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acdelli t1_j38m7zd wrote

I believe it can theoretically happen to anyone, but the conditions for it happening are very different for each person in terms of the force required, location of impact, etc. The hit that Damar took may not have triggered anything in someone with slightly thicker ribs, a slightly varied heart rate, etc.

Now if they find something like cardiomyopathy or something where his heart put him at a uniquely elevated risk for this to happen, you might be on to something. Either way, I’d be shocked if he plays again, I could see him on a coaching staff but I can’t imagine he didn’t sustain some sort of long term damage


One_Astronaut_483 t1_j393ko0 wrote

Will see, at least this case got a lot of attention and maybe some money will be thrown at this problem and at least some better absorption shielding in the heart region will be developed.