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Lawlor90 t1_j4fe6x9 wrote

Do you know if the extra tickets on sale? My sister is there and wants to get some. Supposedly from the original ~42,000 Irish supporters were only given 1700. I get it's Australia and they are hosting it, it being the first game and that. But that's terrible allocation. Major tournaments should be 50/50


tourabsurd t1_j4ff6h4 wrote

As a non-sportsball person, how would a ticket seller know whom you support?


Lawlor90 t1_j4ffq44 wrote

In this case as it's the world cup, fifa give a certain amount of tickets to each country to sell. So the fai is Irelands football association only got 1700 tickets to sell. You have to have an account with them to buy one. The other 40,000 either went to the Australian football association or more than likely half of that 40k given to officials (ie FIFAs mates). You can absolutely try get tickets from else where and they won't know who you support. It's not a way to know who supports who, it's a way to make the tickets available for the countries that are playing in that match. Makes more sense for Irish and Australian fans to get tickets than a french or German who aren't playing that game.


tourabsurd t1_j4fgr7d wrote

Ah, I see. I guess I just know so many Irish people who have moved to Australia this didn't make sense. Thanks!


AlanFromRochester t1_j4ggd1j wrote

It's common in soccer to sell supporters of different teams seats in separate sections, a group of tickets sold by the visiting team which mainly their fans would have access to and so on. This would avoid conflict with fans of other teams, and it could be fun to concentrate the most enthusiastic supporters of your team. Not sure how big of an issue that is for the womens world cup but it is a general tradition in the sport


noworries_13 t1_j4gd43x wrote

You can just say you aren't into sports. No needs to say sportsball