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StevenTM t1_j4giquq wrote

Yes. I'm also aware that the women's football industry is worth £500m in Europe, to men's £25.1 billion, so 2% as much. It's literally a clerical error in the grand scheme of things. I'm not saying this is right/just/fair (it's neither of those things), but it is the current state of things.


Tlou3please t1_j4j74we wrote

Football is still the biggest sport though. Both are football.


StevenTM t1_j4k2g7z wrote

So? Women's football isn't the biggest spectator sport in the world

I'm going to be glad when it gets to the point that tennis is at and we can just omit the "women's" when v discussing it (you don't need to say "Serena Williams won the gold medal in women's doubles in tennis", for instance), but I'm really not sure what pretending we're already there brings us


Tlou3please t1_j4k4ifw wrote

Who's pretending anything? It's literally objectively the same sport. You're the one making the distinction between men's and women's here.