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ayywhatupdoe t1_j4plyua wrote

If you had to choose one though it would be the percentage, since we’re trying to see the effect of the lower digits on willingness to reach out


Acewasalwaysanoption t1_j4powix wrote

Luckily we don't need to choose. Too many places try to manipulate you with stuff like super low chances of winning doubling, meaning basically nothing.


thetomahawk42 t1_j4ppiw7 wrote

If I had to choose, it would still be both. Both are needed in order to understand the significance of each. Without both I just assume someone it using a half-truth to over- or under-state something intentionally.


NutsEverywhere t1_j4qa33v wrote

You don't need to "choose" unless intentionally used to mask the truth.


ayywhatupdoe t1_j4tyrnk wrote

You do need to "choose" if you're not trying to inundate the headline with too many stats, they can dig deeper to find the absolute number. The percentage is more important