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Rance_Mulliniks t1_j4n3dag wrote

How much of this can be attributed to marketing the new number AND that mental health is a bigger problem than it was just a couple years ago?


time_to_reset t1_j4ortn7 wrote

I wouldn't discount accidental dials either. Like I don't want to shit on the fact that the number has changed, it's great that they've made it more accessible, but there are millions of accidental or misdialed 911 calls every year.


Inkling2424 OP t1_j4rc7xx wrote

I would imagine a lot of that has to do with two other factors: anonymity and wider reduction of stigma regarding mental health. But that’s something for researchers to determine.


Rance_Mulliniks t1_j4secqb wrote

I would say marketing is #1. I can't imagine that they didn't change the number and then plaster the new one everywhere. Was the old number not anonymous as well though? Stigma reduction absolutely has had an impact and I am glad it's changing.