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je97 t1_j4mu14n wrote

I wouldn't call this 'uplifting' news personally, and I say this as someone who works on a suicide hotline (in the UK.)

When we had a local service, we got less calls but the ones we did get were almost all genuine suicidal people or people with other major problems (chronic loneliness, depression, drug or alcohol addiction, sexual assault victims etc.) Now, everybody who thinks wasting our time is the peak of wit knows our number and the genuine calls don't get through.

That, and these numbers don't have more volunteers in order to deal with more calls. Local branches used to provide a few minutes of breathing time between calls; it is now like being in a call centre. Unless the number of staff can rise with the number of calls, service will sadly continue to decline.


shadowstrlke t1_j4o2fke wrote

The thing is, you don't solve a cholera outbreak by training more doctors.