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member_of_the_order t1_j4lq9b2 wrote

That's an increase of about 42%, for those wondering.

> The 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline received over 1.7 million calls, texts and chats in its first five months.

(I really hate when articles etc. give bare numbers with no context. A better title would be "...988 saw a 42% increase in number of calls, texts...")


thetomahawk42 t1_j4nmcgh wrote

They need to give both.

A 42% increase on 100 calls is only 42 more calls.

A half million increase on 10 million is only a 5% increase.

Both numbers are needed: "...half a million more calls, a 42% increase, since..."


ayywhatupdoe t1_j4plyua wrote

If you had to choose one though it would be the percentage, since we’re trying to see the effect of the lower digits on willingness to reach out


Acewasalwaysanoption t1_j4powix wrote

Luckily we don't need to choose. Too many places try to manipulate you with stuff like super low chances of winning doubling, meaning basically nothing.


thetomahawk42 t1_j4ppiw7 wrote

If I had to choose, it would still be both. Both are needed in order to understand the significance of each. Without both I just assume someone it using a half-truth to over- or under-state something intentionally.


NutsEverywhere t1_j4qa33v wrote

You don't need to "choose" unless intentionally used to mask the truth.


ayywhatupdoe t1_j4tyrnk wrote

You do need to "choose" if you're not trying to inundate the headline with too many stats, they can dig deeper to find the absolute number. The percentage is more important


xAUSxReap3r t1_j4mgte6 wrote

Honestly, I'm not mad at it this time. Half a million more people teaching out to a suicide and crisis lifeline is a significant amount, regardless of the overall percentage.


yoproblemo t1_j4mhez2 wrote

That's fine for you. But I'm never okay with inaccuracy or sensationalism even in instances where they happen to be innocuous. It's important to demand consistency and truth, even if especially if it refers to something you support.


OldFashnd t1_j4n1c2n wrote

Saying half a million more isn’t inaccurate or sensationalized in this case though. There are a lot of cases where % based increases/decreases are sensationalized as well, maybe even more frequently than raw data. This was done a lot with covid. For example, if I say “the chance of getting myocarditis increases 50% with the covid vaccine” when in reality, it went from 0.2% chance to 0.3% chance, that’s sensationalized and hardly accurate even though it’s technically correct. We need all of the data, both the 42% increase and the 500,000 more callers, to get a full picture of the situation. Statistics are insanely useful, but also extremely easy to force into fitting almost any narrative.


diuturnal t1_j4nhxt9 wrote

Sounds like a you problem. Because this had neither.


PearofGenes t1_j4ns74l wrote

Thank you for answering my immediate first question


Fran_Kubelik t1_j4pccqt wrote

As staff for 8 years at a crisis line...this increase gives me instant anxiety. I left for graduate school. I hope the team is doing alright...


Llamasxy t1_j4pg01u wrote

That is a lot. Do they have enough operators? Has anyone called them? Is there a queue?


FunnyMathematician77 t1_j4q7plw wrote

Honestly need both because 200% sounds like a lot, but going from 1 to 2 might not actually be


imafraidofmuricans t1_j4mltvh wrote

But a percentage tells you even less.

"40% increase in replies to your comment!" when you go from 1 comment to 4.


member_of_the_order t1_j4mn5qe wrote

Going from 1 comment to 4 isn't an increase of 40%, that's an increase of 300%.

With small numbers like "replies to a single reddit comment", yeah, percentage is barely helpful. But when dealing with big numbers like "number of calls to a national emergency number", percentage is more helpful than raw volume.

An increase of 0.5 million from 0.25 million is way different than from 20 million. The difference in percentage (200% increase vs 2% increase) tells you how effective the increase is relative to the original.


