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Loitering_ t1_j32qgqz wrote

As an Arizonan, I just want to reiterate how happy I am she won. Every vote matters.


elementagas t1_j32rg61 wrote

Pretty soon...


Everyone: WHO GIVES A SHIT?!


myowndad t1_j32vun7 wrote

New Arizonan, voted for her in my first election since moving here from Texas. Feels great to have it seem like my vote mattered for once. Katie Hobbs will represent this state far better than the alternative would have.


LadyImago t1_j32w2kj wrote

As someone who spent the majority of their life in AZ, this is super heartening.

Rare Arizona W fr, you see a lot of fucked up societal bias and implicit bigotry in Phoenix against LGBTQ+ people, PoC, unhoused people, and immigrants (especially if you've immigrated from Mexico) so this definitely feels like a step in the right direction! Hopefully soon we can see more steps like this so that no one has to deal with discrimination and violence just because of factors they can't control.


myowndad t1_j32xznm wrote

Honestly the way people dive right into that gripe every single time is why I felt the need to mention I moved from Texas 😅 and idk how but AZ republicans are worse than the TX ones, it’s kinda incredible


Mortar_Maggot t1_j33500k wrote

I went to a meeting of Sedona Republicans for a college course a decade ago. It was dominated by complaints that Flagstaff was stealing their water.

How, you ask? By not clear cutting Coconino National Forest.

They also once justified uranium mining on native / Grand Canyon land despite objections of literally everyone but the mining company by saying, "We've been on earth for 6,000 years and we haven't screwed it up yet." Then took the stunned silence as having won the argument.

Arizona is a beautiful state with at least 3 different biomes and enough political diversity to be a true purple state. But damn do we attract the crazies and the grifters.


Dark_Shade_75 t1_j338djr wrote

On election day as I was walking through a parking lot to the voting center, a guy in a huge truck was leaving and yelled at me "Vote for Kari!" and I said "Not on my life!"

I will never forget the scowl on his face. I would pay money to see him when he found out she lost.


Ineludible_Ruin t1_j3392ux wrote

What protections were they not afforded before that others were?


Loitering_ t1_j33k2nb wrote

It was crazy how close it was. Still boggled by the fact that the lady I grew up watching tell the news went so far right and thought television anchoring was the stuff of political leadership.


nygdan t1_j33vx5g wrote

"both parties are the same"


Double_Joseph t1_j34446w wrote

It’s not that crazy… it’s actually crazy that she won. Kari lake has a much larger following. Instagram she has 500k vs Katie Hobbs 16k. That’s just one example. Katie Hobbs was a terrible speaker where Kari lake was not. Kari lake was also endorsed by both Obama AND Trump. I’m shocked Katie won. I am not a republican. I’m from California and moved to Arizona. I observed both candidates.


TemporaryConfusius t1_j34ap1u wrote

Is this the "apocalypse" that the right wingers keep talking about whenever they mention Hobbs?


free_billstickers t1_j34bxh9 wrote

OMG the libs are treating people like humans...when will this decency end


xdawntrackerx t1_j34is9r wrote

Ah yes the politician who won after blatantly refusing to debate her opponent. Seems legit.


ABenevolentDespot t1_j34jpo2 wrote

Two million people in Georgia thought the barely sentient Herschel Walker would make a fantastic Senator for the next six years. Twice. They thought that twice.

Seventy million people watched as The Diapered Orange Shitstain stole everything that wasn't nailed down, did nothing for anyone but himself, and shredded every piece of decency in the world for almost five years and thought "Hell YEAH! Gimme four more years of THAT!" in 2020.

America has some really, really stupid people living here. And a bunch more in elected office that should be in prison.

For some unknown reason, the vast majority of them seem to be Republicans.


tbardsley81 t1_j34m2ti wrote

Everyone needs to stop putting the lady who lost’s name in this feed. Let history forget her completely.


mymar101 t1_j34ois1 wrote

It's sad this is needed in 2023. It's sadder it wasn't available sooner


ElbertAlfie t1_j34owjm wrote

> A jury decided nine months ago that Talonya Adams, who is African American, had been a victim of racial and sexual discrimination and retaliation when she was fired as a policy adviser on Hobbs' Senate staff back in 2015.


LadyImago t1_j34z1w1 wrote

That's fucked up and Talonya didn't deserve that.

However, I don't think it's impossible nor is it unreasonable to both celebrate a step in the right direction on one front while still acknowledging that there is still much to be done and that sometimes people who are supposed to be fighting for equality and standing up for those they represent actually do the opposite of that.

