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nifkin420 t1_j4fogcp wrote

No, the GAA promotes traditionally Irish games like hurling, camogie, gaelic football, etc. The FAI is what you’re thinking of.

Edit: ok cool downvote me even though I fucking live there lol


DesignInZeeWild t1_j4gr3fm wrote

I’m upvoting you and now Googling what camogie is.

Edit: For those wondering, it looks like lacrosse. (I couldn’t tell you the difference unfortunately). Anyway here’s the (mobile) link for easy reference:


Majorapat t1_j4gwc2x wrote

To be fair, due to the historical record of Hurling / Camogie dating back to the 5th century, you could argue that it should be said, that Lacrosse is like Hurling/Camogie.

Here's a match on youtube if you fancy a watch


KingWrong t1_j4hfja3 wrote

calling football gaa is pretty common. that or bogball


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mikehoncho9 t1_j4fw12w wrote

I'm Irish and call it soccer


Cullly t1_j4fyaus wrote

Both are correct in Ireland.

  • Tá mé ag imirt sacair: refers to OPs type of Football (Soccer/Association Football/whatever).
  • Tá mé ag imirt peile: refers to Gaelic Football specifically.

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Cullly t1_j4fzmaf wrote

It's not Americanisation.

Our word for that sport in Irish is literally "Sacar" (pronounced Soccer), and always has been.

Both Football and Soccer are used interchangably here for that sport.

Gaelic Football is also mostly just called Football.


bigthickdaddy3000 t1_j4fzt2q wrote

Americanisation? Pretty sure the UK is the only English speaking nation that calls football, football everywhere else it's soccer lol


Cullly t1_j4fzdvs wrote

Soccer is often referred to as Soccer OR Football here. There is no one or the other. It is and always will be referred to both here.

"Football" also means Gaelic Football. It depends who is saying it.

Also, Why are you people saying "there". Do you not live in Ireland?


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Cullly t1_j4g0eex wrote

> I had never heard anyone in Ireland refer to it as soccer except when laughing at Americans for calling it that.

That's just your group then.

Go here:

Guess what? all refer to it as soccer.

What's the word in Irish for it? "Sacar".

How the fuck did you ever live in Ireland thinking that is isn't called soccer here.

It's commonly called both.

EDIT: also if you watch the Six One news every day, they almost exclusively call it Soccer there too.

EDIT2: lol they deleted it because they realised how wrong they were.


Cullly t1_j4fxz4d wrote

Not really, I've lived here for 45 years and you have to know by context. Either word is used interchangeably here and always was. Where you live changes it a bit too.

GAA doesn't mean football. Hurling, Handball, Rounders, and Camogie are GAA, but not Football. Football in GAA specifically means Gaelic Football, but you knew that.

If the person is a GAA follower, then you can safely assume "football" is Gaelic Football.

If the person is not a GAA fan, then you can safely assume "football" is Soccer.

And to anyone else who doesn't know, the Irish word for this type of football is "Sacar", pronounced "Soccer", so it's not shunned as it is in England.


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Dr_Moustachio t1_j4fr9fz wrote

Nah man when we say football we mean football, as in soccer. No one here calls it "soccer", you'd get funny looks if you did


DroppedD94 t1_j4fs13r wrote

It completely depends on your circle. I would call it soccer because I don't watch it at all and grew up on gaa and rugby. But I have friends that call it football.


Cullly t1_j4fyq09 wrote

You are right. I was brought up on Liverpool/Man Utd/Premier League and I always called it Football because that's what I always heard on TV and it just feels normal.

However, Soccer also feels normal because "Sacar" is our word in Irish for it.

Any people I know that like Rugby/GAA. If they say Football, I know it means Gaelic Football. I've heard either word be used all over for the past 40+ years, so there's no one or the other.


dontknowmuch487 t1_j4ft5ut wrote

Are you a dub by any chance? For most of the island (except unionist areas in the north) if you said I am away to play/watch football it's more likely GAA


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dontknowmuch487 t1_j4gb5jl wrote

That's just not true at all. Townies say football for soccer, most of the rest of the country say football referring to GAA


Cullly t1_j4fyf50 wrote

You are wrong. Many people in Ireland refer to it as Soccer.

Literally our word in Irish for it is "Sacar"


anomalyraven t1_j4fwih3 wrote

Off topic. But I can't help think of soccer as sock her.