Tobbethedude t1_j4ma5dk wrote

Old number: 0118 999 881 999 119 725 3


Cynicole24 t1_j4n98yg wrote

Guess I'll just send an email then


practical-wildcat t1_j4ngadc wrote

Dear Sir / Madam,


thetomahawk42 t1_j4nmy4u wrote

No no, that's too formal.



uxjw t1_j4nsaa9 wrote

Wait a minute... I'm late for golf!


solairette t1_j4od3uv wrote

To whom it will concern,


creggieb t1_j4opgdw wrote

Hey guys, guess what! Keep on reading!


thetomahawk42 t1_j4nmvx1 wrote

Half way through dialing: "fuck this" jumps

Stupid jokes aside, having a 3 digit number does make the number easier to remember. Plus there was a lot of media attention around this, and a good amount of advertising.

It's great to see such a positive thing.


Eritar t1_j4o6fvd wrote

It’s a reference to an absolutely brilliant TV show IT Crowd. I highly recommend it


thetomahawk42 t1_j4pd0px wrote

I know. I've only finished re-watching the entire series for the umpteenth time last week. I love that show.


SisterYahtzee t1_j4nknoe wrote

The sheer number of calls is sad. But I'm glad all those people had someone to talk to.


Koda_20 t1_j4q3r43 wrote

They wouldn't even talk to me. Just kept telling me they'd help me find someone in my area. I called to talk and they wanted to pass me off right away. I didn't feel like going through the whole process so I hung up. Hope they aren't like that to everyone. I just needed to talk to someone right then and there.


pbizzle t1_j4q5jvn wrote

That's too bad, I hope you are ok! Hopefully they can further improve access soon


hideousbeautifulface t1_j4qginu wrote

I used to work at a call center handling legal cases, some involving sexual abuse. We’d often get people that mentioned being suicidal and we were instructed to transfer them to the hotline. Every single time I had to call to transfer I was out on a super long hold before being connected. I always felt so bad


Madstealth t1_j4qlfcg wrote

I called once at the height of covid and the lady on the other end couldn't give 2 shits about what I was going thru. She barely said anything and it sounded like she was watching netflix and eating popcorn.


fuzzykeeko t1_j4qhllk wrote

The same thing happened to me, she was like 'maayaam, what do you want me ta do about it'. With all the tone, it was an awful experience! I just couldn't believe this is the job she chose.


steverin0724 t1_j4trbbk wrote

As someone who has been suicidal… I’m really sorry that happened to you.

Edit- next time I’m in that place…. I might just try one of those sex hotlines. Now that I mention it… I wonder how often those ladies get those kind of calls


Star_x_Child t1_j4yi9ho wrote

Sounds like a fresh take on the call center- suicide scenario (Phoebe in Friends, Reese in Malcolm in the Middle)


Trolodrol t1_j4qmwiv wrote

I called suicide prevention they put me on hold (No respect, no respect)


[deleted] t1_j4pcpzj wrote



sirunknownlandon t1_j4ls51n wrote

This increase is both good and bad. Unfortunately the suicide hotline doesn't seem to have enough people, or people who really care. It's an unfortunately pathetic attempt at helping people and I have personal tales and stories from friends where the help provided is just ridiculous. Things from "just drink some hot tea" to "don't do it", the whole system needs a rework and the people doing this need better care and training.


femmestem t1_j4lxcbu wrote

This is not as terrible as it may seem on the surface. The hotline is meant to mitigate immediate loss of life. The first things they assess are intent, means, and urgency. The majority of people who are suicidal have a momentary impulse that will pass if you can distract them long enough to break the script. It doesn't cure depression or suicidal ideation. From there, long term care is needed.


FrankenGretchen t1_j4mlqed wrote

Or they can be like Nicholasville, KY PD who responded to a 988 call with family present, botch the call start to finish by not following their own training procedures and shoot the distressed person to death because he 'looked like he had a gun.' Then, they claimed they'd not been trained and the whole thing was an unfortunate misunderstanding. 988 is rightly becoming seen as a further opportunity for police brutality.


mckblee t1_j4pt0h9 wrote

I'll never forget seeing a small group of people marching in protest of this to raise awareness, then driving past the PD who had (in their fear of 40ish people with paper signs) put up brand-new temporary fencing around the new $500k station with big 'ol "NO TRESPASSING" signs on each panel to deter the protest from ending up in their parking lot 🤣 talk about pathetic.


