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GreenEyedCat t1_j333jj7 wrote

Given he suffered a second arrest/collapse its...hard to say, it complicates things. The best theory is he collapsed due to a severe impact to the chest that stopped his heart, and this seems likely. But usually when that happens, once the heart is restarted, it stays beating and doesn't stop again, but Damar's did. This might mean he suffered more internal injury from the impact, or he's been living with heart condition and didn't know and the impact was just a fraction of what caused it.

A football/soccer player who suffered an on field heart attack named Christian Erickson was revived within 15 minutes, rushed to a nearby top grade cardiac centre and now plays on with a pacemaker fitted.

Prior to him a fellow named Francois Muamba was undergoing CPR and defib for 78 full minutes before he came back. I can't recall if it was the time and sheer scale of Defibs, or the nature of what made him collapse, but he could never return to play. He lived though.

Edit(credit to other commenters) Damar didn’t have a second collapse, which is great news and hopefully a huge positive sign for his recovery.


YakWish t1_j337gio wrote

His uncle misspoke when he said that Hamlin had to be resuscitated a second time. Current news is that his heart stopped the one time on the field and was restarted before he was put on the ambulance.


GreenEyedCat t1_j339qu9 wrote

Thank you for that clarification.

And, in which case, then yeah, hopefully that means he's looking at a full recovery.


Reyalla508 t1_j3461c3 wrote

If you’re referring to the report that he had to be resuscitated a second time at the hospital, the UCMC doctors confirmed that as a false report in their presser today. Once they got his heartbeat restored it stayed that way through the ambulance right and into the ICU. (Edit: sorry just saw someone else said this)


GreenEyedCat t1_j34o2g6 wrote

No need to apologise, you’re just trying to inform, j appreciate it all the same