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SisterYahtzee t1_j4nknoe wrote

The sheer number of calls is sad. But I'm glad all those people had someone to talk to.


Koda_20 t1_j4q3r43 wrote

They wouldn't even talk to me. Just kept telling me they'd help me find someone in my area. I called to talk and they wanted to pass me off right away. I didn't feel like going through the whole process so I hung up. Hope they aren't like that to everyone. I just needed to talk to someone right then and there.


pbizzle t1_j4q5jvn wrote

That's too bad, I hope you are ok! Hopefully they can further improve access soon


hideousbeautifulface t1_j4qginu wrote

I used to work at a call center handling legal cases, some involving sexual abuse. We’d often get people that mentioned being suicidal and we were instructed to transfer them to the hotline. Every single time I had to call to transfer I was out on a super long hold before being connected. I always felt so bad


Madstealth t1_j4qlfcg wrote

I called once at the height of covid and the lady on the other end couldn't give 2 shits about what I was going thru. She barely said anything and it sounded like she was watching netflix and eating popcorn.


fuzzykeeko t1_j4qhllk wrote

The same thing happened to me, she was like 'maayaam, what do you want me ta do about it'. With all the tone, it was an awful experience! I just couldn't believe this is the job she chose.


steverin0724 t1_j4trbbk wrote

As someone who has been suicidal… I’m really sorry that happened to you.

Edit- next time I’m in that place…. I might just try one of those sex hotlines. Now that I mention it… I wonder how often those ladies get those kind of calls


Star_x_Child t1_j4yi9ho wrote

Sounds like a fresh take on the call center- suicide scenario (Phoebe in Friends, Reese in Malcolm in the Middle)


Trolodrol t1_j4qmwiv wrote

I called suicide prevention they put me on hold (No respect, no respect)


[deleted] t1_j4pcpzj wrote