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bingold49 t1_j32l1l5 wrote

Needed to hear this today, straight thought I watched someone die on Monday


ga-co t1_j32saga wrote

I was like 99% there. This is such good news. Can’t wait to see his reaction to how much money his toy drive raised.


jahSEEus t1_j332fhc wrote

It's a great thing, but almost a little insulting imo.

You're telling me I had to die for people to care about this?


ga-co t1_j332qxi wrote

There are a million charities and not all can be in the spotlight. This is one bright spot from an awful incident.


Geeseareawesome t1_j336grm wrote

Most people, like myself, probably hadn't heard about it until we heard what happened and had no idea who he was. Quick google search and internet forum creeping, more people hear about it, and choose to donate as a means of showing support.


Pristine-Ad-469 t1_j35bnkh wrote

People do care about it. There are other charities for the same cause and other charities in the spotlight. You can only give so much.

His charity is now in the spotlight and once he is more aware and realizes that the foundation he set up raised so much money and he has helped so many people, he’s going to be super happy! It’s nice to have some good come out of a bad situation


AndringRasew t1_j336z95 wrote

He very well could have. Had they taken any longer to administer CPR, had they not defibrillated him fast enough, had the ambulance been delayed.

He's one of the lucky ~50%.


RavenDarkholme084 t1_j33nk0w wrote

Facts^^^ I work in the icu and people who usually have a heart attack out in the field have such low chance of coming out of it intact. I’ve seen it so many times where they end up in our icu and yes they resuscitate them on the way but it’s too late… as an, there has been extensive brain damage due to not getting blood flow to the brain

That is why high quality cpr as soon as the heart stops and early defibrillation (if it’s a shockable rhythm) is important. The whole goal of cpr is to move blood that has oxygen to all the tissues (brain is the most important one). Kidneys may fail and have an acute injury but can make a relatively good recovery. Not the brain though. It’s good all was done within a timely manner


Emotional-Text7904 t1_j34390d wrote

Yeah, and a lot of people don't actually know how rarely CPR actually works. It's always worth it to try but sometimes like only 3% or some crazy low number are actually able to be resuscitated after needing CPR. But imo you always need to try and do your best and keep that hope


RavenDarkholme084 t1_j35z81v wrote

A lot of family members at the hospital are also shocked when I tell them doing CPR involves breaking the ribs but after I explain to them that the whole point of cpr is to pump blood through, and our heart is like a sponge and we need to get to that sponge to squeeze , reabsorb more blood, and squeeze again, just to move things through, they finally get it.


justpaisley t1_j33rhf6 wrote

Less than that probably! (Non-medical professional here.) I had read that the staff had proned him while he was on the vent to relieve stress on his lungs, and that if they do that, it's usually gotten to about the 30% survival zone. I'm relieved and amazed to hear about him being awake and responding. I really thought a best case scenario for this guy was going to be a persistent vegetative state.


RavenDarkholme084 t1_j35z05i wrote

The fact that they started cpr really fast and got him the medical help really quick helped a ton.

What I don’t understand is why they proned him. The only reason to prone people is if they are having issues staying oxygenated (even with the ventilator on the max amount of support settings they can do). Unless there is new evidence showing that proning somehow has positive outcomes in after the heart stops/has an arrhythmia? I haven’t heard about this yet unless we are behind on research. That is for the doctors to deal with. I just know we don’t normally prone unless they see a reason to. Some people may not even be stable enough to prone. It’s wild. Some you barely touch and their oxygen plummets. Those don’t generally make it though


gorgonopsidkid t1_j33bz1e wrote

And the officials wanted to keep playing the game after that smh


Courtaid t1_j33vaey wrote

This was and an unprecedented event. The Refs were following protocol for a game interruption. The coaches did the right thing, I’m fact everyone from the on air talent, to the NFL did the right thing.


WeedsInMyMind t1_j33ffr6 wrote

And the coaches told them to go pound sand.


wildcardscoop t1_j33ukst wrote

Yeah McDermott was not having it , there is a reason the players absolutely love him


DefinitionMission144 t1_j342c6v wrote

If you watch coach Taylor’s press conference from yesterday, he said there was no order to resume play. Everyone just kind of went back to the sidelines and wondered what the hell to do. Some guys started warming up, everyone was processing, and they talked and ended up going to locker rooms. They were all in shock, but there was no big angry referee trying to make them play.


Reyalla508 t1_j3458ju wrote

Yeah everyone acting like the evil NFL was standing over them like GET BACK OUT THERE when they actually were communicating and trying to hear it directly from those actually on the field. And when they did they said “ok, cool, no game” and called it. They did the right thing by listening to the coaches. That’s solid management really.


