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Stunning_Ad_7062 t1_j4lsdzn wrote

Any amount of effort when depressed is hard. Seek therapy it’s the only true help


TheRomanRuler t1_j4lz6dg wrote

Yeah. In suicide watch, apparently as people start to improve, it may at first increase risk of suicide. Thats because they finally have motivation and energy to end it all. Which is...dark.


Scarlet109 t1_j4oij2w wrote

Having a reliable support system is essential


HaikuBotStalksMe t1_j4oj1kx wrote

Pretty sure that aside for the chemical imbalance... The lack of support/friends is what most people get depressed about. So telling them to have the support network is kinda a "thanks I'm cured" situation lol.


Scarlet109 t1_j4q8mxq wrote

That isn’t what I meant at all. Having a support system is about having people you can rely on to help you out of a spiral. They don’t have to be friends or family necessarily, but those are the most common.


stolid_agnostic t1_j4nlag9 wrote

And that’s the impossible task. Also people really put too much stock into the efficacy of therapy. It truly does nothing for a significant portion of the population.


harkuponthegay t1_j4okeqf wrote

A pretty rigorous meta analysis of RCT studies looking at psychotherapy recently concluded that therapy is around 70% effective in the treatment of depression.

Its worth a try for basically anyone who is diagnosed with depression, and it is even more likely to be effective when combined with medication. Don’t discourage people from seeking therapy please.


To_Fight_The_Night t1_j4qcx9v wrote

Therapy costs money. Lot of people don't have money and spending that extra cash could make their lives more stressful and make things worse. For the poor's like me out there. Exercise. Even if its a little bit per day, it gets you in a routine and that is super helpful. Not to mention, in time you will look and feel better, which will also help your self-worth.