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BleachigoKurosaki t1_j4qqd8e wrote

The title made me think the father received his daughter’s kidney, then regifted it to some random stranger.


Aniihya t1_j4qtu7u wrote

"Last Christmas I gave you my K I D N E Y, but the very next day you gave it away." 🎶


C-D-W t1_j4rulpn wrote

In my head I'm saying Bean instead of Kidney. And I'm giggling every time.


deepfriedceleron t1_j4qrlt9 wrote

Same haha. Maybe he found out her kidney has kidney stones and would rather die than pass one.


DustySaloon5 t1_j4qro70 wrote

😂 that would be the ultimate regifting.

"You keep the receipt for the kidney? No? Oh.....yeah no it's lovely it's just what I wanted...."


Frangiblepani t1_j4rgpy0 wrote

Or maybe he got one from his daughter and he passed his remaining factory fitted kidney to someone else.


Kuli24 t1_j4ri4ba wrote

2 steals and then it's yours for good right?