[deleted] t1_j32oyn5 wrote

Fucking ecstatic to hear any good news. I hope that also means Damar is having a chance to see the massive outpour of support everyone has been giving him.


laineDdednaHdeR t1_j32sk18 wrote

I would love to see his reaction finding out his charity that initially started that night at $2500 to reach over $5 million.


CaptainMacMillan t1_j331g3z wrote

At $7.3M right now, its getting a solid $1M per day at this point.


laineDdednaHdeR t1_j33e0fk wrote

That's so cool. I'm so glad he's pulling through. I can't remember the last time I've seen so much love from a large community like this.


EverybuddyToTheLimit t1_j38qmht wrote

I'm very happy for him and his family, but this shows the flaws of using private charity in lieu of codified structures of social welfare. This small organization tied to a small geographic area exploded with funds that all halfway houses, DV shelters, animal rescues, orphanages, environmental groups, etc. in the nation would kill for, but due to a freak accident, that one specific area gets the support while everywhere else has to keep trudging along under the yoke of neoliberal austerity, and hope for their own freak occurrence to get pulled from the mire I guess? Again, nothing against him, he seems to be a wonderful driven person, but it's a clear indictment of our ineffective patchwork system.


dgtlfnk t1_j33k87d wrote

> The news drew tweets of celebration from players around the NFL and beyond, including from President Joe Biden, who posted on Twitter: “Great news. Damar, like I told your mom and dad yesterday, Jill and I – along with all of America – are praying for you and your family.”

That part got me.


kms2547 t1_j32yuh8 wrote

In further good news, he is reportedly "neurologically intact". I don't know the exact specifics of what that means, but it sounds really encouraging.


Reyalla508 t1_j345iz1 wrote

From the press conference from UCMC doctors, sounds like he has movement in all extremities, reflexes good, and he could write with pen on paper. He asked “Did we win?” Which means he remembers who he is, what he does, and even that he was at a football game, which is remarkable.


Temperance10 t1_j32yg0p wrote

Between this and seeing Renner seemingly on the mend, today is a good day. So many of these stories go the opposite direction.


dgtlfnk t1_j33lxff wrote

Ken Block comes to mind. 😞 We are amazing creatures. Complex, resilient, and utterly adaptable. But still extremely fragile.


Estroyablue t1_j32qq71 wrote

I am not a football fan, but holy crap am I happy about this news. He has a long road of recovery but he will make it! Beyond happy!


EmpressElisa t1_j32k8uu wrote

Fantastic News!!
Speedy recovery to you!!


Brother_Clovis t1_j32up7b wrote

Jeeze, that's great! Based on the way people were talking, I thought for sure he was dead.


dgtlfnk t1_j33me3x wrote

It really felt like this wasn’t going to have a good ending. And he’s still not out of the woods. But dammit, man… modern medicine be cray.


bluesilvergold t1_j33r6xk wrote

Glad to hear. I'm also happy for the other guy who he tackled. I'm sure he's spent the last few days thinking he accidentally killed someone.


mnl_cntn t1_j32vwwb wrote

I don’t follow football at all and I heard about this. So glad he seems to be ok


renasissanceman6 t1_j33z3jv wrote

Yeah televised almost death does get most people’s attention.


fh3131 t1_j349n71 wrote

His family got a call from Biden a couple of days ago


inkwater t1_j32stdj wrote

Wonderful news!


Capt-Crap1corn t1_j335fog wrote

This is incredible news. Wait until he sees the support for him worldwide!


RemoteZealousideal84 t1_j337hhj wrote



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Foxodroid t1_j32xyxi wrote

I can't get over how the dude's name literally means destruction


jh937hfiu3hrhv9 t1_j33urkw wrote

That was the worst thing I have ever seen watching football. I had to step outside for some fresh air.


Galactus54 t1_j34893m wrote

"Did we win?" Yes, Damar, you won.


MeadowsofSun t1_j34y5gl wrote

I'm not a football fan, but I still teared up when I read this. This is fantastic!


Bwadaboss t1_j3511ns wrote

Awesome news. Not gonna lie ... Was fearing the worst on the field after that many mins of CPR and especially seeing his teammates reaction. 2nd chance at life. Happy for him and his family.


damargemirad t1_j361zq8 wrote

Glad to hear this! Damar’s represent!


IBOGANAUT t1_j32pa94 wrote

Is his career over or can he return to play next season? Anyone know?

