more international eyes on the fight ukraine trades Russian soldier for Ukrainian soldier while a good thing doesn't have the same pull as a story about a dog to pull at the heartstrings of people around the world


trash_heap_witch t1_j2lakca wrote

I dunno man, my morale would be higher if I got freed instead of a dog. Also as someone who isn’t a dog person this annoys my heartstrings more than anything lol


BackToTheBas1cs t1_j2larv1 wrote

Its not about the morale of the singular captured soldier they are trying to maintain the morale of an entire nation under constant bombardment and outnumbered in the cold of winter without power


trash_heap_witch t1_j2lc7bn wrote

If I was Ukrainian I wouldn’t give a shit about dogs and I would give a shit about human soldiers. I understand your perspective theoretically, because people are weird about dogs. But my perspective is valid as well


BackToTheBas1cs t1_j2lcwdt wrote

Expanding on my previous point though the dog also has more appeal to people outside Ukraine than the Ukrainian soldier unfortunately, people love animals if they see a touching post about somebody being reunited with their pet stolen by Russian aggressors they might then decide to donate a buck or 2 to a cause that directly or indirectly helps the wider Ukrainian people. And a story about a dog being reunited with its owner is more likely to be shared in conflict averse crowds than a prisoner exchange. I have friends who I can't talk about their war with because they don't like the topic but by making it about the dog I can bring up a difficult topic that they otherwise wouldn't hear much about in a way they can digest and they may then in the same way support a cause


trash_heap_witch t1_j2ld2fg wrote

See, that’s so depressing to me. Human beings should always matter more than dogs. People have dirt for brains


BackToTheBas1cs t1_j2ldhsl wrote

But even in videos from front line soldiers you will see them sometimes with great affection talking about the trenches pet cat or the like because when your in dire straights that animal can be huge for you I'm a similar was as people with anxiety may have a service animal to help keep stay calm where people never could. So it's less about humans not caring about other humans but more so that war is a terrifying concept and people don't want to think about the senseless deaths of these men over expansionist greed but that dog helps them explore it in a hopeful light


slyburgaler t1_j2ljqbh wrote

That’s an opinion of yours, and not everyone shares it. Putin’s life is worth less than a dog for example.


gmambrose t1_j2ljjy9 wrote

Personally, I usually like animals (especially dogs) far more than most people. In general, people are shit. Dogs are awesome.


Kilatypus t1_j2lrldu wrote

You don't deserve to be downvoted

You are just surrounded by people who think with their emotions, not their rationale.


senorali t1_j2lt4mm wrote

If it's any consolation, this ridiculous "people don't matter but dogs do" thing is mostly American and not at all universal. It comes across as trashy as fuck to most other cultures.


lirva1 t1_j2kwao8 wrote

Not too many animal lovers are going to side with the Ruskies after this I guess.


Dax9000 t1_j2m4bs0 wrote

"I could excuse war crimes against humans, but I draw the line at animal cruelty."


TootsNYC t1_j2mitnv wrote

After Sandy Hook, my husband said that maybe we’d get an assault-weapons ban if someone shot Hoban animal shelter


ruimikemau t1_j2md53m wrote

Perhaps they were just liberating the dog from nazis. /s


haxx77 t1_j2mk1vq wrote

Easily worth at least half a dozen Ruzzians.


IronTemplar26 t1_j2locge wrote

A German shepherd, a Jack Russell, and a golden retriever walk into a bar. The bartender says "Rrrruff night, fellas?"


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MyAccountWasBanned7 t1_j2l9v67 wrote

Russian prisoners/criminals being returned to Russia isn't really "uplifting".


Cane-toads-suck t1_j2n8uxz wrote

I hope none of the returning soldiers need to go to hospital. I've heard the patients fall from windows quite often.


Bolter_NL t1_j2mkmor wrote

If the sledgehammer them afterwards it's OK.


DarkestPartofLight t1_j2m0k5i wrote

Ok but it’s owner was also “stolen” so who has it now?


IronCool6140 t1_j2m90pp wrote

I just deleted a comment after reading yours. I had assumed they were both being released but I guess I can't assume that oh my God I hope he goes to family at least. At least he's not a trophy anymore.


LiosIsHere t1_j2m7ab9 wrote

Good, although weird, news! But what is up with that horrible article? I repeats the same message every other sentence. Was it made by a bot?


coolbrze77 t1_j2n7lsz wrote

Would love to know why Kadyrov gave Adik back. Seems very out of the norm for that POS. Adik too smart for him?


LegalEye1 t1_j2ngl99 wrote

That dog was a member of the Nazi Azov battalion.


JoeMama42069360 t1_j2nix07 wrote

This dog is worth far more than some russians


AlibiYouAMockingbird t1_j2lqhjc wrote

The new Civ Rev game is going to have Russia’s modern day perk be “Prisoner Exchange”-When the Russians release a POW they receive double the units released for their army


ItItches t1_j2mai66 wrote

They took his dog?!


Doucevie t1_j2mztkf wrote

Slava Ukraini 🇺🇦


[deleted] t1_j2kmjr5 wrote



javasux t1_j2m0cc0 wrote

So you acknowledge that they are a problem?