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Yalesly t1_j3nikrj wrote

Must be because of that poster I made about it in primary school.


bastienleblack OP t1_j3npxkv wrote

Good work, hero! They'll need to make a statue of you. Preferably out of recycled soda cans.


jaceapoc t1_j3ob2iu wrote

you should print this article, montage it next to the one you made in school and make a poster of the whole thing


KAYZEEARE t1_j3q3uy9 wrote

Let’s be honest, the planet doesn’t owe you a thank you, but your parent for the last minute walk greens trip that inadvertently saved human kind


Madmax1245 t1_j3moo5i wrote

See we can do things if we try


hamzer55 t1_j3nztbn wrote

The thing about the hole in the ozone was that the problem was obviously visible, the culprit was found and there were relatively easy solutions to replace it and deal with the situation. So yeah all the countries got together and got rid of it. It’s a rare situation of how the whole world agreed to a solution.


SilverNicktail t1_j3o9lrj wrote

There wasn't also a trillion-dollar industry willing to spend decades propagandising against fixing it.


TailDragger9 t1_j3oaqqg wrote

No, but there was (still is) a multi-billion-dollar industry which stood to make even more money by pivoting to the less-damaging chemicals.


Madmax1245 t1_j3o1jzc wrote

Now if only we could agree about the environment


wiseroldman t1_j3n9yro wrote

Too often people choose apathy over effort because of the doom and gloom mentality.


tandemxylophone t1_j3nxee4 wrote

Looked at the graph of ozone healing over time, it's pretty impressive. It took 20 years to U-turn the dip starting fro 2000, but now the progress is pointing to a linear healing. By 2040 you'll start getting a thin membrane on the hole that is a huge leap in improvement.


grndslm t1_j3pb9lh wrote

So then global cooling is going to end life as we know it?!


jaceapoc t1_j3obacc wrote

So how will space rockets and satellites travel to space once it's closed? Did they even think about this


Synthesis00 t1_j3owxfj wrote

I think they made a decision nobody and nothing will ever go to space anymore.


Hastatus_107 t1_j3oygw4 wrote

We should wait until Musk and Bezos are up before it's shut.


climbercgy t1_j3pfjy2 wrote

Musk is designing an ozone zipper to get through it


granolaandyogurt t1_j3nz5lc wrote

what's interesting is that china still makes Styrofoam the bad way, the illegal way, the way that depletes the ozone.


superhot42 t1_j3q0w8t wrote

You can’t really tell China what to do because their government is fucking insane and literally only cares about themselves…

Sucks a lot…


nicky9499 t1_j3q6szg wrote

of course. they've been proudly holding Worst Citizen Award for the past few decades.


Elipses_ t1_j3ozhrb wrote

It's always fun to come into this sub, and see the pinned post specifically telling people to take the negativity elsewhere, and then scroll down furthur and see the negative comments just... sitting there.

At least the headline is nice. Tech continues to advance, evidence continues to become impossible to ignore, eventually humanity WILL get a handle on climate change. I firmly believe it.


69Bandit t1_j3olkxx wrote

yay, weather news that doesnt make me want to build a bunker


DarkDracoPad t1_j3p6s0z wrote

Genuine question, might be a bit dumb/ ELI5 but does that mean when the layer heals winters and summers are going to get colder? Or is the impact on the average country/city not going to be noticeable


trapbuilder2 t1_j3pk87t wrote

The Ozone layer doesn't significantly affect temperature. It affects how much solar radiation reaches us, the hole closing will reduce skin cancer rates


DarkDracoPad t1_j3plrlv wrote

Thank you! That's a bigger win than I initially thought haha


batsoupseller t1_j3qbw4q wrote

I might be mistaken, but doesn’t the amount of solar/shortwave radiation that reaches us impact the amount of long wave radiation that is absorbed by the earths surface? In that case wouldn’t lowering solar radiation reaching earths surface cause slight temperature drops?


trapbuilder2 t1_j3qdrfh wrote

I'm no expert, but I think the change would be negligible


KbbbbNZ t1_j3qa2cl wrote

Basically those of us in NZ might get less cancer.


LingoJam69 t1_j63xwyn wrote

i hope so, it’d be nice to have some 80 degree weather this summer and get some yard work done


Polandgod75 t1_j3o1ymw wrote

Well greenhouse and too munch carbon is flooding places, having more extreme weather, etc but we atleast we have an Ozone layer.

But seriously it nice that with the right effort and planning we can fix our mistake.


TheMadBug t1_j3q111r wrote

Sad to see the number of people that don’t know the difference between holes in the ozone layer (caused by CFCs - where a hole in the ozone layer lets through more skin cancer causing UV rays)


Climate change (caused by greenhouse gases such as CO2, methane etc - produced by many industries in large quantities)

The first one (per the article) is actually getting better due to global action to reduce CFCs (yay less skin cancer, esp for those south on the globe).

