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Joseluki t1_j3s8qy0 wrote

Sure, invest in a S&P, then one year of recession with a loss of a huge chunk of your retirement savings, then boom, your ass working at walmart with 70 years.


xybet t1_j3s9g80 wrote

Yeah I mean.. that's literally investing.. There aren't many things you can invest in that are guaranteed profit... its a risk you take when investing. You can also put that money in to your normal savings account which will maybe keep up with the inflation %.


Joseluki t1_j3sf9wl wrote

The joys of capitalism, gamble your money and risk losing, or work until you die.



xybet t1_j3sj35m wrote

Or you can give it to your government for safekeeping, and receive 50% of what you've invested because most of it was used to pay other peoples pension and now the government cant afford yours.

Or just keep it at a normal bank account that caters inflation keeping your money somewhat 1:1.

Or invest and lose it all.

Or invest and ten-fold it all.

The difference is that in one of the countries the first choise is FORCED, and in one of the countries you can choose.

The joys of capitalism and freedom of choice.


Joseluki t1_j3sl1ru wrote

Yeah, is working so well in the USA with people working till they die.


xybet t1_j3smx5a wrote

Damn thats awful. You should totally move to Finland, no one has ever died or worked here!