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jools4you t1_j4fq0e2 wrote

It's a Irish publication we (people living in Ireland) are very aware that it is the Football World Cup due to all the talk over the last while. I admit if u don't live in Ireland it might not nake sense. But as I said its a Irish publication aimed at the Irish Market.


RuggerJibberJabber t1_j4ft5j3 wrote

I'd hardly have knowledge of Irish women's various "world cup" accomplishments if I wasn't Irish...

Edit: dunno why this is getting downvoted. The comment above implied I wasn't Irish so I pointed out that I obviously am...


UpYourFidelity t1_j4g79fn wrote

I wish American news outlets put American before football so I knew they meant American football and not association


Majorapat t1_j4gvsxk wrote

it's a funny name for a game they spend most of their time with a ball in their hands aint it.