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DJToastyBuns t1_j37z6gy wrote

Okay, well, she lost. Arizona is a big state. Stop committing obvious logical fallacies

You sound butthurt that your "stop the steal" candidate wasn't more popular. You said earlier that you're not a republican, yet you're content to parrot bullshit republican talking points (and outright lies).

Go outside.


Double_Joseph t1_j382luq wrote

I’m not speaking lies.. I’m speaking facts!! Kari lake has a much larger following. That is proven by large social media platforms.

Where is all of Katie hobbs fans if democrats use Instagram more? Yet Kari lake has 500k vs Katie’s sad 16k lol not even mentioning Facebook where it’s an even greater difference and more republicans use Facebook.

I am a math guy and the math doesn’t add up..

But you will gas light and say I’m lying when the facts are right there lol