FrankenGretchen t1_j56z4wv wrote

Right? The Roots and Heritage festival gets the Mobile Command center every year. Like cornbread and collard greens are terrorist threats.

Which Lex protest had 50 marchers and 100 police in full riot gear? It was a bit ago. Maybe Breonna's vigil? There's so much FEAR with these ones it's hard to keep their overreactions sorted.


sirunknownlandon t1_j4m8bt2 wrote

Yes. However, that's not what they do. A lot of times your literally faced with someone who probably has had no training, has some information in front of them, and is just doing it like it's a call center job. Long term care and proper resources are needed, yes, but the system doesn't do its job effectively. Hell, one time the only reason I stopped to consider things was because I was laughing at the genuine advice given to me by someone with no clue what they were doing. This was in my teens and I knew better and just hung up. A lot of people who have had to use the service have been failed by it and ultimately it doesn't do what it should. There are other crisis hotlines and I always advise using them instead.


0bsolescencee t1_j4nwz02 wrote

I worked at a crisis line for women fleeing domestic violence and I literally received no training at all. I worked in the shelter and had to answer the crisis line if it rang. I always dreaded it ringing because it was so stressful not knowing what to do.

I preferred night shifts where there were less calls than any other times. The work in the field appears to be so difficult they struggle to find staffing, so they struggle to provide training from the non-existent senior staff.

I've called a variety of different crisis lines for my own personal use, and it's super hit and miss on if you'll get someone trained or who doesn't provide shitty advice. One time I got into a routine of having debilitating panic attacks on the same day of the week and kept getting the same chick who had no idea what to do. It was annoying lmao.


masterchris t1_j4mjs4q wrote

Yeah, I've been helped on the hotline and I've had a couple calls that left me feeling more worthless and like pouring a fifth of liquor down my throat was the only help I could get.

Real hit or miss. I honestly don't thing a phone call is going to be enough though without resources and services provided


sirunknownlandon t1_j4moa67 wrote

The reality is you need a system of people. The suicide hotline should try and deescalate to the best of their ability, using actual human empathy, and police need funding for proper training to better understand mental health scenarios. In some places where it is viable, someone else can be dispatched maybe to specifically handle mental crisis, but I know in small areas using that funding on police would show better results than stretching the budget. Yes, nothing will beat proper resources and services, but you need to ensure you are helping people get to those resources and services instead of being left in the dark.


MannyOmega t1_j4luzwx wrote

wtf “drink some hot tea” is maybe the worst advice i’ve ever seen

i’ve actually had a good experience with it but i think NYC has their own separate hotline from the national one, i doubt they differ much though


runner64 t1_j4meaw4 wrote

It’s less about the tea and more about finding some thing that your irrational depression is begrudgingly forced to admit might help. For me, I get low fast if my sugar/protein ratio gets way out of whack. When sitting there sure that I will never be happy again I am forced to admit that I have been wrong about this exact scenario before, when in reality I just needed a sandwich.
I’m not sure that many normals can explain that though.


epelle9 t1_j4n8ay9 wrote

Honestly, not the worse advice.

No-one is going to kill themselves with a full cup of tea, they'mm most likely at least wait until drinking it.

But most people who commit suicide do it out of a temporary urge, and waiting for the coffee to cool down before drinking it and killing themselves might let the urge subside.

Sure, they're still depressed and might likely get snother urge again, but at least they live to fight another urge, instead of just killing themselves on the spot.

Not the best advice, but much better than nothing.


csreader21 t1_j4nxcvw wrote

988 is nation wide but it’s staffed by many different crisis hotlines with their own training and rules. Some have fully trained staff with degrees, others have volunteers. Some are required to immediately call police out, others aren’t. Some have to triage the calls due the sheer amount of people calling. Because though the breakup with your girlfriend is really tough and is causing you to feel depressed it ties up the lines for people who are genuinely suicidal. Not everyone who calls is suicidal.


nadia_diaz t1_j4nvc9s wrote

I volunteered at one. Keep in mind, it's usually volunteers who are just doing their best. The only financial incentive I got was the selection of teas available. I didn't even get a reference afterwards.

