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imapassenger1 t1_j4es6l5 wrote

Will the Melbourne Cricket Ground be hosting? Only holds up to 100 000 people though...


RuggerJibberJabber t1_j4fe5x9 wrote

The title should really specify the sport because the Irish women have been to numerous world cups in other disciplines.


Lawlor90 t1_j4fe6x9 wrote

Do you know if the extra tickets on sale? My sister is there and wants to get some. Supposedly from the original ~42,000 Irish supporters were only given 1700. I get it's Australia and they are hosting it, it being the first game and that. But that's terrible allocation. Major tournaments should be 50/50


Lawlor90 t1_j4ffq44 wrote

In this case as it's the world cup, fifa give a certain amount of tickets to each country to sell. So the fai is Irelands football association only got 1700 tickets to sell. You have to have an account with them to buy one. The other 40,000 either went to the Australian football association or more than likely half of that 40k given to officials (ie FIFAs mates). You can absolutely try get tickets from else where and they won't know who you support. It's not a way to know who supports who, it's a way to make the tickets available for the countries that are playing in that match. Makes more sense for Irish and Australian fans to get tickets than a french or German who aren't playing that game.


ice3 t1_j4fg3w0 wrote

The word Football wasn’t mentioned once in the title


pickypawz t1_j4fi8l2 wrote

That’s awesome, congratulations to them!


susan-of-nine t1_j4fjqz9 wrote

Lol, I like how the title sounds like it's just a Team of Women, qualified for Women's Cup. No sports, just general Women's Games, a global celebration of womanhood. :P


phate101 t1_j4fk1po wrote

It’s not a huge deal but.. it’s “Ireland”, not “Republic of Ireland”


Anonymous_user_2022 t1_j4fmug2 wrote

Am I the only one to be bothered by journalists acting like soccer is the default sport?


nifkin420 t1_j4fogcp wrote

No, the GAA promotes traditionally Irish games like hurling, camogie, gaelic football, etc. The FAI is what you’re thinking of.

Edit: ok cool downvote me even though I fucking live there lol


StevenTM t1_j4fotmp wrote

They omit "football" when they're discussing the popular version in the context of world championships of men's football.

The article title is at least less ambiguous, because it says "Ireland World Cup opener" - clearly discussing the most popular sport in Ireland, which is football. Most people outside Ireland don't have the faintest clue what the most popular women's sport in Ireland is.


tchiseen t1_j4foubt wrote

Look I don't want to be negative about the Irish team, but I think the reason why there's more interest in this game is because this is the ONLY group game that the Australian national team is playing in Sydney - I imagine many of the fans attending this game will be cheering for the home team.

This article is taking a bit of liberty:

>Should the match be moved to the Accor Stadium, the game would be played in front of the second biggest crowd in Women's World Cup history.

This is kind of assuming that the stadium sells out.

As a Sydney-sider, the smaller stadium is actually much better than the bigger one, it's much easier to get to for one, and it's purpose built for footyball, the big one is a track and field stadium. I wouldn't be surprised if they actually sell the same number or even fewer tickets if they move the game to homebush.


jools4you t1_j4fq0e2 wrote

It's a Irish publication we (people living in Ireland) are very aware that it is the Football World Cup due to all the talk over the last while. I admit if u don't live in Ireland it might not nake sense. But as I said its a Irish publication aimed at the Irish Market.


aontachtai t1_j4fqq34 wrote

You're wrong.

Whilst the country is Éire (or Ireland), the team is not.

The women's football team representing Éire is The Republic of Ireland's Women's National Team.

Which is useful considering there are two countries located on the island of Ireland.

The Northern Ireland Women's National Team represents Northern Ireland.

Perhaps you are confused by the badge? But best to be correct before you tell others they are wrong.


aontachtai t1_j4fqtq7 wrote

I wonder what pro-terrorist songs they'll sing it this time?


RuggerJibberJabber t1_j4ft5j3 wrote

I'd hardly have knowledge of Irish women's various "world cup" accomplishments if I wasn't Irish...

Edit: dunno why this is getting downvoted. The comment above implied I wasn't Irish so I pointed out that I obviously am...


amish__ t1_j4fwtnx wrote

Great they qualified by lets not kid ourselves that the demand for tickets has anything to do with their presence. It's the opening game against the home team...


Cullly t1_j4fxz4d wrote

Not really, I've lived here for 45 years and you have to know by context. Either word is used interchangeably here and always was. Where you live changes it a bit too.

GAA doesn't mean football. Hurling, Handball, Rounders, and Camogie are GAA, but not Football. Football in GAA specifically means Gaelic Football, but you knew that.

If the person is a GAA follower, then you can safely assume "football" is Gaelic Football.

If the person is not a GAA fan, then you can safely assume "football" is Soccer.

And to anyone else who doesn't know, the Irish word for this type of football is "Sacar", pronounced "Soccer", so it's not shunned as it is in England.