The second is still getting worse.

Importantly, the ozone issue shows we can identify a problem and fix it. This is a great example of why we should listen to scientists.


PhilosophicWax t1_j3ojgyy wrote

Sincere question: so then what's causing more rapid global warming?


Gilgamesh72 t1_j3orc1e wrote

Greenhouse gasses that trap heat


WikiSummarizerBot t1_j3ordoi wrote

Greenhouse gas

>A greenhouse gas (GHG or GhG) is a gas that absorbs and emits radiant energy within the thermal infrared range, causing the greenhouse effect. The primary greenhouse gases in Earth's atmosphere are water vapor (H2O), carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4), nitrous oxide (N2O), and ozone (O3). Without greenhouse gases, the average temperature of Earth's surface would be about −18 °C (0 °F), rather than the present average of 15 °C (59 °F). The atmospheres of Venus, Mars and Titan also contain greenhouse gases.

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Cyampagn90 t1_j3nzm1y wrote

Why would the evil scientist agenda publish consistent improvements on this subject if they are just doomsayers who want us enslaved to the global elite?


zepharoz t1_j3q1l3a wrote

Ozone repaired, but global temperatures still rising at crazy rates. By the time it's fully repaired, who knows how high sea levels will be, or if polar ice caps is still a thing, or if fishing is still sustainable, or if there's enough trees after all the forest fires, or if mega storms haven't ravaged all the coastal cities.

But on the brighter side, there's hope that we can fix this.


gelfbride73 t1_j3pf1xd wrote

This is encouraging. I remember the 80s vividly and the hole in the ozone layer.


mountednoble99 t1_j3pt2pb wrote

This is what happens when Gen X decides not to follow in the footsteps of baby boomers (I’m an xennial)


Fizzletoe t1_j3pz4ia wrote

I gave up my Final-Net hairspray for the Ozone...did my part


MavriKhakiss t1_j3ogyav wrote

Edit; removing my negative comment. ;-;


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jumboparticle t1_j3or07l wrote

I wonder if people would believe scientists today or would call it a left wing conspiracy.


TheWrecklessFlamingo t1_j3p60jf wrote

Who the fuck cares we fixed it long ago but the current problem we just keep ignoring it! Previous accomplishments are worth jack shit if we fuck up the planet in another way


snifflyrat t1_j3phv1p wrote

idk man I live in New Zealand and if this means eventually I'll be able to go outside for more than 10 minutes during summer without getting burned I'll be sooooo happy.


melissanotmellisa t1_j3pocye wrote

I hope this info isn’t spread around. Just an excuse for people to be assholes to the Earth even more than they already are


bastienleblack OP t1_j3qa4n2 wrote

Only if they are willing to agree globally to ban the industrial practices that cause the problems, like they did with the ozone and CFCs. This is a positive story because it shows that real change is possible if people and governments act.


malkumecks t1_j3pva9c wrote

They told us in the 80’s that it couldn’t regenerate itself. The hole there would remain forever.


DarkGengar94 t1_j3q7upg wrote

I don't by this, why are winters seemingly colder and summers seemingly hotter each year if the ozone is healing?


bastienleblack OP t1_j3q9xn3 wrote

The ozone layer protects us from UV radiation (and thus skin cancer, etc), its basically sunscreen for Earth. The changing climate is caused by 'greenhouse gassess' (such as carbon dioxide, methane) filling the upper atmosphere. Like how an oveecast cloudy night in winter will be warmer than a clear sky, the gasses trap the heat on the surface, and that builds up over time.


Fonky_Fesh t1_j3qckgy wrote

Didn't they figure out a while ago that the ozone hole was being caused by solar wind?


bastienleblack OP t1_j3qei4d wrote

There was some research in the 00s about solar winds depleting the ozone layer. But that was a separate thing from the human/CFC caused ozone issues. Solar winds can deplete the upper levels of the ozone, but the main part of the ozone layer are the lower levels (making up 80%+ of it), which are the ones damaged by us, and aren't affected by solar winds.

The solar winds research was interesting for explaining why some measurements didn't match predictions, but they weren't particularly related to the harmful effects of ozone damage.


iXat_ t1_j3qgoep wrote

Ok now im confused. I thought the Earth's climate change is going to be irreversible or something?


bastienleblack OP t1_j3qjouc wrote

The hole and the ozone layer, and climate change are two different issues. The UN and World leaders made an agreement in the late 80s to stop industries using the harmful chemicals that were damaging the ozone and leading to more people getting cancer.