There's only so much you can do. The only thing in my power was listening and talking. I couldn't send the police. I couldn't connect them with a therapist or psychiatrist. I can't actually solve things that tend to plague people, like health, relationships, money or other. Of course I'd love if I or the service provided those options, but it's not within the scope of what they do.


DylantheMango t1_j4oieu7 wrote

This is a step in that direction actually. With the introduction of 988, hotline centers are going through a specific training. I can’t say I felt we needed it, as I volunteer for a center and though it is volunteer staffed, the training i went through was extensive. Before 988 we even got certified and in ASIST, an evidenced based model for crisis counseling persons calling with suicidal ideation or intent. Regardless, quality overall should go up overall.


ApocalypticTomato t1_j4p0mhv wrote

My only experience with the suicide hotline traumatized me rather badly. It was actual harm, far past just being ridiculous platitudes. I probably shouldn't go into it on a good vibes only subreddit but it scares me seeing these numbers put out there as a good thing. It did permanent harm to me and I'm far less likely to ever discuss suicidal thoughts or reach out for help after that experience.


EOE97 t1_j4m15sz wrote

Looks like a great opportunity for AI.


PresidentHurg t1_j4ocfvt wrote

"Press 2 for emphatic response. I'm sorry you have waited too long in the menu. Now connecting you to tech support. You are line. The approximate waiting time is...48...minutes. Have you tried using Google to see why you are unhappy? Cue 'you're simply the best' waiting music


CrimsonFox99 t1_j4o5a8l wrote

Well, they were still alive to tell the story after calling, so....


LimpTeacher0 t1_j4ooand wrote

Still better then nothing if they want professional help then seek it dont call a hotline


LiquidMotion t1_j4pcwvt wrote

The problem is there arent enough people with access to healthcare. That would alleviate this problem before it ever got that far. Even under medicaid mental healthcare is like $400 a month.


randompersonx t1_j4pzksv wrote

Years ago I tried calling one during a rough time. I was on hold for over an hour before getting dropped with an automated message to try calling back later.


Arimon92 t1_j4ofznp wrote

Calling once kept me from trying to drown myself. Went to the ER instead , I'll never forget that lady who talked with me for seemingly forever as I had the worst mental breakdown of my life. Husband was cheating and I had a newborn at home. It was a horrible and dark life at that time but she was so kind. Thank you whoever you are on the other side.


Inkling2424 OP t1_j4r9wv3 wrote

Sorry to hear you went through that but glad you’re doing okay. John Green pointed out a poem recently that I am absolutely enamored with :

“Hope” is the thing with feathers - That perches in the soul - And sings the tune without the words - And never stops - at all -

-Emily Dickinson

If you find yourself in a place where you can’t hear that song please reach out to someone.


Captspiff14 t1_j4mdogv wrote

Sadly I tried to call while in crisis recently and got put on hold. I couldn’t stand it being like I was calling my bank or electric company on a never ending hold with god awful music so I hung up. So much for feeling like this is a place to get support; first time call attempt, probably would never call again. Could have been a different outcome.


Inkling2424 OP t1_j4rae8j wrote

I’m sorry to hear that happened to you, but glad you’re still here. Don’t ever stop reaching out for help if you need it, you are valuable and worthy.


Stunning_Ad_7062 t1_j4lsdzn wrote

Any amount of effort when depressed is hard. Seek therapy it’s the only true help


TheRomanRuler t1_j4lz6dg wrote

Yeah. In suicide watch, apparently as people start to improve, it may at first increase risk of suicide. Thats because they finally have motivation and energy to end it all. Which is...dark.


