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Dr_Moustachio t1_j4fr9fz wrote


DroppedD94 t1_j4fs13r wrote

It completely depends on your circle. I would call it soccer because I don't watch it at all and grew up on gaa and rugby. But I have friends that call it football.


Cullly t1_j4fyq09 wrote

You are right. I was brought up on Liverpool/Man Utd/Premier League and I always called it Football because that's what I always heard on TV and it just feels normal.

However, Soccer also feels normal because "Sacar" is our word in Irish for it.

Any people I know that like Rugby/GAA. If they say Football, I know it means Gaelic Football. I've heard either word be used all over for the past 40+ years, so there's no one or the other.


dontknowmuch487 t1_j4ft5ut wrote

Are you a dub by any chance? For most of the island (except unionist areas in the north) if you said I am away to play/watch football it's more likely GAA


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dontknowmuch487 t1_j4gb5jl wrote

That's just not true at all. Townies say football for soccer, most of the rest of the country say football referring to GAA


Cullly t1_j4fyf50 wrote

You are wrong. Many people in Ireland refer to it as Soccer.

Literally our word in Irish for it is "Sacar"


anomalyraven t1_j4fwih3 wrote

Off topic. But I can't help think of soccer as sock her.