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RickyBobbyBooBaa t1_j2oec4j wrote

That's a start,now make drinks companies pay for the cleanup of plastic bottles.


MarcusCaspius t1_j2qddoi wrote

..and Glass. Soooo much glass on the roads.


kellyhofer t1_j2qsj2l wrote

Glass is just gonna break down into sand. No biggie.


moskusokse t1_j2rtbtw wrote

Well, it is a problem in the stages before it becomes sand. Not fun to walk your dog where someone has smashed their beer bottles the night before.


Jah-din t1_j2sgs5n wrote

While I get wanting to clean up streets, I think at this point we need to worry more about getting a handle on plastics. The whole micro plastic shit is scary as fuck and glass doesn't really have the same reach and effect plastic does.


moskusokse t1_j2si9ot wrote

Absolutely. Plastic is a bigger problem. And to think we ingest a credit card worth of plastic a week(If I remember correctly) is disturbing. And we also have very little information on the damage it can do so far. Though I also like to think that we can focus on getting better at several areas simultaneous. In Norway we used to be able to pawn certain glass bottles. But they removed it from some reason. Now we can only pawn plastic bottles. In return we got own bins for each household for glass bottles. But I’m not sure everyone is motivated when they don’t get cash for throwing it in the bin.


MarcusCaspius t1_j2ufnfa wrote

Eventually yes! But until then it's a danger to humans & animals. Generally this ends up on the road reserve where cyclists and runners /pedestrians with pets go.


ZanderMeander t1_j2sge8q wrote

Glass bottles take much longer to break down entirely than aluminum or even plastic.


Rodonite t1_j2rsnax wrote

And have the tobacco companies fund cancer research and treatments for their victims


unfettered_logic t1_j2s2f57 wrote

This should go for all products. At the end of life they should be required to take it back or recycle it.


zstandig t1_j2oqb6k wrote

Maybe stop making cigarettes with filters that can't decompose?


Peet_Pann t1_j2p1hd3 wrote

They at least stopped using fiberglass.. its cotton now, i think.. should biodegrade after a while... unless its some kinda plastic... plastic never goes away


Leading_Professor_80 t1_j2oyub7 wrote

Then the filters won’t filter


_Kramerica_ t1_j2q1ndf wrote

This might sound incredibly unsympathetic by me but…..idgaf. If you wanna kill your self with cigarettes then so be it. But the world is not your ashtray and nobody else should suffer for your bad habits (like cleaning your trash and 2nd hand smoke). Shit is disgusting and obnoxious.


MarcusCaspius t1_j2qdpt9 wrote

The sad thing about smoking is that it cost the health systems a lot of money to care for patients later in life.

Your tax money already pays for that. You're already impacted by smoking.


[deleted] t1_j2rau4u wrote

It obviously differs from country to country but the ones I know of make far more in tax revenue from cigarette sales than treating smokers costs them.

There is also a clear example of BS reporting since on the one hand we are told that smokers cost the health care system X amount, and on the other hand we are told that we will all die early.

Given everyone will die at some point and almost everyone at this point is costing the health system, and given that the older you get the more you cost, how exactly does it cost more if we all die early?


KennstduIngo t1_j2rjngp wrote

Yeah, I seem to recall a study that showed smokers actually cost less because, as you said, they tend to die before ending up in a nursing home and lung cancer tends to kill pretty quickly.


Sstnd t1_j2rh5pk wrote

Ding Ding Ding. You are so wrong.


TastyCuntSweat t1_j2q45cy wrote

Even when I was smoking, I would never toss the butts on the ground. I'd also gave my mates shit that did it until they stopped too. I cannot understand the mentality of these grubs that just toss the butts out the window and don't care.

I'm glad the price of ciggies has gone up, I'd love to see them completely banned in the future.


H1ld3gunst t1_j3ddhcz wrote

It’s not the Plastic that filters anyways. It’s just in there to make the cigarettes keep their shape


cbbuntz t1_j2nwk2x wrote

So... free toilet paper?


wscuraiii t1_j2r2e0q wrote

I can keep up with this motherfucker right here.


StrawberryFroggs t1_j2q0xid wrote

im a smoker but i carry a portable ashtray (idk, its a round circular tube for butts), took me forever to even find one without going online, and it was in a corner store collecting dust. people should be responsible with their habits, i believe shaming people who throw their butts on the ground is a place to start.


Outrageous_Fall_9568 t1_j2rkew3 wrote

They’re generally at Walmart


StrawberryFroggs t1_j2sr6ss wrote

thats so strange because i know i looked there too but couldnt find any, even when i asked. I know they carry the big container ones but i was looking for small pocket sized ones.


Crapital_Prunishment t1_j2nqlzd wrote

How about we start imprinting the butts with a serial number that is associated with the purchaser's ID at time of purchase. Then we start fining individuals who improperly dispose of their trash. While tobacco companies are responsible for the origin of the trash, the consumers are the ones responsible for the litter.


pykrete_golem t1_j2nwfke wrote

Or we could punish a small number of for profit organizations that caused this problem in the pursuit of profits.