Edit: if he makes a full recovery obviously.


evanc3 t1_j32q556 wrote

My guy, he just got out of a coma literally hours ago. He could be severely impaired or 100% fine. Literally impossible to know


IBOGANAUT t1_j32qqfe wrote

I'm asking if he's 100% fine and makes a full recovery, are there any rules in the NFL about playing with a heart condition. I know Cardinals' DE JJ Watt played with an irregular heartbeat last year.


evanc3 t1_j32rhqe wrote

If it was commotio cortis then I don't think he would be considered to have a heart condition. But we still have no idea if he does have something underlying. Some things are treatable or transient. Some aren't


newaccount721 t1_j33a9uu wrote

Yeah, even if he had nothing underlying though he might have permanent heart and or long damage. Regardless, it's fantastic he's made so much progress


Ba_Sing_Saint t1_j32s2fg wrote

> Cardinals’ DE JJ Watt

This will always look wrong to me. He’s a Houston Texan 100%


misterspokes t1_j32rrsx wrote

Teddy Bruschi had a stroke in 2005 and played for 2 more seasons.


OcelotOfTheForest t1_j32rwbt wrote

Yeah I was thinking that it would be down to what legal says. They might consider it to be too much of a liability.


thehelsabot t1_j32qc77 wrote

Really not important. Even if he was physically able to he might not want to continue. He’s alive and that’s amazing.


IBOGANAUT t1_j32rdzj wrote

No shit "He's alive and that's amazing". You still have a young guy that loves football, wanted a career, got his first start this year in a winning team and obviously wanted to negotiate a lucrative contract with a winning franchise. Yes, he could be re-thinking his whole life but my question is could he keep playing if he wanted to.


thehelsabot t1_j32s6jp wrote

Why would anyone here know that? Doctors probably don’t even understand the extent of the damage to his heart or brain. When your heart stop the muscles can atrophy quickly. Thankfully they were minutes from the UC medical facility which means health care was quick.


GosuBaller t1_j32vnyu wrote

Since for whatever reason the woke mob just can't seem to wrap their heads around what you're asking... I'll answer your question for you: currently there is no ruling or jurisdiction within the NFL that states players suffering from pre-existing conditions or underlying conditions may be barred from playing future games, however there is a little leeway there because obviously there's the scenario with concussion victims usually being held out another week to avoid further brain injury. Considering this was not a head trauma incident and is strictly related to him being struck in the chest with great force causing a cardiac arrest event... It's not the first time it's happened in professional sports but it's the first time it's happened in the NFL and there is no precedent for it so I would have to assume it would be up to him, his family doctors etc if you would like to play again. However the NFL would not be stopping him I don't think, not without at least some new clauses being written into effect.


renasissanceman6 t1_j33zgl9 wrote

Stop using woke as a slur. You just look dumb.

We all get it and hate this people but that word is never going to help you in any way.

Ignore me if you want. Just trying to help and make your life easier. Maybe just think of another way to say what you want to say. That word has lost all meaning.


GreenEyedCat t1_j333jj7 wrote

Given he suffered a second arrest/collapse its...hard to say, it complicates things. The best theory is he collapsed due to a severe impact to the chest that stopped his heart, and this seems likely. But usually when that happens, once the heart is restarted, it stays beating and doesn't stop again, but Damar's did. This might mean he suffered more internal injury from the impact, or he's been living with heart condition and didn't know and the impact was just a fraction of what caused it.

A football/soccer player who suffered an on field heart attack named Christian Erickson was revived within 15 minutes, rushed to a nearby top grade cardiac centre and now plays on with a pacemaker fitted.

Prior to him a fellow named Francois Muamba was undergoing CPR and defib for 78 full minutes before he came back. I can't recall if it was the time and sheer scale of Defibs, or the nature of what made him collapse, but he could never return to play. He lived though.

Edit(credit to other commenters) Damar didn’t have a second collapse, which is great news and hopefully a huge positive sign for his recovery.


YakWish t1_j337gio wrote

His uncle misspoke when he said that Hamlin had to be resuscitated a second time. Current news is that his heart stopped the one time on the field and was restarted before he was put on the ambulance.


GreenEyedCat t1_j339qu9 wrote

Thank you for that clarification.

And, in which case, then yeah, hopefully that means he's looking at a full recovery.


Reyalla508 t1_j3461c3 wrote

If you’re referring to the report that he had to be resuscitated a second time at the hospital, the UCMC doctors confirmed that as a false report in their presser today. Once they got his heartbeat restored it stayed that way through the ambulance right and into the ICU. (Edit: sorry just saw someone else said this)


GreenEyedCat t1_j34o2g6 wrote

No need to apologise, you’re just trying to inform, j appreciate it all the same


Nowhere____Man t1_j37rwr5 wrote

One source indicated his breathing is still assisted mechanically (presumably with a ventilator).

He has a million steps to go on his recovery with breathing on his own being one of them.

It's too early to speculate whether he'll play again or not.


scipio0421 t1_j35why7 wrote

This is great to hear. Now let's get rid of the barbaric sport.


renasissanceman6 t1_j33ym2e wrote

Cool. Now let’s all get back out there and continue to do and cheer for the exact thing that just did this to him!!!!!!