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Mortar_Maggot t1_j33500k wrote

I went to a meeting of Sedona Republicans for a college course a decade ago. It was dominated by complaints that Flagstaff was stealing their water.

How, you ask? By not clear cutting Coconino National Forest.

They also once justified uranium mining on native / Grand Canyon land despite objections of literally everyone but the mining company by saying, "We've been on earth for 6,000 years and we haven't screwed it up yet." Then took the stunned silence as having won the argument.

Arizona is a beautiful state with at least 3 different biomes and enough political diversity to be a true purple state. But damn do we attract the crazies and the grifters.


Orvan-Rabbit t1_j349jyh wrote

Reminds me of a joke where a smoker refuses to quit because "I've been alive for 60 years and I haven't died yet"


Astrium6 t1_j34e0ww wrote

I’ve been alive every observable day of my life so far. Therefore, I must be immortal.


youlikeitdaddy t1_j357m83 wrote

The wealthy’s ideas of how people “steal” from them are buck wild, aren’t they?

I worked at a bar where the owner said we stole beer from her because of overpour from the drafts 😂


NewSauerKraus t1_j34q6bp wrote

That’s the wrong water theft story. Arizona went to the Supreme Court to double dip on taking water from the Colorado River and an aqueduct from California.