Crapital_Prunishment t1_j2nxlvc wrote

Both are responsible, but no amount of advertising makes it okay for the individual to litter. Everything that happens after purchase is the consumer's responsibility.


chapstick__ t1_j2oqmwe wrote

No it's not, that's exactly the kind of rhetoric used when companies switched from reusable glass bottles to plastic. Of course the things that do not break down and cannot be reused will cause more garbage. Cigarettes butts used to be able to decompose like anything else, and now they don't so they look like an eye sore. Companies need to be charged for any and all waste they put out into the world until they make better packaging that can decompose or be reused.


TheSnootBooper t1_j2owd9i wrote

Agreed. We should do the same thing with all trash, all potential waste should have a serial number that is associated with the last registered owner. All transfers and transactions of all products must be recorded in a worldwide system to eliminate the risk of fraud, so you couldn't say "I bought that product for a friend of mine, I didn't litter". The serial numbers must also be durable, so they couldn't be (intentionally or otherwise) defaced or otherwise made unreadable, thereby foiling enforcement. This sounds very reasonable and very feasible.

edit: apparently this was insufficiently over the top to be obvious sarcasm.


VataVagabond t1_j2pe4x3 wrote

There’s a big problem with this though… Just got in a big fight with my neighbor? Steal trash out of his trashcan and litter the park. That’ll teach him.


Swag_420_2012 t1_j2owhhm wrote

So there should be a data base that the cigarette companies own, where store owners have to update it and cops can access? All so they can track down someone who littered a cigarette butt?


ChaoticEvilBobRoss t1_j2p9kfl wrote

That's a lot better than my superpower where I make them and other people who are littering have explosive diarrhea in the next most inconvenient situation.


_Kramerica_ t1_j2q20he wrote

I get irrationally upset when I see people toss their butts out the window while driving. No, you sit with that nasty ass butt in your car now you piece of shit, this isn’t the rest of the worlds problem. Your habit your responsibility.


Benleeds89 t1_j2ocagf wrote

Tobacco firms that will put the cost onto the consumer like anything


MisterAtticusKarma t1_j2pnwqc wrote

And honestly rightfully so since its the consumers leaving their butts all over the ground...


Benleeds89 t1_j2qd1ax wrote

I see that point but it's all just a vicious circle of exploitation


stayzuplate t1_j2q6y5a wrote

Cigarette packs should include a compartment for inserting the butts when you're done with them. Whine all you want about larger packs and/or fewer cigarettes, but it would solve the problem.


moskusokse t1_j2rtvwd wrote

This is a great idea. The only issue I see would be the smell. Cigarette butts smell awful, and I’m not sure many people would use the compartment unless it was airtight. But, everything helps! So even if just some use it, it would still help.


stayzuplate t1_j2s4j2w wrote

Give the compartment an airtight lid then. My point is that the tobacco companies could be providing a solution to this problem if they were willing to give up some profits, which they won't do unless forced...


Peet_Pann t1_j2p1qd6 wrote

Maybe have tobacco pay ppl like 5 cents for a return butt? Get ppl incentive to collect and drop em off? Idk.. works with cans and glass to an extent


SleepyChemE t1_j2qn98c wrote

They're going to be buying toilet paper or wipes? 🥁


JustJess234 t1_j2pu428 wrote

Paying 100% would be better, but I suppose it’s a start.


Zampurl t1_j2qrxdj wrote

Look, I’m a filthy smoker, but I haaaaaate people who litter butts. First of all, the risk of causing a wildfire is way too great, secondly, littering is nasty and shitty no matter what a person tosses. I’m overly cautious about how I handle my butts, and honestly, so are all of my friends who smoke. Maybe it’s because we live in a state known for terrible fires, but I know all of us would jump on a friend for flicking a butt anywhere.


ellsammie t1_j2rgwlj wrote

Gawd, I walk by a house where they smoke on the porch and flick their butts onto the lawn and sidewalk below. So gross. And my favorite...the lovely, well dressed lady who watched the building doorman sweep the entry way of butts while she puffed away, then proceeded to flick her burning butt onto the area he just swept. Precious!


VTGREENS t1_j2rj9cr wrote

I think each pack of cigarettes should come with 20 tickets for littering @ $100 each.


enraged768 t1_j2rrmk2 wrote

Just hire the military to clean up and have them supervised by a pissed off E7 you'll get the entire usa free of butts in a few days.


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Crruell t1_j2pfqf2 wrote

Implement a Pfand system for butts :)


awesome12442 t1_j2qfpew wrote

Why would people downvote this?


Psychomadeye t1_j2qfx4g wrote

Should add a tax on cigarettes for it.


Arb3395 t1_j2qxj3g wrote

Starting to see more and more of the disposable e cigs everywhere. Idk how they're disposable with a lithium battery inside. Seems like a firehazard waiting to happen


stud__kickass t1_j2snm97 wrote

I smoked & if there wasn’t a trash can nearby I’d pop the cherry and keep the butt in the pack. I smell like cigs already, who cares if I smell a little bit more like cigs

But I have noticed it’s cleaner around town now that since vapes are now very popular


SoloSystems t1_j2t2q1v wrote

Guys. It's a plant, wrapped in a plant, and stuffed with another plant.