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dulce_3t_decorum_3st t1_j32zeay wrote

>Adamaruis Garcia, 21, returned home "in good health and condition" on Thursday, five days after she vanished, police said.

>No further explanation was shared regarding where she was while she was missing.


ravensept t1_j35l0k9 wrote

>No further explanation was shared regarding where she was while she was missing.

*Curiosity intensifies*


outamyhead t1_j38skfy wrote

I would be concerned about the lack of information of where she was, my sister disappeared for a day after going out to night club, she was abused by a POS she met at the club and didn't talk about what happened until a day or two afterwards.


flamingoeater t1_j33g7ve wrote

One time, I met a dude at the bank and proceeded to spend like three days at his place. Doing...things. Anywho, left and found my car with two parking tickets on it and went home and my roommate was like where were you? Lol I'm wondering if this was similar.


jazzpixie t1_j34j0ak wrote

My friend did the same, although he has a history of poor mental health so there was a massive police search and everything. Turns out he was just at a random house doing...things... and his phone had died


whitneyahn t1_j35bbaq wrote

I did this in high school. Skipped class for half a day to do… things, and came back to the cops.


jitterbug726 t1_j34p5a3 wrote

Yeah I’ve had too many benders in my 20s, this sounds like she decided to have a four day after party lol


PachinkoGear t1_j358ay7 wrote

It seems some people aren't familiar with the practice of continuing to drink in the mornings simply to fight off the hangover... then continuing to drink until they pass out... then drinking again in the morning to fight off the hangover... until you run out of money.

Apparently I have alcoholism.


Zarohk t1_j35pcib wrote

My parents’ first date apparently lasted three days. I don’t need any more details.

My own second date with my partner was a whole long weekend, but I did remember to move my car frequently enough to avoid tickets.


GettingBannedS00n t1_j33gejm wrote



flamingoeater t1_j33gr4m wrote

It was 20 years ago, my friend. I'm pretty over being shamed for my choices. Lol


ismphoto123 t1_j33x5m2 wrote

Given their comment history, i’m guessing they’re a kid. I read your comment and thought “same” haha


No-Gear-6423 t1_j344bnb wrote

If you had picked up a woman at the bank that commenter would certainly be congratulating you. Incels got it rough I guess 😔


TheMadTemplar t1_j34njh5 wrote

See, I thought you meant drugs. Then he goes ew and it clicks, "oh, they meant fucking." Lol


djmfsg t1_j33wdb4 wrote

Glad she’s ok Hopefully this was just one hell of a New Years Eve party gone on for days


lifeboy91 t1_j34qzv9 wrote

The acid was good.


diamp_a10 t1_j37j4ha wrote

Yeah that was probably one hell of a ride. Off the grid from your partner and family for four to five days at 21 starting on New Years Eve. There's a possible movie deal in the story of the days in-between.


lifeboy91 t1_j37kxzz wrote

I once took 2 tabs before going through airport security and ended up getting on the wrong plane lol.

That moment in realizing I had fucked up was like curtains dropping.

Coincidentally the same window seat was available and the lady didn’t properly check my boarding pass.

Poor lady got fired for it and I received a free ticket back home. Meanwhile, I’m tripping balls trying to explain to the flight attendants what had happen. Forgot English n shit…

Crazy time! (Spring ‘08)

(If you plan on taking acid in an airplane, get a window seat. Flying above an ocean of clouds… feels like lord baby Jesus Christ)


Kaotecc t1_j34ujrz wrote

I understand it’s personal but they never say why they were missing lol, I usually put that up to somebody running away from someone or other personal matters tho, plus it isn’t rlly any one’s business


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praderareal t1_j368jto wrote

Special K is a hell of a drug