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Cullly t1_j4fyaus wrote

Both are correct in Ireland.

  • Tá mé ag imirt sacair: refers to OPs type of Football (Soccer/Association Football/whatever).
  • Tá mé ag imirt peile: refers to Gaelic Football specifically.

[deleted] t1_j4fxalk wrote



Cullly t1_j4fzmaf wrote

It's not Americanisation.

Our word for that sport in Irish is literally "Sacar" (pronounced Soccer), and always has been.

Both Football and Soccer are used interchangably here for that sport.

Gaelic Football is also mostly just called Football.


bigthickdaddy3000 t1_j4fzt2q wrote

Americanisation? Pretty sure the UK is the only English speaking nation that calls football, football everywhere else it's soccer lol