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RickyBobbyBooBaa t1_j2oec4j wrote

That's a start,now make drinks companies pay for the cleanup of plastic bottles.


MarcusCaspius t1_j2qddoi wrote

..and Glass. Soooo much glass on the roads.


kellyhofer t1_j2qsj2l wrote

Glass is just gonna break down into sand. No biggie.


moskusokse t1_j2rtbtw wrote

Well, it is a problem in the stages before it becomes sand. Not fun to walk your dog where someone has smashed their beer bottles the night before.


Jah-din t1_j2sgs5n wrote

While I get wanting to clean up streets, I think at this point we need to worry more about getting a handle on plastics. The whole micro plastic shit is scary as fuck and glass doesn't really have the same reach and effect plastic does.


moskusokse t1_j2si9ot wrote

Absolutely. Plastic is a bigger problem. And to think we ingest a credit card worth of plastic a week(If I remember correctly) is disturbing. And we also have very little information on the damage it can do so far. Though I also like to think that we can focus on getting better at several areas simultaneous. In Norway we used to be able to pawn certain glass bottles. But they removed it from some reason. Now we can only pawn plastic bottles. In return we got own bins for each household for glass bottles. But I’m not sure everyone is motivated when they don’t get cash for throwing it in the bin.


MarcusCaspius t1_j2ufnfa wrote

Eventually yes! But until then it's a danger to humans & animals. Generally this ends up on the road reserve where cyclists and runners /pedestrians with pets go.


ZanderMeander t1_j2sge8q wrote

Glass bottles take much longer to break down entirely than aluminum or even plastic.


Rodonite t1_j2rsnax wrote

And have the tobacco companies fund cancer research and treatments for their victims


unfettered_logic t1_j2s2f57 wrote

This should go for all products. At the end of life they should be required to take it back or recycle it.