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zstandig t1_j2oqb6k wrote

Maybe stop making cigarettes with filters that can't decompose?


Peet_Pann t1_j2p1hd3 wrote

They at least stopped using fiberglass.. its cotton now, i think.. should biodegrade after a while... unless its some kinda plastic... plastic never goes away


Leading_Professor_80 t1_j2oyub7 wrote

Then the filters won’t filter


_Kramerica_ t1_j2q1ndf wrote

This might sound incredibly unsympathetic by me but…..idgaf. If you wanna kill your self with cigarettes then so be it. But the world is not your ashtray and nobody else should suffer for your bad habits (like cleaning your trash and 2nd hand smoke). Shit is disgusting and obnoxious.


MarcusCaspius t1_j2qdpt9 wrote

The sad thing about smoking is that it cost the health systems a lot of money to care for patients later in life.

Your tax money already pays for that. You're already impacted by smoking.


[deleted] t1_j2rau4u wrote

It obviously differs from country to country but the ones I know of make far more in tax revenue from cigarette sales than treating smokers costs them.

There is also a clear example of BS reporting since on the one hand we are told that smokers cost the health care system X amount, and on the other hand we are told that we will all die early.

Given everyone will die at some point and almost everyone at this point is costing the health system, and given that the older you get the more you cost, how exactly does it cost more if we all die early?


KennstduIngo t1_j2rjngp wrote

Yeah, I seem to recall a study that showed smokers actually cost less because, as you said, they tend to die before ending up in a nursing home and lung cancer tends to kill pretty quickly.


Sstnd t1_j2rh5pk wrote

Ding Ding Ding. You are so wrong.


TastyCuntSweat t1_j2q45cy wrote

Even when I was smoking, I would never toss the butts on the ground. I'd also gave my mates shit that did it until they stopped too. I cannot understand the mentality of these grubs that just toss the butts out the window and don't care.

I'm glad the price of ciggies has gone up, I'd love to see them completely banned in the future.


H1ld3gunst t1_j3ddhcz wrote

It’s not the Plastic that filters anyways. It’s just in there to make the cigarettes keep their shape