After 30 years of not using them, we've started to see the hole repair itself, and in another 40 years it could be back to normal. So, if current governments were to come together and take action on climate change we could see a positive difference. But yeah, because of how big a deal the whole "climate" is, some of thowe changes will be irreversible. Once ice caps melt, they're not coming back, until there's another ice age!


Tankeverket t1_j3qj3zp wrote

but it's also very easily undone which, let's be honest, will happen because we suck


Partucero69 t1_j3pc0je wrote

Why? How? We barely done shit at all.


bahumat42 t1_j3pw3dr wrote

For the ozone layer?

Yeah they did loads. They (being a large amount of world leaders) banned the substances that were causing it from being used, they were used in everything from aerosols to fridges called cfcs

This was done in 1987 as part of the Montreal agreement. And unlike the Paris accords people followed through progress was made and the world was made slightly better.


Hascus t1_j3odwk8 wrote

How will this affect global warming?


printzonic t1_j3oi6lf wrote

Not at all. But significantly fewer people with get skin cancer.


Ineludible_Ruin t1_j3oxydo wrote

But I thought if we didn't dramatically change things now that we were doomed?


bahumat42 t1_j3pwj06 wrote

You're thinking about climate change, which is still a looming existential threat.

This would have worsened/quickened that and also causes increased skin cancer rates.

So this is a win. Bur we need to be vigilant.


Ineludible_Ruin t1_j3qrcqm wrote

Wasn't there a hole in it at some point that's already closed up?


bahumat42 t1_j3qvjze wrote

This is that hole, it's closing not closed


Hxbib t1_j3pqyjs wrote



rustys_shackled_ford t1_j3nt8d6 wrote

Looks like we can stop throwing soup at paintings and blocking rush hour traffic guys. Good job. We did it.

Narrator: they in fact, had not "did it'


sirscrote t1_j3ofkhh wrote

I am no scientist but what if repairing the ozone is what is causing the green house warm up?


chobbo t1_j3ptf1j wrote

But mah global warmings


mcsmackington t1_j3o9cj6 wrote

Because of what? The Eastern world is the biggest problem with pollution. Us planning to ban cars hasnt benefitted anything yet. America is bad with pollution (really the companies are) but we actually have EVP laws in place unlike a lot of other countries that we're now buying more oil from because of the price increase to drill on federal land.


bookthiefj0 t1_j3pgz51 wrote

Individual household carbon footprint of a single American is much higher than an Asian/African household. Get off your high horse.


meowtothemeow t1_j3pbdm6 wrote

I think we are doing better, and just starting to care (now that it’s profitable smh)

Tesla and other EV brands are taking one CO2 emitting car off the road with every new purchase. The world seems to also be follow suit. It might seem insignificant but sales are staggering and it’s picking up. It’s not the only issue, but it’s a big one. Same with refining oil, the less needed, the less pollution from drilling, refining, transporting, and burning it at the end user.

Now once we lean heavy into solar for energy generation we will really be doing great. Hydro, wind, nuclear. The future is looking good. Hopefully we can get some snow on the east coast again sometime!


mcsmackington t1_j3rw0f8 wrote

While a lot of the world is following along, the corporations will just move to the countries that don't have these laws. Eastern Asia, Middle East, and Africa. It really just controls the people and creates a bigger cap between the rich and the poor.


meowtothemeow t1_j3tn81o wrote

That is unfortunate, I agree. However at least it won’t happen in our country where our kids live since we tried to change it. I hope most can follow but I’m sure they won’t.


SFWaccount87 t1_j3mkf2b wrote

Not if Republicans take over Office. They will fight tooth and nail to open it back up.


TastyCartographer630 t1_j3n7pqj wrote

The healing of the ozone layer was due to a global effort, not just an American one, and had been steadily improving for over 30 years now


Extension-Ad-2760 t1_j3nh5k6 wrote

Come on. It's true that republican governments are definitely worse for the environments, but not to that extent, and it's unnecessary to introduce such bipartisan politics to this subreddit.


hamzer55 t1_j3o02ds wrote

Not really, it was a rare problem where everyone globally agreed to a solution to the problem


CodyEngel t1_j3nj2a1 wrote

I dunno, they are all for building walls and closing things up.


Eveelution07 t1_j3nnsq4 wrote

I mean, I'm sure people's carbon footprint goes up once in America. Maybe the wall is saving the planet


Simply_Epic t1_j3pzp6i wrote

Republicans don’t really have a stake in CFCs, so I don’t think we have to worry about them on this particular issue.


k4ndlej4ck t1_j3o4uce wrote

A hole in the ozone which we've known about since the 80's will still take decades to close, and republican morons will use this same article as proof that climate change is bs.