What we're celebrating here is the policy change, not the policymaker. If Hobbs had any hand (intentional or otherwise) or was complicit in the discrimination that Talonya Adams faced then Hobbs needs to take accountability. That doesn't change the fact that more protections against discrimination is a good thing, just that Hobbs should not be lauded as some champion against discrimination of any sort.

I hope Talonya Adams is doing okay and is in an environment where she isn't subjected to any more bigotry or discrimination.

EDIT: There's no need to downvote the person that replied to me! I appreciate being made aware of what Talonya Adams went through while working under Hobbs and I don't think the commenter had any ill intent- they just wanted to spread awareness.


Low_Presentation8149 t1_j34zc5s wrote

The fact she's not kari Lake amd looks like a nice normal person is a real positive


Double_Joseph t1_j352bzn wrote

Have no idea what you are saying. I’m comparing 500k followers to 16k followers. You forget the education system lacks hard in Arizona. You really think Kari lake didn’t have the support? Katie Hobbs can’t even form a sentence on camera. She has stage fright.


TatWhiteGuy t1_j35g9if wrote

You need to hear a reason why the winner won? Seriously? She won because she got more votes, because people who live there voted for her. Followers on instagram mean nothing for a regional race where only a specific region can even vote…


SweatyNickel t1_j35he7a wrote

Christian organizations should not discriminate. It contradicts the theory that God loves everybody. So stupid.


cdhernandez t1_j35i47b wrote

It’s really nice to know that the Coldstone Creamery isn’t running my state any more.


krannafranrandy t1_j35iq5m wrote

meanwhile kari lake has moved into the one of the many broom closets at mar a lago to remain in waiting until Donald’s smashed testicle needs resuscitation


xxAkirhaxx t1_j35ri15 wrote

To me the bigger news is that this took until now, and that, before this, they didn't protect state employees for being discriminated against based on gender and sexuality. What the fuck?


Double_Joseph t1_j35rlp5 wrote

Wait who do people vote for? They vote people that are well known and liked. And it’s not just one example. Who uses Instagram more? Not conservatives that’s for sure. They use Facebook more. You guys are blind

Still waiting for a serious argument lol no one knows who Katie hobbs is.


LtRecore t1_j35vyvr wrote

Nice! This should give Kari Lake a supersized shit fit.


DJToastyBuns t1_j35zbe7 wrote

You are the target audience for the phrase "touch grass."

Edit: you haven't even taken back your original, ridiculous claim that "Kari Lake was endorsed by Obama." Take a long walk to a public park tomorrow and enjoy nature. Maybe even strike up a conversation with a stranger. Please, please turn off your phone.


Cataxtropher t1_j35zt04 wrote

This was by far the scariest close election in the nation for me to observe. The only really good piece of news in 2022 besides the Respect for Marriage Act for me, was Kari Lake losing. I was so sure Lake would take it, and to see that she didn't was a rare moment of joy for me. Lake was one of the most extreme candidates running and she lost, even in America's 'Age of Insanity'.


Mr_Golf_Club t1_j36g3pc wrote

I can sense the AZ GOP-pride-rage brewing from across the country


Double_Joseph t1_j376zde wrote

Again it’s not just Instagram.

Imagine you ran for governor of a state and nobody knows who you are and win. Specially against someone who is well known and liked. Not odd at all to you?


Skeptical_Vegan t1_j378z8z wrote

In the great words of George Carlin. Imagine the most middle of the road person you can think of intelligence wise. And just remember that there's always going to be 50% of the population that's stupid than that middle of the road.


DJToastyBuns t1_j37z6gy wrote

Okay, well, she lost. Arizona is a big state. Stop committing obvious logical fallacies

You sound butthurt that your "stop the steal" candidate wasn't more popular. You said earlier that you're not a republican, yet you're content to parrot bullshit republican talking points (and outright lies).

Go outside.


Double_Joseph t1_j382luq wrote

I’m not speaking lies.. I’m speaking facts!! Kari lake has a much larger following. That is proven by large social media platforms.

Where is all of Katie hobbs fans if democrats use Instagram more? Yet Kari lake has 500k vs Katie’s sad 16k lol not even mentioning Facebook where it’s an even greater difference and more republicans use Facebook.

I am a math guy and the math doesn’t add up..

But you will gas light and say I’m lying when the facts are right there lol


rare_meeting1978 t1_j38lg2z wrote

I wish we could get to a point where everyone is considered a protected class and everyone gets the same protections.


gpm21 t1_j3alpp2 wrote

AZ Republicans are the most miserable people I have ever met. There's mormon and redneck Republicans of course, but the non-mormon Republicans are almost entirely old, retired people from the Midwest or California who are pissed the town they moved here from has minorities in it