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CaptainMacMillan t1_j331g3z wrote

At $7.3M right now, its getting a solid $1M per day at this point.


laineDdednaHdeR t1_j33e0fk wrote

That's so cool. I'm so glad he's pulling through. I can't remember the last time I've seen so much love from a large community like this.


EverybuddyToTheLimit t1_j38qmht wrote

I'm very happy for him and his family, but this shows the flaws of using private charity in lieu of codified structures of social welfare. This small organization tied to a small geographic area exploded with funds that all halfway houses, DV shelters, animal rescues, orphanages, environmental groups, etc. in the nation would kill for, but due to a freak accident, that one specific area gets the support while everywhere else has to keep trudging along under the yoke of neoliberal austerity, and hope for their own freak occurrence to get pulled from the mire I guess? Again, nothing against him, he seems to be a wonderful driven person, but it's a clear indictment of our ineffective patchwork system.