Scarlet109 t1_j4oij2w wrote

Having a reliable support system is essential


HaikuBotStalksMe t1_j4oj1kx wrote

Pretty sure that aside for the chemical imbalance... The lack of support/friends is what most people get depressed about. So telling them to have the support network is kinda a "thanks I'm cured" situation lol.


Scarlet109 t1_j4q8mxq wrote

That isn’t what I meant at all. Having a support system is about having people you can rely on to help you out of a spiral. They don’t have to be friends or family necessarily, but those are the most common.


stolid_agnostic t1_j4nlag9 wrote

And that’s the impossible task. Also people really put too much stock into the efficacy of therapy. It truly does nothing for a significant portion of the population.


harkuponthegay t1_j4okeqf wrote

A pretty rigorous meta analysis of RCT studies looking at psychotherapy recently concluded that therapy is around 70% effective in the treatment of depression.

Its worth a try for basically anyone who is diagnosed with depression, and it is even more likely to be effective when combined with medication. Don’t discourage people from seeking therapy please.


To_Fight_The_Night t1_j4qcx9v wrote

Therapy costs money. Lot of people don't have money and spending that extra cash could make their lives more stressful and make things worse. For the poor's like me out there. Exercise. Even if its a little bit per day, it gets you in a routine and that is super helpful. Not to mention, in time you will look and feel better, which will also help your self-worth.


je97 t1_j4mu14n wrote

I wouldn't call this 'uplifting' news personally, and I say this as someone who works on a suicide hotline (in the UK.)

When we had a local service, we got less calls but the ones we did get were almost all genuine suicidal people or people with other major problems (chronic loneliness, depression, drug or alcohol addiction, sexual assault victims etc.) Now, everybody who thinks wasting our time is the peak of wit knows our number and the genuine calls don't get through.

That, and these numbers don't have more volunteers in order to deal with more calls. Local branches used to provide a few minutes of breathing time between calls; it is now like being in a call centre. Unless the number of staff can rise with the number of calls, service will sadly continue to decline.


shadowstrlke t1_j4o2fke wrote

The thing is, you don't solve a cholera outbreak by training more doctors.


VanBeelergberg t1_j4nl9a0 wrote

Uplifting news: there are 500,000 more suicidal people than we thought…


GoRangers5 t1_j4nrrr5 wrote

That was my take as well


Inkling2424 OP t1_j4rbu6t wrote

More people are getting help that they need. Which should ultimately have the benefit of reducing harm.


Rance_Mulliniks t1_j4n3dag wrote

How much of this can be attributed to marketing the new number AND that mental health is a bigger problem than it was just a couple years ago?


time_to_reset t1_j4ortn7 wrote

I wouldn't discount accidental dials either. Like I don't want to shit on the fact that the number has changed, it's great that they've made it more accessible, but there are millions of accidental or misdialed 911 calls every year.


Inkling2424 OP t1_j4rc7xx wrote

I would imagine a lot of that has to do with two other factors: anonymity and wider reduction of stigma regarding mental health. But that’s something for researchers to determine.


Rance_Mulliniks t1_j4secqb wrote

I would say marketing is #1. I can't imagine that they didn't change the number and then plaster the new one everywhere. Was the old number not anonymous as well though? Stigma reduction absolutely has had an impact and I am glad it's changing.


amazonfamily t1_j4ojk1b wrote

I’d be terrified to use something like this then a police car would be at my house. No thanks


mgrayart t1_j4p81gu wrote

That's a common misconception. Emergency services are only contacted if you are at imminent risk. If you just need support/resources they don't automatically call the cops.


drKRB t1_j4oh8yv wrote

This is both good and bad news. Good that people are calling. Good that this number is easier to remember, thus making the hotline more accessible. Bad because the need for this service is so great. Stay safe everyone and do something you love in life. Happiness does take effort, but it’s worth it.


picomtg t1_j4m6p4q wrote

How can I get a job attending these calls?


Chris714n_8 t1_j4lrxvf wrote

Maybe many people didn't make it to dail the old 10.. digits?


