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ReasonablyBadass t1_j3wia9u wrote

How long will it last? Will some of the water fill aquifers?


is0ph OP t1_j3wqeuu wrote

The frogs will fill back their water bubble where they will remain for years until the next rain or flood.


account_not_valid t1_j4119kf wrote

Damn Tiddalik! Drinking all the water and not leaving any for the other animals.

Bring in the dancing snake!


Livefox96 t1_j3ws76d wrote

Some of it will. The rest of it will quickly be used by farmers to water fields because they're allowed to use way too much water


AcerRubrum t1_j3xuryz wrote

There's no farms near Alice Springs. It's surrounded by desert for hundreds of kilometers on all sides.


diagnosedwolf t1_j3yt3l0 wrote

Of course there are. There’s Yambah Station, and a bunch of other farms around the town. Cattle and stuff, I think. Definitely camels.