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LadyImago t1_j34z1w1 wrote

That's fucked up and Talonya didn't deserve that.

However, I don't think it's impossible nor is it unreasonable to both celebrate a step in the right direction on one front while still acknowledging that there is still much to be done and that sometimes people who are supposed to be fighting for equality and standing up for those they represent actually do the opposite of that.

What we're celebrating here is the policy change, not the policymaker. If Hobbs had any hand (intentional or otherwise) or was complicit in the discrimination that Talonya Adams faced then Hobbs needs to take accountability. That doesn't change the fact that more protections against discrimination is a good thing, just that Hobbs should not be lauded as some champion against discrimination of any sort.

I hope Talonya Adams is doing okay and is in an environment where she isn't subjected to any more bigotry or discrimination.

EDIT: There's no need to downvote the person that replied to me! I appreciate being made aware of what Talonya Adams went through while working under Hobbs and I don't think the commenter had any ill intent- they just wanted to spread awareness.