PhantomRTW t1_j4mkt17 wrote

I wonder how many were accidents. Phone numbers typing requirements were changed for this, you now need the entire 1 (xxx) xxx-xxxx to dial out in some areas, and if people started a normal call with 988, it could account for the rise in calls.


Qaqueen73 t1_j4of8jg wrote

One thing to know is they do not use geolocation like 911 does so while you call 988 you are connected to the "local" provider based on the area code of the number you are calling from. If you are using a number with an out of area area code you will be directed to an answering service that will likely not be able to give you local information. Do not give up you might need to make another call to get local help.


Finaldragoon t1_j4ovcss wrote

I called it once in a time of need, they hung up on me.


BlunterCarcass5 t1_j4onqkp wrote

A small thing but has probably already helped save countless lives


HikariRikue t1_j4osc5q wrote

I'm glad the number is easier for those who need it but damn also so depressing that so many do need it. You know the world is fucked when that is on the rise and not wages.


Inkling2424 OP t1_j4rcjwh wrote

It’s likely always been there but mental health and treatment of the same has become way less stigmatized than it was even 10 years ago.


saltyswedishmeatball t1_j4oudic wrote

EU should copy this..

Easier to remember, the better.. like 911 / 999


only_because_I_can t1_j4ozq5a wrote

In my area, 988 is a longstanding prefix to many numbers. I tried dialing my doctor's office, which has a 988-xxxx number. Same area code as me, so I shouldn't need to enter the area code. Just dial 988-xxxx. I immediately get the suicide prevention line. I'm totally supportive of having this as a means for people to get the help they need, but they should have thought ahead when assigning a local number.


sut123 t1_j4prjlj wrote

I could have sworn area codes were mandatory to dial since the mid-90s. Fascinating that it wasn't a national change.


only_because_I_can t1_j4q2fak wrote

I'm in Florida. We can dial just the 7-digit number if it's in the same area code. Otherwise, we have to use 1-area code-number. It's weird though because I'm in 813 and some 727 (next county over) numbers won't allow the 1 to be used first whereas other 727 numbers require the 1, depending on the area.


LiquidMotion t1_j4pcnxf wrote

Do they report you to the police tho? I called it once and asked and they said yes so I immediately hung up and then left my apartment in case they showed up


Inkling2424 OP t1_j4rboyz wrote

The calls and texts to this service in particular are anonymous, if the person on the other end of the line feels you are a danger to yourself or to others they likely have a duty to report. However please don’t let that discourage you, reach out if you need help.


Doesanybodylikestuff t1_j4pd8rd wrote

Fuck yeah = People are reaching out

Sad face = So many people out there are depressed like me

Please vote. Please Recycle. Please be kind. Please show up when you can. Please take your time. Please set boundaries when you start feeling better. Please remember that it will get better.


theboblit t1_j4pfjvv wrote

I wonder how many are either getting hung up on or the cops called on them. Rarely do I hear of them being as useful as we all hope.


Einar_47 t1_j4q80gi wrote

Go figure, an easily remembered number is easier to remember.


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RunRevolutionary9019 t1_j4nvzf9 wrote

Is it able to keep up?


snarfymcsnarfface t1_j4nw1tw wrote

This should be universal. So many lives could be saved.


JumpOutWithMe t1_j4ohs7q wrote

Wow that's an average of over 11,300 per day 🤯


BlunterCarcass5 t1_j4onr5f wrote

A small thing but has probably already helped save countless lives.


5unTzu_ t1_j4oyv8v wrote

My phone didn't let me call it


Majukun t1_j4pt6n1 wrote

Humans work in economy, that's what made us great... And not so great


LZSchneider1 t1_j4q67vt wrote

I was gonna text them one time but remembered they can and do call the police on you if they feel it's right.

So I thought better and didn't call.


Inkling2424 OP t1_j4rf7nz wrote

This is a common misconception, they can and will if they feel you are in imminent danger, but this is a last resort. Please seek help if you need it.


