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Double_Joseph t1_j350l0z wrote

Arnold Schwarzenegger won governor of California lol yes fans aka ‘followers’ make a huge deal.


DJToastyBuns t1_j351ebs wrote

Just to be clear.... you're comparing the IG followers of a washed up newscaster to the fans of the biggest movie star of the 80s and 90s?


Double_Joseph t1_j352bzn wrote

Have no idea what you are saying. I’m comparing 500k followers to 16k followers. You forget the education system lacks hard in Arizona. You really think Kari lake didn’t have the support? Katie Hobbs can’t even form a sentence on camera. She has stage fright.


Captain_Candyflip t1_j354z2b wrote

How is Kim Kardashian still not president of the world? She has so many followers


Double_Joseph t1_j357qc6 wrote

She hasn’t ran yet lol I’m not down for it but it’s the sad reality we live in

Not one person has given a reason why Katie Hobbs won and I’m giving a big reason why Kari lake should have won.


TatWhiteGuy t1_j35g9if wrote

You need to hear a reason why the winner won? Seriously? She won because she got more votes, because people who live there voted for her. Followers on instagram mean nothing for a regional race where only a specific region can even vote…


GayVegan t1_j35kpnl wrote

Wait... Votes are the only thing that matters for winning?! Not followers on one specific social media site?!



Double_Joseph t1_j35rlp5 wrote

Wait who do people vote for? They vote people that are well known and liked. And it’s not just one example. Who uses Instagram more? Not conservatives that’s for sure. They use Facebook more. You guys are blind

Still waiting for a serious argument lol no one knows who Katie hobbs is.


DJToastyBuns t1_j35zbe7 wrote

You are the target audience for the phrase "touch grass."

Edit: you haven't even taken back your original, ridiculous claim that "Kari Lake was endorsed by Obama." Take a long walk to a public park tomorrow and enjoy nature. Maybe even strike up a conversation with a stranger. Please, please turn off your phone.


Double_Joseph t1_j376ss1 wrote

When I went outside there was Kari lake signs everywhere. I didn’t even see a Katie hobbs sign.


DJToastyBuns t1_j37z6gy wrote

Okay, well, she lost. Arizona is a big state. Stop committing obvious logical fallacies

You sound butthurt that your "stop the steal" candidate wasn't more popular. You said earlier that you're not a republican, yet you're content to parrot bullshit republican talking points (and outright lies).

Go outside.


Double_Joseph t1_j382luq wrote

I’m not speaking lies.. I’m speaking facts!! Kari lake has a much larger following. That is proven by large social media platforms.

Where is all of Katie hobbs fans if democrats use Instagram more? Yet Kari lake has 500k vs Katie’s sad 16k lol not even mentioning Facebook where it’s an even greater difference and more republicans use Facebook.

I am a math guy and the math doesn’t add up..

But you will gas light and say I’m lying when the facts are right there lol


GayVegan t1_j35uqrv wrote

The world exists outside of Instagram.


Double_Joseph t1_j376zde wrote

Again it’s not just Instagram.

Imagine you ran for governor of a state and nobody knows who you are and win. Specially against someone who is well known and liked. Not odd at all to you?