Cullly t1_j4fyaus wrote

Both are correct in Ireland.

  • Tá mé ag imirt sacair: refers to OPs type of Football (Soccer/Association Football/whatever).
  • Tá mé ag imirt peile: refers to Gaelic Football specifically.

xwingx t1_j4fyibd wrote

Congrats Ireland! Cheers from Vietnam, our girls are first time in wc too.


Cullly t1_j4fyq09 wrote

You are right. I was brought up on Liverpool/Man Utd/Premier League and I always called it Football because that's what I always heard on TV and it just feels normal.

However, Soccer also feels normal because "Sacar" is our word in Irish for it.

Any people I know that like Rugby/GAA. If they say Football, I know it means Gaelic Football. I've heard either word be used all over for the past 40+ years, so there's no one or the other.


Cullly t1_j4fzdvs wrote

Soccer is often referred to as Soccer OR Football here. There is no one or the other. It is and always will be referred to both here.

"Football" also means Gaelic Football. It depends who is saying it.

Also, Why are you people saying "there". Do you not live in Ireland?


Cullly t1_j4fzmaf wrote

It's not Americanisation.

Our word for that sport in Irish is literally "Sacar" (pronounced Soccer), and always has been.

Both Football and Soccer are used interchangably here for that sport.

Gaelic Football is also mostly just called Football.


Cullly t1_j4g0eex wrote

> I had never heard anyone in Ireland refer to it as soccer except when laughing at Americans for calling it that.

That's just your group then.

Go here:

Guess what? all refer to it as soccer.

What's the word in Irish for it? "Sacar".

How the fuck did you ever live in Ireland thinking that is isn't called soccer here.

It's commonly called both.

EDIT: also if you watch the Six One news every day, they almost exclusively call it Soccer there too.

EDIT2: lol they deleted it because they realised how wrong they were.


LakiL_ t1_j4g27td wrote

Whoever was eliminated probably doesn't consider this uplifting news.


6byfour t1_j4g2y7k wrote

Just got back from Ireland. Nicest people. Hope they win.


XRPEE_PEE t1_j4g6byj wrote

Incredible demand - nobody could believe there's such demand.


Chronox2040 t1_j4gc5bl wrote

Just here to say that this is a terrible thread title and I don’t even know what discipline they are talking about.


htx4view t1_j4gctx8 wrote

I had no idea there was a woman’s World Cup


AlanFromRochester t1_j4gdyog wrote

The (English) Football Association in 1921 banned women from playing at the stadiums of its mens clubs, a lot of other countries followed suit, and that wasn't lifted til 1971, so it sadly makes sense it took til 1973 to get a womens team organized


AlanFromRochester t1_j4ggd1j wrote

It's common in soccer to sell supporters of different teams seats in separate sections, a group of tickets sold by the visiting team which mainly their fans would have access to and so on. This would avoid conflict with fans of other teams, and it could be fun to concentrate the most enthusiastic supporters of your team. Not sure how big of an issue that is for the womens world cup but it is a general tradition in the sport


StevenTM t1_j4giquq wrote

Yes. I'm also aware that the women's football industry is worth £500m in Europe, to men's £25.1 billion, so 2% as much. It's literally a clerical error in the grand scheme of things. I'm not saying this is right/just/fair (it's neither of those things), but it is the current state of things.


punxcs t1_j4gnc5b wrote

The qualifier they won at hameden was the highest attended women’s game there ever. It was actually very nice being there, lots of families and none of the trouble.


MotherLandLad t1_j4gxlp9 wrote

The post didn't say what event it is but when I saw two women embracing, I thought it has to be wrestling.

I guess I better read the link.


pineappleninjas t1_j4hwa9c wrote

Positive comments only or else. Ahhh, I love democracy.


OrigamiMax t1_j4i09j7 wrote

Which sport is this talking about? Not clear from the title.


InterestedObserver20 t1_j4i7uct wrote

Errr I think the fact the game is being played in Australia and is also being played against Australia in the opening game of the tournament is buried a bit by the headline.


Madmax1245 t1_j4i9v3b wrote

National team for what?

What sort of headline doesn’t even include the sport


StevenTM t1_j4k2g7z wrote

So? Women's football isn't the biggest spectator sport in the world

I'm going to be glad when it gets to the point that tennis is at and we can just omit the "women's" when v discussing it (you don't need to say "Serena Williams won the gold medal in women's doubles in tennis", for instance), but I'm really not sure what pretending we're already there brings us


Ripcord t1_j4lgimv wrote

This isn't a democracy.

It's a subreddit run by specific people with specific rules, and you are under no obligation to comment anything. It's intended to be a place where people actually try to be positive or at least not negative for a change. Which is a nice little island in a massive sea of negativity on all the other subs.

If you can't resist being pessimistic for a little bit, this isn't the place for you.