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Tiddlyplinks t1_j4ef8rj wrote

How long have they been trying?


ToberOct OP t1_j4efwue wrote

1973 was the first time women's soccer was organized in Ireland. 1991 was the first FIFA Women's World Cup.


AlanFromRochester t1_j4gdyog wrote

The (English) Football Association in 1921 banned women from playing at the stadiums of its mens clubs, a lot of other countries followed suit, and that wasn't lifted til 1971, so it sadly makes sense it took til 1973 to get a womens team organized


fuckincaillou t1_j4ggf72 wrote

Wait, so women couldn't even make their own sports teams or even use the same stadiums as men?? That's fucked up


AlanFromRochester t1_j4ggvvb wrote

Some womens soccer teams still existed but they had to play elsewhere such as fields intended for other sports. of course it was limited and that was as you say fucked up.


Get_Timmyd t1_j4gqf48 wrote

It was worse with the GAA women teams weren't even allowed train on the men's GAA pitches, they actually ended up training on the soccer pitches. Especially camogie


[deleted] t1_j4haz7j wrote



Get_Timmyd t1_j4kc1q8 wrote

I've only ever heard it through word of mouth, but from different people around the country. Also it wasn't a rule just GAA clubs being asses


IHkumicho t1_j4go8ft wrote

Well, you know their uteruses might fall out...


DesignInZeeWild t1_j4mkpu7 wrote

Fun fact: I turned 50 this past weekend. Born in 1973. And as I’ve realized - that’s an f’ing long time.