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MannyOmega t1_j4luzwx wrote

wtf “drink some hot tea” is maybe the worst advice i’ve ever seen

i’ve actually had a good experience with it but i think NYC has their own separate hotline from the national one, i doubt they differ much though


runner64 t1_j4meaw4 wrote

It’s less about the tea and more about finding some thing that your irrational depression is begrudgingly forced to admit might help. For me, I get low fast if my sugar/protein ratio gets way out of whack. When sitting there sure that I will never be happy again I am forced to admit that I have been wrong about this exact scenario before, when in reality I just needed a sandwich.
I’m not sure that many normals can explain that though.


epelle9 t1_j4n8ay9 wrote

Honestly, not the worse advice.

No-one is going to kill themselves with a full cup of tea, they'mm most likely at least wait until drinking it.

But most people who commit suicide do it out of a temporary urge, and waiting for the coffee to cool down before drinking it and killing themselves might let the urge subside.

Sure, they're still depressed and might likely get snother urge again, but at least they live to fight another urge, instead of just killing themselves on the spot.

Not the best advice, but much better than nothing.