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johnn48 t1_j4psi3d wrote

>Other suggestions have included constructing Eiffel Tower-sized columns on the seabed to prop it up from below, and a 100m-tall, 100-kilometre-long berm to block warm water flowing underneath.

Not really look at these great ideas, in addition how about the snow cannon one. I’m sure we can get started on constructing the Eiffel tower column’s right away. It’s "super easy, barely an inconvenience".


2005HondaCivic245 t1_j4qqa54 wrote

We'd rather waste millions on eiffel tower sized support columns than lose a tiny bit of profit to save the fucking world. We are fucked and we deserve it


KadeTheTrickster t1_j4r7sll wrote

>we deserve it

Non human animals and people who would rather save the planet over their wallet. "What's this we shit?"


IamMe90 t1_j4qqj1r wrote

>It’s "super easy, barely an inconvenience".

Is this a reference to Pitch Meeting? If so love it lol


johnn48 t1_j4qv2v9 wrote

Runaway W. Antarctic Ice Sheet Pitch Meeting 🤦🏻‍♂️


Lets_Kick_Some_Ice t1_j4qrfw5 wrote

How ironic that we would prop it up with jack stands.


agolec t1_j4vdwwl wrote

Someone needs to retroactively change the futurama "dunk a giant ice cube into the arctic" joke to this.


nickeypants t1_j4sfhr0 wrote

I just leave my air conditioner on and pointed outside. I'm doing my part!


agolec t1_j4vdz48 wrote

RIP you b/c fumes. Thank you for your service.