BringbackbeboPlz t1_j4qb8mn wrote

Anyone mind telling me how this is uplifting....?


King-Brisingr t1_j4qiv78 wrote

Oh they finally turned over the old 8255? Shame and I had that number memorized.


Ph0enixRuss3ll t1_j4qp543 wrote

"lol don't do it," said stranger bot 49156

Oh my gawd I'm cured. Who ever thought environment change isn't as important as opening up to a status quo robot?


Teejaydee3 t1_j4oz91u wrote

I wonder when they’ll make a homicide hotlineZ


subfootlover t1_j4pr6rg wrote

Yes. A 42% increase in people wanting to kill themselves. So uplifting.


CoolFreeze23 t1_j4qhhuk wrote

Wrong way to look at it. Those people already wanted to kill themselves. Its a 42% increase of people who actually got help, who otherwise wouldn't.


epicvoyage28 t1_j4qj3hb wrote

The changing of a phone number isn't going to increase the number of suicidal people, so that 42% increase is people who would otherwise not have called, not people who would otherwise not have been suicidal.


Ap5p t1_j4q64ok wrote

After a beep ask for Richard


blitzinger t1_j4nqo1q wrote

I don’t understand why there’s a hotline. If you’re suicidal, why would you call? Are you wanting a second opinion? Half joking but half serious.


PearofGenes t1_j4o4cwg wrote

"I don't believe things can get better so this is my only option, but I'm willing to be wrong. Please tell me I'm wrong" or some other solution to a problem that looks like it has no solution


SnooWoofers530 t1_j4owfp6 wrote

As someone who just got out of the BHU for attempted suicide 8 can tell you that with me, I didnt want to die, but I felt like it was the only way out, and end to depression and other things.


HaikuBotStalksMe t1_j4ojaee wrote

Maybe as a sign? "I wanna off myself, but fuck it, I'll call and if they ignore me, that just validates my belief that everyone hates me, and if they do pick up, maybe they'll talk me into not doing it. What do I have to lose except maybe five more minutes of this bullshit lol"


cturtl808 t1_j4otb12 wrote

A majority of suicides have at least one prior attempt.


CardboardSoyuz t1_j4nx8nv wrote

Thank you Ajit Pai, who pushed hard for this as FCC Commissioner!


Scarlet109 t1_j4oi71j wrote



CardboardSoyuz t1_j4oj8by wrote

Thank you to Ajit Pai, the former FCC commissioner, who busted his hump to get 988 to happen.


TupperCoLLC t1_j4orvjn wrote

Oh did he now…


CardboardSoyuz t1_j4ov818 wrote

Indeed he did. I mean it doesn’t matter since the lack of Net Neutrality killed the internet—but it’s still true.


Scarlet109 t1_j4q8cri wrote

And how, exactly, did he do that?


CardboardSoyuz t1_j4qo36s wrote


Scarlet109 t1_j4qul6d wrote

Sending me to google doesn’t give me your answer.


CardboardSoyuz t1_j4qwadg wrote

My answer is based on the 28 years I've known him, the one time I slept on his couch, and the fact that I often heard -- from him -- that he was working on this. Having mental health challenges in my own family, I repeatedly encouraged his on-going efforts to get this done.

Also, do you think a policy change like this happens at the FCC if the Chairman doesn't want it to happen?


Scarlet109 t1_j4qxt7w wrote

Source: “trust me bro I know him”

Also he hasn’t been the FCC chair since early 2021, nearly 2 entire years ago.


CardboardSoyuz t1_j4r33gn wrote

The rule was adopted on July 16, 2020 a date on which, last I looked, he was Chairman of the FCC.

If you don't want to bother to read the administrative history of this, that's fine. But "internet dilettante" isn't a great career choice.,and%20mental%20health%20crisis%20counselors.


Scarlet109 t1_j4r5g1d wrote

You would be partially correct, in that it was signed into law in 2020, but your date is incorrect. The law was signed in October 2020 but did not go into effect until July 2022 and has still not been effectively implemented in many places.